Stand and Deliver

Today my friends, the pilots of Paxton distinguished themselves above and beyond the call in taking back what "New Providence" had tried to take from them.  Our sov was threatened in MH-9, T-R and QBL and tonight, I am proud to report, our sov is threatened in none of our systems.  Not a single one.

The combined forces of Ushra'Khan, Daisho Syndicate, Chaos Theory, Sodalitas XX, Shock an Awe and their ilk, were unable to finish what they had started by putting SBUs up in those systems and attacking their stations and iHubs.  Paxton, along with forces representing CVA, defended, repaired and utterly crushed them and their SBUs.

This is why I returned to Providence and what I was hoping to find, someone willing and able to make a stand and fight back.  This is what has made me extremely proud of my new Corp and our Alliance.  Today's action was well conceived, well executed and well attended by the Alliance.  Not only speaking of combat pilots, but those steadfast pilots that risked their ships repairing services and structures tirelessly throughout the days and nights.  This was a combined effort that resulted in our victory today.  Each and every member deserves credit and thanks.

We all understand that tomorrow is a new day and that what we have won back can be threatened once again.  But I think today has to give our neighbors pause and perhaps a moment to think that we will not go away as easily as they may have hoped.  That we are ready, willing and able to defend what is ours.

On a personal note, RJ managed to rack up 37 kills in his Rokh.  Even though I promised myself I wouldn't fly a Battleship until I could totally Tech 2 fit it, I made an exception today.  (Still 17 days left on Large Hybrid V)  It is a darn good T1 fit however and proved itself time and time again on the battlefield today, surviving multiple attempts at removing it from action, it lived through the entire day.

What will tomorrow bring?

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