Aideron Robotics

One of the things I enjoy most about Eve, along with killing pixel-ships and the community here on Eveoganda, is creating artwork and designs that are game-based.  While it is a source of income for Rixx in-game, I don't do it simply for ISK, that just happens to be a useful side effect.  I do it mainly because I find it enjoyable, interesting, fun and a great distraction from my RL work which can sometimes be a bit pedestrian.  Well... my real life work is awesome and cool, but it doesn't have spaceships in it!

One recent project that I just completed was a logo and banner design for an in-game corporation called Aideron Robotics that also happens to have an out-of-game connection to Eve.  Aideron is also the makers of Aura for Android, a Capsuleer-esque application specifically designed to operate on the Android platform.  They asked me to create a logo for their corp and a new banner ad for their blog and killboard.  To me this was a very interesting challenge, since the application crossed both worlds, it wouldn't be the same as creating an in-game based design alone.  We also talked briefly about the Android App itself, but that side of the project may be a bit more commitment than I can make right now.  But we'll see.

Thinking about robotics and the Android phone got me to thinking about Droids and Robots of course.  That led to thinking about Droid "apps", or little Droids.  And while little Droids naturally led me to R2-D2, it actually eventually led me to the torture Droid that Darth Vader used on Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie (or fourth, but don't get me started).

You can see the killboard banner in action on the Aideron Robotics killboard.

Click to embiggen

This was a fun project and I wish everyone at Aideron the best of luck with Aura and all their projects, both in-game and out.  Thanks for working with me.