Lust Attack!

Ok I admit it, for an Eve Blogger type person I don't really pay much attention to EVE.  I love Eve, but EVE I don't have much time for.  I try.  I really do.  But EVE takes so much time, reading forums, watching CCP news feeds and lots and lots of reading.  I'm playing a game here and while I can understand why other people care and follow EVE, and bless each and every one, I'll stick with Eve.  It's about all I can handle.

If I am confusing you then you can breathe normally, you're ok.  EVE (in all caps) is the big story, the all encompassing Empires and back-stories and fictions and factions and whatnots that make Eve so deep and... well, deep.  I do enjoy those things, don't get me wrong.  But I just don't have much time to follow them on a regular basis.  I'll give you an example.

I know there is something happening with some kind of "events" in Empire, some sort of CCP sponsored Sansha Nation attacks.  I've read some of my fellow Blogger's accounts and they sound cool. Beyond that, I dunno.  So yesterday I was tooling around Lustrevik with Anastasia, trying to make some isk after the expensive month of PvP Rixx has engaged in, when local turned purple.  Slave Endoma01 started giving warnings in local and suddenly a Worm Hole opened up around Planet One and lots of Sansha ships started streaming out.

Click to embiggen

Ana jumped in her Harbinger and warped out to play.  You can see the WH and the Sanshas streaming in the screenshot above.  You can also see that the Harbi doesn't have a speed mod on, oops.  I forgot to take the time to fit it properly and just undocked in it.  Oh well, at least it was dual repped and stood up to the beating it got very well.  Ana isn't a fighter normally, she is an industrialist and sometime mission runner, so this was exciting for her.  The best part was the Chimera that showed up just as the last of the rats exploded.

Click to embiggen

So yeah Ana got on a Chimera kill mail!  Along with everyone else in Lust at the time, but still it was a blast and a nice break from the normal normal.  Whatever is going on I like it and encourage whoever is doing it to keep doing it.  I've always said that EVE needs more random acts of space weirdness and this proves my point.

LOL.  Ana kilt a Carrier.  That's funny.