ORDN's business focuses on laser weapons and crystals in Amarr space, mostly in the Domain region at the moment, but with plans to extend into others.  I find the Industrial side of Eve just as fascinating from a design perspective as the Combat side, each has its own personalities and challenges.  For me this past two weeks, the challenge has mainly been finding the time to dedicate to my work, but as always we manage as best we can.

Sometimes I have a very clear and present image in my head before I start working, and sometimes I have to work through it.  This was one of those times.  Oh sure I had a lot of tacky, stupid ideas running through my head - some might say that is my normal state.  But I'm not happy unless I'm pushing things further than easy.

The challenge was to capture the description without falling into the 'same-ol-same-ol' fallbacks, of lasers and crystals, shining stars and whatnots.  The client in this case was very helpful and even though he wasn't sure what he wanted, he was pretty sure what he didn't want.  Which is just as helpful.

The coloring captures the general feel of Amarrian armor plating, which you might not realize until you spend as much time looking at it as I just did, comes in a lot of different colors.

Website banner, clean, simple and elegant.

And the wallpaper:

Click HERE for the embiggened version

I still owe them a signature, which I will get to this morning.  And then on to other projects.  I have some different ones coming up in the next week or two, so keep reading.

And thanks to the folks at ORDN, if I ever need Amarrian lasers or crystals, I'll know who to turn to.