Mau's House of Pain

You've heard me talk about my friend Angor Mau on the site before, sometimes making fun of all the trouble he has caused me.  Well he has finally had enough and decided to start his own blog, Mau's House of Pain.

He's just getting started over there but I would encourage you to visit and give him some encouragement.  He could use it, as we all can when we're first starting out.

Angor introduced me to Eve during his trial period and as soon as I saw it running on his computer I knew I had to have it.  Since then he got me into my first Corp and we've travelled pretty much the same path together, except for a few wrong turns, like when he joined U'K for a very short stint!  Don't ask.  So sad.  I've actually killed him a few times, and he hasn't managed to return the favor yet.  Although he has gotten me killed on more than one occasion. Angor is the only RL person I know in Eve, although I know who a few other people really are, it isn't likely we'd actually meet in real life.

So I wish him much success in his own blog as he develops his own voice and finds his way.  Always good to have another voice added to this insane community.