So let me get this straight

I've been back in Provi two weeks and counting and while moving, setting up assets and everything that goes along with that has taken up most of that time, I have had a chance to get to know the "New Providence".  And I have to admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed and somewhat confused.  (As well as being 47-1 so far in PvP!  It's been a good two weeks for RJ and I've hardly had a chance to get out.)

For one thing, Old Providence was much more dangerous than New Providence.  On a daily basis the systems are mostly empty and devoid of activity.  You can say what you want about the previous Holders, but at least we exploited the systems we held.  These new guys don't seem to have a clue.  And yes, maybe they're still getting set up and whatnot, but it doesn't seem that is the case.  Heck, I've been flying back and forth to Empire space without any problems at all.  I couldn't do that as easily when we actually held those systems.

The Old Holders used to be accused of blobbing and being afraid of small gang PvP, which is silly when you know the reality of the situation, but I know it was a commonly held opinion.  I have to say bullocks to that.  The New Providence Holders are cowards that run away and hide, dock in stations and cry to their mommies inside their POS towers.  The only real engagements we are getting is when they decide to brings hundreds of ships along for protection.  Talk abut blobs!

And yes, I'm calling you out.  I've been flying around in YOUR space looking for a fight and have been unable to find one.  Not a real one anyway.  Oh sure we're surrounded and you'll probably evict us at some point I suppose.  Wow, that will be so brave of you.  I seriously thought that -A- and its pets wanted a playground, someone to stand up and give 'em a good fight.  Well?  It's extremely hard to do that when you run away.  Or stay cloaked up all day.

But I won't give up.  I'll keep picking you off one at a time if that's what it takes.

My name is Rixx Javix and while my tongue is firmly in my cheek, if you haven't noticed yet, I live in Paxton Space.  It's easy to find.  Look for me in local.  I'll be looking for you.