I Need More Cowbell

For the last few weeks I've been hanging out in low-sec with a quickly formed Corp of other Providence Ex-patriots wondering what to do next.  This time has coincided with a general lack of real playing time and a busier than usual real life, which is always very busy to begin with.  So it was a welcome respite.  None of us were sure if this situation would be temporary or if it might lead into something else.  After a few weeks I think that decision really came down to an individual choice and I decided that it wasn't a long-term solution for me.  Low-sec pirating is ok sometimes, but I much prefer the freedom and competition of zero space.

I also decided, that while I have several open invitations to join other Corps and Alliances around Eve, that it was time to try something different.  This is no reflection on the many, many friends that I've made during my time in the game, but I wanted to join a Corp and an Alliance that I had little or no interaction with in the past.  New horizons as it were.  And so I set out to find such a place, hopefully one that had some of the criteria I outlined in my previous post.  That would be hard to know of course, until I was actually in the Corp and the Alliance.  But there are ways of finding out as much as you can.

In the end, after speaking with many people and talking with several Corps, I decided on More Cowbell, a Corp in the Cult of War Alliance.  They seem like a great group of people, with very respectable killboards, a great and open philosophy, and they happen to be blue to several former friends and their Corps as well.  Which was a bonus.  I've spent the last few days once again moving and selling my assets, which is rapidly becoming my real expertise in Eve!  Sheesh.

Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow I'll get myself down to COW space and start flying with my new Corp mates.