1v1 FUNNIES: #3

I think I've decided that Friday will be the day that new 1v1 FUNNIES will be posted, but I can't be sure... honestly I'm undecided about deciding that right now.  But I can't be certain, I might change my mind about it, but I haven't reached a final decision about that either.  Friday and decisions... not so much.  To be fair, why should I decide?  I mean, maybe making decisions is over-rated?  Especially on a blog that appears to be pretty much me talking to empty space... I dunno.  I'm unsure if I have readers or not.  Have people decided, or do they remain undecided?  What are they deciding anyway, and don't I have a say?  Who are these people?  And what gives them the right to decide anything!  Yeah!  Sheesh... people.  Think they can just go around telling other people when to post things.  I'll have you know that I will post things when I feel like posting things!  So there.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Pushy Reader.  Try to tell me what to do.  I'll show ya.

New cartoon and you can't stop me. neaner neaner.

Click to embiggen

I was certain I had something else to say...


  1. I think you should post weekly images like that one right there :D If you don't, I'm gonna use the idea myself :p

    neaner neaner

  2. well we can't have that now can we Ninja Boy!


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