Goonswarm Swat

Yesterday Angor sent me the following little Goonswarm animated gif, which has apparently been floating around for a few months.

Well now, that just isn't very nice.  It also isn't very well done, but I can appreciate the simple nature of the message.  But, as we all should know by now, I can't just let something like this go unanswered now can I?

Honestly, I laugh every time I see the little bee get splattered.  His eyes are what get me.

And to all the Goons out there, this is just fun.  Please don't hack my account or hurt my dog.  Laughing is good for you and will make the world a better place.  Seriously, share a smile this morning.  See what happens.

Made the Kugutsumen forums!  Just for yucks I'll post any feedback it gets here.

"Seen better. Actually, that is pretty poorly made. But we are buttholes"
- Thirsty McDrinkerston