Daredevil: The Ship Without Fear?

I was bored yesterday looking over my ships in the hanger.  As I often do when that situation strikes, I went browsing through the market and contracts looking for something interesting.  Yesterday also happened to be the day that Angor started flying his new Dramiel, which didn't help my feeling.  At all.  Then I realized that I only needed two short skill levels and I could fly a Daredevil.  And a Rifter.  Even though I'm not cross-training Minmatar yet, I already had most of the skills needed to fly both ships.  Oh yeah, you guessed it.  I trained 'em last night.

Got it fitted up and ready to go this morning, even had time to take it out for a quick spin.  As soon as Angor and I can get together we'll go jump into low-sec and see what this team can do together.  We went out yesterday, him in his Dramiel and me in my Taranis, without much luck.  We did manage to pop two Rifters, well he did, I was having lag issues that kept me from getting on the killmails.  No biggie.

He said last night that flying the Dramiel was the closest thing to flying a Sith ship and I think the same holds true of the Daredevil as well.  Very cool.  Almost H.R.Giger-esque.  Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you updated on how things go.

Anyway, our plans continue to form for the future.  Right now I am enjoying my break and doing a little bit of everything.

PS: My Daredevil is called Murdock of course.


  1. The DD is one NASTY nasty beast of a ship...200% damage from 2 turrets OUCH!

    GL hope she serves you well.


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