Re: CCP Servers

Dear CCP,

Svegien and I were driving the Eve Data over to the new server plantation and had a wee accident, which is quite a story really.  I thought, since you've got loads more hours till Eve is back up again, you might enjoy hearing about our adventure.

We loaded the lorry this morning as instructed by that Hammer fellow and started on our way.  A morning like any other you might say.  Indeed my Mum did say it when she rousted me from my dreaming.  Cranky woman when she ain't had 'er mornin' tea.  But that is beside the point.  There we were driving along the M5 when suddenly we hit traffic and creaked to a bit of a crawl.  What's this then?  A bit of a broiler already and the lorry without conditioning.  We rolled down the windows and that's when they jumped us!  Suddenly the lorry was covered in about a dozen of the little bee-costume bastards, yelling and pounding their little fists against the sides of the truck.  It was quite a shocking sight and a bit scary and all.

One of the bigger bees grabbed me arm and one got a good 'old on Svegien and he shoved his foot down on the accelerator and the lorry shot off the road right quick.  Little bee costumed weirdoes bouncing about, the one on my arm screaming something about "Goons".  Well of course they was goons, they was trying to commander our lorry!!  But Svegien was 'avin none of that.  He drove like a wild norwegian, which is exactly what he is, and plowed under an overpass in the middle grass infested non-driving lane.  You could ear the metal screech as a bunch of those little guys were forced off the roof.  Their tiny screams seemed to take the air out of the others and they started letting go one by one.

I know what you're thinking, since we got away and all how this affected the bit about the server?  Don't go and get ahead of the story mate.  We did get away and around the congestion right smart.  But during the time leading up to that we did notice a bit of bouncing and crashing from the rear storage area.  Right quick we pulled over and inspected the source.  As expected, some damage might have occurred during shipping.  But don't fear love.  Svegien's cousin knows a mate that cleans up at the Google tower downtown and he knows a bit about servers and what.  It took a bit of doin' but he's working on all those black boxes right now.  I expect things'll be on track right smartly.

And don't worry none, he did this same sorta thing to the WoW servers a few months ago and you don't hear them complaining none now do you?  Once all the duct tape is spray painted black its like new again.

Your mates,
Svegien & Kipper Movers

PS: Alright, this might take longer than we thought.  Seems our street contact is a bit of a grinder and got loaded, threw up all over a couple of the boxes and passed out cold.  Svegien has taken one of the worst of 'em down to the corner Shack and those blokes'll have 'er runnin' right in no time.  Meantime I'm readin' manuals and pokin' around, things don't look so complicated once ya get under the bonnet.

I think we'll be up and running in no time.