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Angor and I discussed the last post today and we both decided that forming LUCIFER'S HAMMER was worth the commitment.  We've both been in enough Corps, Alliances and other groups to know what we like and what we don't like.  So we've made the decision not to wait and to start recruiting pilots now.  

So... what does that mean?  What type of Corp is LH gonna be?  I can tell you this much right now without hesitation, both Angor and I play Eve to PLAY Eve.  We don't like bullshit, we don't care for politics, secret channels for the shiny people, ops that only a select few get to go on, or anything else that gets in the way of having fun, working hard and reaping the rewards.  We also believe that there should be no limits to what that means, so you want to mission, you want to mine, you want to pirate... we're open to anything.  Now that doesn't mean the Corp won't be focused on a prime objective, because we will.  Right now that prime objective is going to be Zero Space Raiding.  There are some very interesting things going on in certain zero space areas that we believe can be exploited.  And exploited in a huge way.

We are looking for pilots that thought the paragraph above sounded damn good.  Right now those pilots should primarily have 15+ million skill points, but that is not a hard and fast rule.  Exceptions will be made, but only based on proven track records and solid references.  Like I've said before, we aren't looking for hundreds of members, only dozens of good ones.

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground-floor and help us form something that can have an impact on the sandbox of Eve.  What that might be will be in large part up to our members.  But it is going to take patience, dedication and a commitment to make it happen.  

LH will have a strong Industrial base, so we need help with that.  We need iskies to fuel the PvP and vice versa, it's a simple formula that works and can make all of our members very wealthy.  All members, industrial or PvP focused, will have the total support of the Corp and the leadership.  My main is a PvPer and my Alt is an Industrial, the same with Angor.

If you are interested, contact Rixx Javix or Angor Mau in-game or join LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel.

More to come.


  1. Sounds intriguing, but are you really sure about the 0.0 raiding focus. In one post you are for this, in the next, you aren't and in this one you are again.

    Also, if you are trying to gain a high-sec industry side within the same corp, it will be vulnerable to reprisals. Not that wardec (or gank as well if in low-sec) impacts cannot be mitigated, but it's not the most efficient way of supporting your combat divisions. Ditto for your mission-runners - it can/is being done under PvP conitions, but it is hella less optimal than "alts in alt corp" standard. Just my .02c

  2. All good points Latro. As I said in the previous post, you guys are getting a front row seat on the process of this decision and I suspect that will continue. That process isn't always pretty and I don't really feel the need to edit it. So yes, we did give this considerable thought.

    As to the industrial base and reprisals, we are also aware of that and have plans to deal with it. None of which are new or unique, and we've all been in situations that are structured in a similar fashion. Right now our focus is on getting a certain level of membership to get us off the ground.

    The rest will follow.

  3. I don't envy you right now Rixx, starting up a corp has to be the most difficult part of eve.

    I can understand your formation for the industrial base inside of the pvp corp for now at least. There is a certain magic that comes at about 30ish members that allows you to recruit much more effectively.

    Remember to post in places like the eve-uni forums, Agony Empire and go out there and get yourself some good kills for the good press. The people there might not meet your 15mil sp limit, but you aren't likely to find a whole lot of those players right off the bat. At least the noobs coming out of those two places are vastly less noobish and require a lot less dedication and direction than you would spend on a true day 5-15 noob.

    What is your killboard link? I find that I usually spend a lot of time looking at the KB of prospective corps when I am up in the air.

    After you hit about 30 members who are all pvp, then look into making a alt corp for industry, but try to keep your main corp at around 35-40 members once you get up there. Focus on one TZ, don't try to spread across too many or your lack of focus will hurt your recruitment and chances at being a successful raider in 0.0 because of too small gang sizes.

    All the best luck!

  4. Thanks for the advice Logan, much appreciated.

    Yeah it is difficult, but worth the shot I think.

    I've taken the last month off of active PvP due to RL and getting LH started, so we don't have an official KB yet. But we will shortly.

  5. Basically our industrial side will be RJ and my alt getting a surplus of mins(which we already have), and building ships to sell for isk. When we are not pvping we will be mining, and missioning with alts. Once we get a bigger PvP base we may separate the PvP and the PvE.


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