1v1: #19

Another week and time for another 1v1.  This was a good week, busy of course, but I managed to accomplish at least some of the things I had hoped to accomplish.  Death Race 2010 went public and the response has been extremely good so far from a promotional stand-point, we made the front page of BattleClinic and the race post has almost 1,000 views so far.  I've gotten some great interest in sponsorships (If I haven't gotten back to you yet please be patient.) and some initial contact with CCP that is encouraging.

So far the number of entrants isn't as high as I thought it would be, but having never done this before I have no real sense anyway.  (Some would argue that I have no sense at all.)  Plus the event is still a few weeks away and I think things will pick up as it gets closer.

In-game I am finally settled into my new home, got Ana moved in this week and started building our new industrial structure.  That was a huge effort and many, many thanks go out to the Corp for all their help.

So fly safe my friends and enjoy.

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Gooder Eve: The Combat Tractor Beam

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are not really serious.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate.]

Ok, not much mystery with this concept.  The infamous tractor beam has been a part of science-fiction lore for a long time, Star Wars, Star Trek and others have used the concept of grabbing an object in space (or sometimes on the surface) and pulling it closer using "tractor tech".  I don't know what else to call it, since the idea is pretty silly, so we'll call it "tractor tech" for sake of argument.  This isn't a post about the science in science-fiction.  For the sake of this post, we'll just assume it works.  Like our poor Blockade Runner the tractor beam has us in its evil magical clutches.  As Arthur C. Clarke said, sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic anyway.
In Eve the tractor beam is primarily used to grab cans and pull them closer to transports, you can also use it to pull wrecks closer for salvage.  That works great and all, but is there a place for a Combat Tractor Beam?

Maybe.  Let us consider the pointlessness of a point on a Battleship within the small gang/fleet setting.  In that situation the points are usually taken by Interceptors, and other ships.  Putting a point on a Battleship is kind of stupid since it takes so long to lock, the BS might be snipers at range, etc., there are a lot of reasons to avoid using them.  (I know, there a lot of reasons to have points on BS sometimes, those are not part of the example.  And stop interrupting the class!)  A "point" is used to hold a ship from warping or slow a ship down to a manageable level.  But what about optimal range?  What if you could drag that enemy Megathron closer to your ship and get him into optimal range?  If your Battleship could fit a Combat Tractor Beam and do just that, would that be something you'd be interested in?

Would the CTB keep ships from warping?  In the context of Eve I'd have to vote no, you'd still need someone else to keep point.  Otherwise it could be overpowered.  It also wouldn't stop the target ship from moving, it would only decrease its orbit and pull it steadily closer.  Sometimes this wouldn't exactly be a good thing, you might not like that Blaster fitted Megathron to be closer.  That's why the CTB has two settings, pull and push.  The darn thing can also push your enemies further away, given the conditions above - maintaining point, etc.

The CTB would take a lot of power to run, it would only fit on BS class ships and it might not be all that common.  But is it worth anything?  Granted I think the concept is interesting, and it would be nice to have a real CBT in the game, but is it useful... and more importantly, does it make Eve Gooder?

Your thoughts?


The past few weeks have been dedicated to moving, getting settled in and the myriad of logistical structures one must overcome in a new region of zero space.  I also decided to put Lucifer's Hammer into cold storage and move Anastasia into DION again and move her down to the Spire as well.  This involved moving our industrial infrastructure, gathering up the BPC/BPO assets (along with selling our Providence) and other assets and finding a way to transport them the 50 odd jumps into the middle of nowhere.

That second decision was based solely on potential, the potential industrial rewards of operating in zero far outweigh the potential of operating in high security space.  Getting the network up and running in zero is going to take some time and effort, but I believe the long-term rewards will be worth it.  And once again Ana can help Rixx buy all the cool toys he'll need.

Speaking of cool toys, I undocked my Tengu in anger on Tuesday.  The Corp organized a roam and I decided to bring my T3 along to break her in.  I remain of two minds on the issue of T3 Cruisers and after flying her for a few days I still remain that way.  I'd like to report that she went head-to-toe with some valiant enemies and prevailed, but I can't report that yet.  While she remains alive, the enemies were pathetic.  Almost all of which were small interceptors, stealth bombers and their ilk.  Although yesterday I followed a Solar Fleet gang a few jumps and managed to get her into a scrape with a Hurricane and a Drake.  They exploded and she did not.

I can report that the Interdiction Nullifier works as promised.  It is an amazing thing not being affected by bubbles, warping directly to the gate while others have to boat in for example.  The ship, despite my continuing reservations (which mostly center around the cost-power-result ratio, ie I still believe my Drake, which is far cheaper, could take it easily in a 1v1) instills a level of confidence that I haven't experienced in another ship.  When I jumped through the gate with the 20 man Solar Fleet gang I felt extremely confident that no matter what was on the other side of the gate, she could handle it.  That is an unusual feeling that I enjoyed.

The good news is that she has tasted blood finally.  The bad news is that not a single one of those kills was worthy of her.  She remains, in my mind at least, an expensive toy that will mostly remain docked until I can figure out her role in the new order.

Gooder Eve: The Spidey Tracker

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that would make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are not really serious.  But all should be interesting and hopefully entertaining.]

In the comics Spider-Man has a few tricks up his skin-tight sleeve that he uses to hunt down the bad guys.  Certainly his tool belt isn't up to par with say Batman's Utility Belt, but he does ok.  One of the things he uses to good effect is the Spidey Tracker (and no I'm not 100% sure that's what it is called, but it is the best I can remember.) and he uses the little device to track the bad guys.  Say he wants to know where the mob meeting place in the abandoned warehouse is?  Flip the little Spidey Tracker on the coat, or car, of the bad guy and use the little GPS device to follow along.  Simple enough.

I started to think, why can't we do that in Eve?  Say I'm cloaked above a gate and a enemy gang comes into local.  I'm alone at the moment, but I put the call out and my friends say they'll be a long shortly.  (They are never ready when you need them!)  The bad guys warp away and while I try to keep up, or keep eyes on them, they manage to elude me.  (This never really happens since I'm good at this, but follow along the hypothetical road with me.)  Somewhere along the way, I release what we'll call a "Tracker Drone" which locks onto the target ship and follows it.  It only has enough fuel for a hand-full of jumps, but it follows the targeted ship and emits a signal that shows up on my scanner.  A signal that I can warp to, and that I can use to warp my eventual fleet members to.

I know, we have Probes, we have local, we have cloakers, and everything else - do we really need a Tracker Drone?  Probably not, but that isn't the point of Gooder Eve!  A Tracker Drone (or similar execution) would make Eve more fun in my humble opinion.  As a PvP focused character I have to say that PvP is suffering right now and something needs to be done to save it.  That is the point of Gooder Eve, to get us all thinking about ways to help.  I'm tired of the bad guys just running away from fights, they come into your space and try to get easy kills and then run away when anyone brings a reasonable force to engage them.  I'd like to see that altered a tiny bit, re-balanced if you will, to make it slightly less easy to just leave.  I think something like Tracker Drones might do that.

Obviously we'd need counters and Tracker Drone skills and varying levels of success, signal acquisition, etc.  I'm not for unbalancing the game, in fact I am foursquare for re-balancing the game.  You come into my space and I am going to come after you, I just need the tools available to find your sorry yellow butt.

Your thoughts?

U'K and Unexpected Ka-blooie!

Sorry, give me a second, still laughing at the post title.

Somewhere along the path of the last few days the Alliance known as Ushra'Khan or U'K has disintegrated and ceased to exist.  Now there are those that say this is yet another example of how MetaGaming is great/sucks, how broken the Alliance system has become/or hasn't, how much U'K deserved to die/didn't deserve it, the whole ball of wax.  Both sides of the coin.  And it is awesome that so many people have an opinion about the issue.  God bless them all.

Sorta like my pal Kirith I have an in-game "while I'm playing" persona and I have my out-of-game "while I'm not playing" personage, which also happens to be the real me.  Not the me that exists virtually in a pixel game me.  Sometimes those two me people agree on stuff and sometimes they don't.  Mostly however, while the real me often wishes for certain things to happen for the in-game me, it isn't with the same level of passion or determination that the in-game me feels about things.  For example, both the in-game me and the real me can respect our enemies and also wish them to die in big balls of flame.  This doesn't mean I wish the real them any balls of flame.  Just the in-game kind of pretty explosions.

Make sense?  Oh sure, we all feel pretty much the same way I bet.

Just to be clear however... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Yes, that was both the in-game me and the real me sharing a moment of pure joy at the news that U'K went Ka-blooie!  If that seems harsh then excuse me.  I've lived through the destruction of several Alliances and Corporations, so I have little pity for what has happened to the in-game people on the other side of that destruction.  Meanwhile, of course, I have nothing at all personal in the real world against any one in U'K.  I don't know anyone, but if I did I'm sure we'd be pals... ok maybe not pals but at least Facebook worthy.

Dreams do come true Virginia.  Now it is looking like -A- is in trouble and IT might be next.  Can so much good fortune be true?  Oh please.  Please.

For those that might think the above statements are harsh, unfair and perhaps even tainted with bitterness... you are right they are.  I'm a harsh, unfair and bitter in-game person that likes to take joy from the destruction of my enemies.  Sue me.

Just to be clear on this issue, I predicted this would happen months ago.  U'K started to fall apart long before this issue with Hydra.  If anyone was paying any attention at all, they started bleeding Corps and members once they became CVA.  It is a wonderful thing to have an enemy to fight, a cause to fight for, a dream to dream... but what happens when you finally achieve that dream and realize the only way to keep it is to become just like the very enemy you hated?  That was never going to work out.  So U'K was doomed from the moment they took 9UY and helped push CVA into low-sec.

I am no fan of MetaGaming btw, I loathe it, despise it and generally hate it really a lot.  World's colliding!  

PS: Just to "rub salt in it" I'd like to post on of my favorite 1v1 Comics again:

Cynabal is Caldari for "Can't Fit Guns"

There are few things worse in Eve than the above image.  Oh sure, it looks like a Cynabal in my personal hanger, but it isn't really.  What it is is something much more sinister.  It is, if you can imagine it, a huge tease of a Cynabal in my personal hanger.  It is silently saying, "Neener Neener Neener Rixx is a Weiner!" over and over again.

Oh sure I can fly the damed thing.  I can even totally Tech 2 fit it... except for the all important, can't undock without them, guns.  I just started cross-training Minmatar and have crossed over the Frigate V mountain and worked my way up the Small Projectile V mountain, two days away from that one thank you, and have a few more mountains to climb before I can put medium guns on this lump of gray alien technology.

I kid of course.  I knew this would happen, it almost always does.  The silver lining are my choices in the meantime, Jaguars, Wolfs (or Wolves?), Claws and in two days the ferocious Dramiel.  (Said Dramiel has been teasingly sitting in my hanger for a few weeks now also.  I seriously think the Dramiel and the Cynabal are in cahoots.)

None of this stopped me from undocking the evil Cynabal last evening and taking it for a brief spin.  I am after all a huge show-off, you may remember the way I acted when the new Scorpion model arrived.  I am a big 'ol spaceship geek and it is something I am not ashamed of.  So tease away Cynabal.  Enjoy your time in the comforts of the hanger.  Because it will not last!  You can make fun and tease me all you want, but soon I will undock you and put your alien turd looking self into harms way.  Oh yes, we will engage the enemy and they will shoot at you and try to web you and god knows what else.  So you better start showing some proper respect or I might just blind jump into a 40 man gang... solo.

It's Alive!

I may live to regret this, but the Death Race is officially live this morning!  I just posted the revised and official rules on the EVE Forums, the BattleClinic Forums and over on the official Death Race Blog.  So deep breath and hang onto your seats cause no one knows what happens next.  Least of all me.

I've never organized an in-game Eve Event before, or an out-of-game one for that matter.  I blame Nashh.  I'd been thinking about doing this for awhile but something (probably common sense) kept telling me not to do it.  Then I had so much fun in his Celebrity Deathmatch, it got me to lower my defenses and say, "What the Hell!"

Even with the limited exposure of the sneak-peek last week the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  If by overwhelming I mean totally, not one negative yet.  I think that was what was stopping me before, why would anyone pay any attention to anything I tried to do?  I mean seriously, who am I?  Even in the environment of an Internet Spaceship Game we all have those fears, especially the fear of rejection.  It is silly of course.  In the end all that really matters is that you try, you give it your best shot and hope everyone has fun.

Because that is what the event is for.  It isn't about following rules, or winning prizes, it's about having fun. 

I hope.

Death Race "Official Site"

In preparation for this week's official kick-off of Death Race 2010, the folks at EvePress were kind enough to offer to host a Death Race only blog.  This will help to keep all DR information in one easy-to-find location and we will use it to post updated prizes, rules, sponsorships and other details leading up to the main event on August 22nd.  EvePress is also an official sponsor and has agreed to donate prizes for the event.  I also believe we'll have some DR swag to share with all of you very soon!  How cool is that?

Thanks to everyone who continues to get excited about this event and to everyone who has offered their support, encouragement and advice.  Things are changing every day and more and more excitement is building.  But we can always use more help.  So feel free to email me or contact me in-game.

Thanks, RJ

1v1: #18

Just a quick Death Race mention before this week's 1v1, next week will be the official kick-off of the event.  Rules, sponsors and some prizes will be officially announced here, on Eve Forums and BattleClinic forums.  We are still getting requests, offers, comments, feedback and other stuffs lined up so feel free to join the party anyway you'd like.  If you've contacted me and I haven't gotten back to you yet, just hang in there I will.  So more next week.

All the feedback and support has been extremely positive so thanks to everyone that has been talking about it, blogging about it and telling their friends.  Much appreciated.  If we can pull this off successfully it'll be because of your support and encouragement.

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Wrath of Mau

My buddy Angor has trashed his last blog and started a fresh one witz moar attitudes.  Check out Wrath of Mau when you get a chance, it promises to be an odd and entertaining combination of things.  I think he may have discovered his calling.

Gooder Eve: The Microwave Cloud Burst

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that would make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are not really serious.  But all should be interesting and hopefully entertaining.]

For those that may have been expecting the "Phalanx System" today, you'll have to wait.  Sorry but the post ran into some technical difficulties.  In the meantime, this is even better!

Imagine you are surrounded by those awful interceptors that have kilt all your drones... what do you do?  Except die?  Well maybe and maybe not, especially if you had fit the Microwave Cloud Burst module in your mids.  What does it do and how can it help?  Well it emits an area of effect 'cloud' around your ship that causes the enemy ship's modules to overheat.  I'll let that sink in for a minute.

(All the credit for this one goes to Angor, we were shooting the breeze on these and he came up with this gem.)

Those lousy no-good interceptors now have something else to consider when getting up close and personal.  Suddenly their high, mid and low slots are overheating on them.  If they were already overheating a slot, then the effect is even worse.  If they don't gain some distance soon, they might just lose their micro warp drive, or worse.  Hope they didn't forget to pack extra Nanite Paste.

The MCB is based on deadly microwave technology and emits a cloud around your ship that effects ships within its area of effect.  (As well as make popcorn!) Ships caught within the AOE experience varying degrees of module overheat based on the skill of the player, the distance from the emitting ship (and cool MCB visual graphics) and combined mathematical formulas and if/then statements.  I dunno, the usual stuff.

This is nasty but it doesn't blow stuff up, it only causes an effect on ships trying to blow you up.  It seems better suited to BS class ships perhaps, something that can survive long enough for it to even matter.  But I like the passive nature of it as a defensive solution.  Although I think some offensive uses could be imagined, such as warping into a tight gate camp and overheating those around you. Lol.

Give it some thought and see what you think.  Does it make Eve Gooder or Funner?  Or neither?

Based on comments (thanks as always) and some additional thought, maybe this becomes another Bomb option?  We already have lock-breakers, maybe an overheat bomb would work?  It sure would put those gate campers at a disadvantage.

Full Disclosure

In the spirit of openness and to avoid any future claims against me, your friendly neighborhood Eve blogger would like to take a moment and make some points perfectly clear:

• I write this blog for FUN and take zero profit from doing so.

• There will never be a paid advertisement on this blog.

• I have NO way of knowing how many people read this blog and don't care.  (Clarification: I DO care that people enjoy reading and leave comments and come back, but those are two different things.  I want this blog to be great in other words, but "great" being mostly a self-constructed standard to which I am still striving.)

• I don't know anyone that works at CCP.  I wouldn't mind knowing some and having an "in" there, for various altruistic reasons (like help with Death Race 2010) but I don't have that yet.

• Just so you know, I have been asked to be a contributor for EON Magazine and I am happy to do so.  They came to me by the way and thank you Richie.  Awesome guy.  No money involved btw.

• I provide grossly cheap art and design services to HELP my fellow Eve players and bloggers.  All proceeds benefit my PvP character in-game.  A few people have written me asking for RL help and I have turned those down.

• Death Race 2010 is, I hope, going to be a fun event.  ALL proceeds will be going to the event, prizes, etc.  I won't be pocketing anything.  Not a dime of isk.

I enjoy playing Eve and writing this blog.  It isn't the most important thing in my life, it is in fact pretty far down the list.  I am not looking for vapor fame, nor am I trying to please anyone but myself.  I strongly believe that doing so will result in pleasing many more people.  I would like for everyone that plays Eve to read this blog, that would be incredible and a lot of fun.  That means that I do promote this blog when possible and when it makes sense to do so.

Heck, I just learned this morning that apparently CCP has some sort of "list" of fansites?  Does anyone have a link they could share?  Never knew that.

I hope this clears the air.  If it needed clearing.  Back shortly with another Gooder Eve and later with this week's 1v1.

Gooder Eve: Counter Measures

[ Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that would make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are not really serious.  But all should be interesting and hopefully entertaining.]

In the modern world of warfare, if your plane is under attack by the enemy there are several options available to you.  The first is probably starting to take evasive maneuvers, which is an entirely different discussion when it comes to Eve, but the second is most-likely Counter Measures.  And if you happen to be in a transport plane, like the one in the picture, it might be your first choice.

So... in the science-fiction technology universe of Eve... we have no Counter Measures?  Once your ship is locked it stays that way?  Unless you manage to fly out of range, once locked you are locked until one of you dies.  Click - lock - done.  I don't know about you but one of the hopes I continue to have for Eve is the Dogfight, the Star Wars encouraged dream of the Red Baron vs. The American Escadrille of WW1.  Two ships locked in a death struggle of machine, technology and skill.  The state of the Dogfight in Eve right now is more about the machine and the technology than it is about the skill.  Evasive Maneuvering?  Counter Measures?

Much of Gooder Eve is concerned with trying to encourage the realization of that dream.  I love Eve and will continue to play it even if it never changes again, but I love it enough to think it can continue to get better.  When the rats I fight in an Asteroid Belt can destroy some of the missiles I shoot at them, but I can't... something needs to be looked at.

I know we have ECCM and ECM bursters, defender missiles, Warp Core Stabilizers (which seriously need to be neuted and re-thought btw) and other devices available to us.  Fine.  But part of making the experience of Eve Gooder is also making the visual experience of Eve Gooder.  Remember that dream of the Red Baron?  That is a visual dream, the dance of combat in the skies, the white clouds, the blue sky, the twisting ground... visuals.  Sudden flare bursts blossoming from my Interceptor, breaking the lock of the Rapier, twisting away towards the gate, only to be locked up by the Crow that just warped in, firing off my screen rockets, trailing smoke and fire... isn't that a nice visual image?

Surviving isn't about getting away, surviving is about killing.  I want to live longer than my opponent and I'm sure he wants the same thing.  Maybe the counter measures don't break lock, they only confuse it momentarily?  While Target Dampeners and ECM keep your opponent at bay, counter measures give you the opportunity to survive a bit longer.  Maybe long enough to find another way to gain the upper hand, to get the sun at your back and bring down your adversary.

Maybe.  I know that not being able to do anything about it is frustrating and not very much fun.  I know that much.

I have a lot of other ideas to share, next time.

I Claim Sov in the Name of King George

More like the name of LJB our CEO.  I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the hard working and endlessly dedicated members of DION, who today claimed sov over a system you've never heard of deep in zero space.  All of us that were on-line at the time stood anxiously around the TCU as it came on-line.  Cheers went up on TS and for a moment there I felt a wee tingle.  Seriously though it was a pretty cool moment and it wouldn't have happened at all if not for some heroic efforts.  My hat is off to those that were able to help and ensure it took place, you know your names and I won't spell them out here for obvious reasons.

I haven't taken the time yet to write about my Corporation, I think I'll get to that properly in a few days.  But honestly, having been around the universe and served in a wide variety of Corps - they are the best.  And I don't give praise lightly or without due cause.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly should know that.

And I did manage to capture it all on video so it'll make its way into the grand corporation promotional video I'm supposed to be working on.  So many things, so little time.

Blog Banter #19: Want Cheese With That Whine?

Welcome to the nineteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by none other than CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux@gmail.com. Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This months topic comes to us from @evepress, who asks: The CSM: CCP's Meta Game? The CSM, an EVE players voice to CCP. Right? In the grand scheme of things yes, the players bring up issues and the CSM presents them to CCP. But in its current iteration the CSM was supposed to be given small authority to assign CCP assets to projects that the CSM thought needed work on. As it has come out, this was not the case. So fellow bloggers, is the CSM worth it, has the CSM improved the game in any way, or is it just a well thought out scam by CCP to give us players a false sense of input in the game? What's your take?

Uh. I admit that the recent back and forth regarding the CSM has been something that I have not been all that interested in.  Something hit the fan while I was on vacation and the result has been a lot of teeth-knashing, emo raging and speculation... that simply doesn't interest me all that much.  It is hard to generate sympathy for people who not only volunteered for the CSM but actively campaigned for it, all the while knowing what they were signing up for.  Now all we're getting is a bunch of whining about it.  I have zero sympathy.

The above statement is erroneous in specific.  Others (Like my friend CK) have addressed that issue, so I'll leave it.  But the CSM has operated well over the years since it was established (by CCP btw) and the rules are plainly posted for all of us to read.

In my humble opinion the CSM is extremely worth it.  Years ago I served on a similar forum group for Adobe and we had significant impact on the development of several important pieces of software, mostly Photoshop.  Was it easy?  No.  Did the developers always implement our ideas?  No.  But we didn't expect them to either.  It's called a two-way street people, give and take, back and forth.  But enough about that, other people care about this more than I do, so I'll let them speak to the issue.  I have a slightly different take that I'd like to share.

I don't want Eve to die.  So many great companies with great products simply don't make it.  It happens.  Personally I'd hate to see CCP fail.  So for Eve to last, I want CCP to succeed and prosper.  A strong CCP means a longer life for Eve.  If that means CCP needs to expand their offerings then I fully support that idea.  Eve is a great thing, but it isn't for everyone.  New avenues to a wider audience is what DUST and Incarna represent, an expansion into new markets, new audiences and new opportunities to cross-promote.  But more importantly to grow revenue.

I don't understand Incarna, but I also don't understand the Twilight phenomena and it is making tons of money.  I want CCP to make tons of money, to keep Eve healthy and in development and improvement cycles for years to come.  This is classic expansion growth people, diversification of product offerings and revenue generation.  It might not impact the game immediately, but without it there won't be an Eve much longer.  

The CSM can be part of that process, guiding and influencing the path of Eve's growth... or they can be regulated to the sidelines.  As far as I can tell, that decision is largely in their hands.

Blog Banter Links:


EVEOGANDA Presents the DEATH RACE 2010 Eve Event!! (SFX: The roaring sound of trumpets and cannon!)

On Sunday, August 22nd, hundreds of Eve pilots will embark on a dangerous, crazy and highly competitive race from their low-sec launch system, through the murky gate-camped systems of zero space and emerge once more into Empire!  It is a race to the death!  Only the lucky, the criminal, the insane will survive victorious.

DEATH RACE 2010 is open to ALL Eve pilots who wish to participate and pay the one-time entrance fee.  Gangs, Corporations, even Alliances are free to enter, but the prizes and trophies will be awarded to individuals only. (What you do with them after that is up to you of course.)

How does it work?

It's simple.  To enter just pay your entrance fee indicating the name of the in-game character who will be participating in the race.  The entrance fee is non-refundable and will be used solely for the Race prizes.  If you don't show up on Race day you don't play, simple as that.

The race route will be kept secret until right before the start of the race, details will be increasingly specific as the day approaches.  But we don't want to give the zero space residents time to overly prepare now do we?  The race will leave from one low-sec system, race through a zero space region and end in another low-sec system.  There will be checkpoints and race moderators stationed along the way.

Aggression and fighting amongst the racers IS ENCOURAGED!  This is a Death Race, the only way to ensure you win is to prevent anyone else from finishing!  Prizes may be awarded not only for first, second and third place finishes, but for those racers with the most kills.  And potentially others as well, details will be revealed as the race day approaches.


• Entrance fee is 5 million isk per racer
• Enrollment begins on August 1st, 2010
• Shuttles and Cloaky Ships are not allowed
• Ships that can fit a Cyno are also not allowed and using a Cyno is forbidden
• Aggression is permitted after the race starts
• Gangs, Teams and Corps are permitted (But each racer pays the entrance fee)
• Fleet up will occur in a low-sec system to be announced
• The Death Race is Sunday, August 22nd and will start at 18:00 Eve time

> Other details will be announced as race day approaches.  Details regarding entrance fees and enrollment will be posted shortly.

How can I help?

If you like the idea tell your friends about it, post about it in Corp chat, Alliance chat and anywhere else you talk about Eve.  If you're a blogger, write a post about it.  If you want, I have graphics available that you can use on your site, just write me at rixxjavix@gmail.com and I'll send you some nice buttons.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, providing additional prizes, or helping out in any way, just let me know.  

I'm announcing this on Eveoganda first, posts on Eve Forums and Battle Clinic forums will be going up shortly as well.

I've given this a lot of thought over the past month or so, I wanted to create an event that anyone could participate in - not just a select few.  Even if you're a Noob you can afford the five million isk fee and race to win.  The monkey wrench is that this isn't just a race, it's a Death Race.  So you need to consider several factors when choosing your ship, speed, survivability, strength and perhaps most importantly, the unpredictable nature of zero space itself.  You'll have no control over what response the residents of the region choose to do, gate camps, bubbles, it's anything goes.

It should make for an exciting event.  If you have feedback, suggestions, concerns or comments now is the time to let me know.  Are you interested?  Planning to participate?  Would you or your Corp like to sponsor a prize?  Or just form up a team?  Start thinking.

Join In-Game Channel: DEATH RACE 2010

PS: I've already gotten tremendous feedback and the post just went up!  Thanks to everyone who has written and offered help, much appreciated.  I wanted to get the fire started this week and see if this was even something anyone would even be interested in.  Plus I need some time to work out the details and logistics before opening it up to everyone on the forums, etc.

Some good news, EON Magazine has offered to profile the EDR2010 Winner in an upcoming issue!  Potentially, although this is still early, the winner could also be featured in a full-page advert in the upcoming issue!  So good things are already happening, so keep the word going and let's see how much we can shake up this sandbox.

Six Months Baby

Tomorrow is the official six month anniversary of Eveoganda.  It has been six months already and it still feels like I am just getting started, just getting my feet wet and that I haven't had time to really get down to doing the things I wanted to do when I decided to start writing this thing.  On the other hand, the other side of that particular coin, wow!  What a ride the past six months have been.

Whatever "success" this blog might be having is solely the result of those of you that read it, comment on it and share the ideas and thoughts in your own blogs and in your lives - both in-game and out.  For that I am extremely grateful and appreciative.  It is a humbling experience when you see your own thoughts take on a life of their own and travel around and come back to you, when you get a letter from a soldier in Afghanistan telling you how much he enjoys reading your blog every day, when you are embraced and made to feel a part of a community of fellow bloggers and when you start getting "hello Rixx" in local chat when you enter a system.

Tomorrow is the official anniversary, but tomorrow will be taken up by a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT, so I wanted to take time today to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to every single person that reads this blog, I have no idea how many of you there might be visiting the site, reading on Capsuleer, or on Google Reader, or through another RSS feed, or whatever.  How ever you enjoy what I am trying to do, thank you.  Without you it would just be me shouting into the dark.  And while that might be interesting for me, it would only annoy the neighbors.

Thank you to CrazyKinux, who for some strange reason thought this blog should be included in the Blog Pack right after I started writing it.  I'm sure that leap of faith has a tremendous amount to do with the above and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for having faith.

Thanks to all my fellow Bloggers, both in the Blog Pack and without.  I read your sites every day and while I may not always comment, you provide limitless enjoyment and inspiration and thought and learning.

Thanks to all those that leave comments, you guys are awesome and you help keep me honest.  As I said above, I read blogs every day and I know how hard it is to comment on even a fraction of them, so I appreciate the time invested and I never take that for granted.

And a special thanks to all those that have asked me to help with some bit of art or design, you guys are the fire that fuels this engine.  In more ways than you might realize.  And to all those still waiting, I appreciate your patience and your commitment.  It is returned and I'm plugging away as hard as I can.  Hang in there.

What will the next six months bring?  Well it all starts tomorrow.  See you then.

Sunday Bits

• My Corp m8 Alua Oresson has started up a new blog called PVP Wannabe and I encourage everyone to stop by and... well, encourage her.  Her blog is linked on the sidebar links now as well.

• I try to keep Eveoganda's links and whatnots updated, but if you see a dead link or something, please let me know.

• Back in April I posted a short film called The Raven, which has now been picked-up by Universal to convert into a feature film.  You can read more here.

This Tuesday is the six month anniversary of EVEOGANDA!  I am planning on announcing a major new Eve wide event on Tuesday that should be a lot of fun, so watch this space for more details on Tuesday.  Until then mums the word.

1v1: #17

After a two-week break, the world's greatest Eve related single-panel black and white comic strip returns!!  This time with, some might say, a darker more political bent?  I dunno about you, but I grow increasingly weary of dying to laggy gate mechanics than just about anything else in the game.  Let me fight another pilot toe-to-toe, but dying because local won't load after a jump is just plain silly in my book, and frustrating.  Huh... did I just over explain the strip?

See what happens when you take time off!!

Click to embiggen!

There once was a Pirate from Evati
Who flew a Myrm, hey!
He thought a Drake he'd catch
But he ended up losing
his own Celebrity Deathmatch

KIlling Your Friends(twice)

While I am not 100% settled into my new home in the Spire, my Alt is still busy hauling stuffs around Empire, I am settled enough to enjoy some much deserved pewage.  So yesterday I spent some time hanging with Eradicator44 way the heck up in Geminate, killing ships and having some much needed fun.  I managed eight kills and while that is way short of Erad's twenty-four in the day, it was awesome to be back at work.

I had bought and fitted up a new Daredevil to replace the one I lost the other day and decided to fly it back into zero.  Erad asked me to join him in Geminate, so I flew up there instead.  His Sabre and my Daredevil made a pretty good combo, especially against anything lower than a BC.  I managed to tackle and kill a Thrasher, Incursus, Ishkur, Kestrel, Drake (with some help from a passing Blue gang) and a Crow - as well as three pods.  The Crow was a Hero tackle and the Ishkur was the second attempt.  The first time I discovered that I had the wrong ammo loaded into my guns and had been hitting for no damage, when you're in a hurry Void and CN Anti-Matter look a lot alike.  But it was the Thrasher/Incursus combo that was the highlight of the day.

I rarely pay any attention to the names of the pilots I engage, especially when I am flying a tackle ship.  Speed is of the essence and all I really care about in that split-second of decision making is what are they flying.  Proteus? GTFO!!  Frigate?  Attack!  Even when I am flying bigger ships or hunting down someone, usually all I am interested is the Born On Date.  How old they are indicates many things about them, the rest can wait until later.

So this Thrasher jumps in and we kill it, his pod gets away because (as happens sometimes) I am traveling so fast I over shot the darn thing.  It's only then that I see that the pilot said hello to me in local.  Huh?  Oh my God, I killed Requiemsorn!  Req and I were in SMEGI (Smegnet Incorporated) together during the LFA defense of Providence and we both left that Corp at the same time when LFA started falling apart.  Together with some other ex-pats we formed a short lived Corp called Unforgiven Blood.  I sent him a quick eve mail saying oops, but he was neut and fair game.  He wrote back and said no worries, it's a game and all.  He came into local to say howdy and thought I was chasing the Sabre.

That isn't the weirdest part however.  He came back in an Incursus.  Not to attack us or anything, he just showed up in local about thirty minutes later and we started talking in local.  Catching up, sharing stories, he had just started playing Eve again after a long hiatus.  After a few minutes Erad gets on comms and tells me he is going to try and find him, he must be safed up somewhere.  So I keep him occupied in local and it doesn't take Erad long to find him, 200k above a planet. Erad starts burning towards him expecting him to warp away at any moment.  He doesn't.  Erad tackles him and I warp in and we kill him again.  We decide to let his pod go, having done enough.  He says he was on his Alt and not paying attention.

I've killed pilots I know before.  Yesterday I killed some pilots from RAGE.  I've even killed people that I've flown with at various time, or from former Corps.  But not someone so specific.  Twice in a matter of minutes.  I didn't feel bad about it, if you're red to me (or neut now, yeah!) I will engage you and try to kill you.  Within the context of the game I am playing to win, I will use every trick in my arsenal, every single bit of knowledge of game mechanics, every advantage I can think of to make sure your ship explodes and not mine.  Even talking to you in local while my Corp m8 hunts you down.  Or bending the truth a little about warping to bookmarks. (!)

Outside of that situation, I hope we can still be friends.  If not buddies, at least friends based on mutual respect.  Like the aces of World War I, who fought to the death over the skies of Europe but managed to treat each other with respect at all other times.  Fly safe.

Celebrity Deathmatch #22

In simple terms I suppose one could say it was The Pirate vs. The Soldier.  One a predator of the low-sec systems and one a predator of zero space.  That might be the simple way to look at last night's battle between myself and Nashh Kadavr, but the real story is much more than that.

Before you wonder much longer, yes, The Soldier was victorious.  But as Nashh often mentions in his own write-ups after these fights, the story is often more important than the result.  Having said that, I was happy to win the battle.  I'd be an idiot not to admit that.  For me, the CDM match marked the end of nearly three months of frustrating moves, Corp changes, Alliance death and turmoil.  And a return to what I enjoy most about Eve, pewpew.  I've already killed another five since the fight with Nashh and hope to get back to what I love more than anything.

I've already written much about the preparation leading up to the fight, but one important aspect I purposely left out - perhaps the most important - was the choice of which ship to fly.  I knew Nashh would be reading and I certainly didn't want to give him any warning, the trickiest past of this contest is deciding which ship to bring.  And which ship the other guy is going to bring.  This decision weighed heavily in the days leading up to the fight.

I listened to everyone's comments, even asked around the Corp, and they were all good ideas.  I considered a dual or even triple repped Myrm, a Shield buffer Blaster Brutix, even a HAM Ferox and others.  Eventually however, I made the wise decision to play to my strength and fly a Drake.  I had promised myself however that I would fly something into this fight that I hadn't had the chance to fly into a fight before.  It seems that every time I fit up a HAM Drake we end up moving and I have to sell it, so I've never really had the chance to fly it into combat before.  So it fit the bill.  It also happens to be a damn good all-around shredder and could handle just about anything he might bring.  Even though I worried about a Harbinger, I believed that if I could survive long enough to get close, I might even be able to bring that down.  After a fight starts, it all comes down to each pilot's skill, skills and tactics.

So I planned out what I would do depending on each of the possible ships I might face.  I have to give a special mention to Angor Mau as his advice was very helpful in my prep work.  So a special thanks to him.

In the end both Nashh and I made a few opening mistakes.  For some reason my Warrior IIs wouldn't attack what I was telling them to attack, and Nashh apparently forgot to shoot me for a few seconds.  I caught some breaks I didn't know about until it was over and it turns out I made the exact right choices when it came to the ship and the fits.  With a 100+ehp tank, Nashh believed he could survive long enough to break my tank.  The problem was I was running 7x T2 HAMS putting out 1,400 a volley every 3.2 seconds!  Talk about a shredder.  And that's with a respectable 74+ ehp and high resists, my recharge rate was almost as high as the dps he was hitting me with.  He still managed to take my shields down but I never reached the 20% mark where I was planning on starting to overheat the Invuls.

Either way it was close.  And no matter the ultimate outcome, I had a blast.  It never happens during the course of playing Eve that you get the chance to plan out an attack on one pilot.  This was a unique experience and a lot of FUN.  Which is why I play Eve in the first place.  So many, many thanks to my new friend for asking me to participate.  Even though you are a scum-sucking Pirate, you are also a heck of a nice guy.  And anytime you want a rematch, just let me know.

We both captured video of the epic battle and I hope to have it posted shortly.  So keep your eyes open for that.

For those that might be interested, here is the fit for DIE NASHH DIE!:
7x Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
1x Small Nosferatu II

2x Invulnerability Field II
1x 10MN Afterburner II
1x Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
2x Large Shield Extender II

1x Damage Control II
1x Reactor Control Unit II
2x Ballistic Control System II

1x Medium Bay Loading Accelerator
1x Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer
1x Medium Core Defense Field Extender

5x Warrior II

If you can get close, it is a shredder.  And now my first EVE video:

CDM: Preparing

I have never prepared as much for one fight before!  Getting ready for the Celebrity Deathmatch has been a very interesting and unique experience.  Even if we didn't actually have a fight, it would be worth it just for everything leading up to it.  Although certainly anti-climatic and worthless.  So, not really worth it at all.  But you get what I'm typing hopefully.

Never fear it does look like we will fight after all and it looks like it will be tonight.  Baring any issues that RL might throw our way.

Last evening I hopped in my trusty Buzzard and headed out of deep null up into Empire.  39 jumps from my home system to Jita.  I figured I needed to fit up a new ship so why not Jita?  Remember, I never intended to fly Rixx back to empire - maybe ever - that's what my Alt is for.  So I hadn't been paying much attention lately to the War Dec situation.  You are way ahead of me aren't you?  I tell people all the time, I have the smartest readers!  Yes Jita was full of War Targets when I finally arrived.  Several tried to kill me but I managed to get docked up.  Then I logged for the night, figuring I'd deal with that in the morning.

So more War Targets in system this morning.  I decided to skip Jita and head to Rens to buy and fit my CDM ship.  Of course as soon as I undock they go crazy trying to kill me.  Sadly for them I am not that easy to kill.  Which isn't true, it is mostly due to the fact that my Buzzard has a Warp Core Stabilizer.  I get away and head to Rens.

I take my time and fit up my new ship, which is called DIE NASHH DIE and undock to see how everything works.  More War Targets in Rens!  They start shooting me and I dock up again.  This time though I re-think that and decide to undock and fight them, might as well test out the CDM Deathmachine and see how she does.  To my chagrin the WTs obviously saw that coming and decided to leave local.  Bummer.

Anyway, now I have jumped out to the low-sec system we'll be pounding away in later this evening and docked up.  First I made a mid-warp bookmark and shared it with Nashh.  So now we both have a warp to point in deep space.

All that's left is to wait.

The Chameleon Module

A corp mate and I were talking about this this morning and this is a Super Awesome idea.  I kid you not.  Think about this for a second, it's like a Cloak and works in much of the same ways as a cloak does, except it is visual and not invisible.

Let me illustrate.  A Badger Mk II warps to the gate and gets caught in a drag bubble, almost 37k from the gate.  A Dramiel is in the bubble and rushes to engage.  The poor Badger is dead right?  Not necessarily, because it isn't a Badger at all!  Lo and behold it is actually a Tengu!!  Now the tables are turned on our buddy the Dramiel.

That is how the Chameleon Mod works.  It is a high-slot module, like a cloak, that visually changes your ship to look like another ship in the same race as the one it is fit on.  I could easily see skills changing the type of ships you could disguise yourself as, Level One maybe only frigates and transports, but Level Five maybe Carriers?  Also, would there be a delay after de-activating the mod?

It is far too easy in Eve for some pilots to prey on certain other pilots, and little that a solo pilot can do to stop them.  Oh sure you can fleet up the boys and go hunting, but if you're flying alone you are in trouble.  We have that situation right now in my new home system, we've had a cloaky Punisher in system for the past week preying on unsuspecting transports.  There is two sides to that of course, but catching that annoyance would be so much easier with a Chameleon Module.

On scans and in local your ship would appear to be what it is disguised as being.  But that cloaky drag bubble guy would have to think twice about attacking now wouldn't he?  Maybe that is a Badger and maybe it isn't.

As much as I like being the guy killing things in the drag bubble myself, I have to admit that I like the idea of this.  It seems to achieve some pretty good results from a game balance perspective.  It would slow down the ganking, which is either good or bad depending on your perspective I suppose, but it would re-balance things just a tiny bit.  On the other side, perhaps a new type of probe or mod that could detect the Chameleon mod if properly trained?

The Chameleon Module could be made to be skill intensive and have some drawbacks, and even some counters, but if you think of it like a cloaking device it starts to make some real sense.  Some might say, well then, why not just use a cloaking device?

Ah, you're missing the point.  A cloak is designed to hide you from a fight, the Chameleon mod is designed to make you be attacked.  And that my friends, is the beauty of it.  You'll be in more fights.  They just might not be as lopsided as you've gotten used to.

[Thanks to Uagtd, who thought something like this would've been a cool subsytem for Strategic Cruisers, which is what started the whole conversation.]

CDM: Pre-Game

Nashh and I have agreed on the particulars of the upcoming Celebrity Deathmatch and it should, baring any last-minute emergencies, go down tomorrow sometime.

Nashh did me the honor of allowing me to determine the parameters of the contest and I gave it much thought over the last few days.  I've always been happiest flying small, fast ships like my Daredevil, Taranis, Crow, while I have also spent some considerable effort getting trained up in guns and battleships, so the choice of ships was wide open.  I also considered Command Ships and Faction ships as well as all the others.  Pretty much anything BS and under was on the table.

In the end I decided on Battlecruisers.  Why?  Mostly because I want a good fight, a toe-to-toe battle that lasts longer than two Frigates and isn't the slow ballet of two BSs dancing.  BC are the solid mid-ships of Eve, versatile and with thousands of variations in fits.  They offer great choices when it comes to fights, especially when you already know where and how you will be fighting your foe.  Plus the majority of my kills happened in a BC, over 150 in my Drake alone.  So it is probably the one ship class I am most adept at.

Although I plan on throwing all that out the window.  I'm not going to give it away just yet, after all I think Nashh reads this blog, but suffice to say I plan on flying something different into battle.  So Nashh, if you happen to be reading this, looking back over my KB history won't help you.  I have something fun in mind, mostly fun for me, that I sorta kinda have never flown before.

This is gonna be a blast and I am looking forward to it.  Win or lose doesn't matter to me one iota, although obviously I'd prefer to win.  Either way I'm in it to have fun and we'll see how it goes after that.  To me, no matter what happens, it'll be a fun time and an awesome experience.  But make no mistake I am in it to win it.

Now the logistics are a bit of a nightmare, at some point I have to get myself back to empire...

These Moves Are Making Me Thirsty!

Yesterday I broke the drought.  After two long months of evacuating Providence, moving to low-sec, then up to Geminate, then back through low-sec to Scalding Pass and then back up to the Spire, I finally kilt someone yesterday.  I was beginning to wonder if I actually was a PvP pilot anymore and not simply a mover of goods.

Always two sides to every coin however, I also realized just how rusty I have become.  The finely honed death dealing pilot of zero space has gotten a bit round around the belt-line my friends.  While I did manage to pop a Manticore and some poor schmuck's pod, I also managed to lose my favorite ship, my almost six-month old Daredevil.  A moment of silence for her superior service please...

How'd such a crime happen?  Rust, pure and simple.  Plus being much faster than my FC can think.  Heck, my Daredevil is faster than I can think most of the time.  It is both the pleasure and the danger of flying a super fast ship, interceptors also have this issue.  They are fast.  And when someone is thinking out loud, well... actions are sometimes faster than thought.  No complaints, my little buddy was screaming at me inside my head the entire time.

We came up on a Cane outside a station, just sitting there.  There were twelve of us in small, fast ships, a mixed bag of Intys, Sabres, Jags and whatnots.  So we decided to lock the Cane and wait and see what he'd do.  Simple enough.  So I did, then a Rorqual undocked (Why a Rorqual, for reps of course.), the Cane scrammed me (Being in the only Faction ship is a sure sign you'll be primary.) and boom my transversal sucked and I popped.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.  Despite the loss it felt really good being back in the killing people business.  The only cure for the rust is to get out there and engage people.  So that's my plan.

Now I just have to figure out how to get a new Daredevil all the way down here.  Sheesh.


First of all, 1v1 will be returning next week and back on a weekly schedule.  The return from vacation added so many things to my plate this week that I simply didn't have time to draw up a new one.

Secondly, thanks to Darina Smirayne of Dissimulo Gero who asked me to design a new banner for her blog, for making this week more fun that in would have been otherwise.  The amount of details I get from people varies considerably, naturally, some have no idea at all and some are more specific in their requests.  It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, eventually I'll work to get them what they want.  But Darina was different, she knew exactly what she was looking for.

I want a dark star-scene background, maybe a planet in the lower right corner. On the left, I want a yellow carebear, adjusted to make it look grizzled, war beaten and slightly intimidating. The carebear must be wearing a black eye mask (like highwaymen or some comic book heroes wear.) The bear must have a crossed pickaxe and rifle on the white area of its tummy. The words "Dissimulo Gero" somewhere in the middle of the banner, but subtle and almost invisible, with a machariel somewhere decent in the middle part of the banner.

I hope she doesn't mind me re-printing her words here, not to make fun or anything, but just to show you how specific her request was.  You might think that makes it easier for me.  In some ways it does, but in other ways it can be even more of a challenge to create exactly what someone has in their head.

So, given that, how do you think I did?

Click to embiggen

She has to use a cropped version on her site for now, since podlogs isn't set up to allow you to modify your banner size.

This was a fun one, thanks Darina for thinking of me.  And to all of you waiting, I'm working my way to you.  Almost back on schedule.  Hang tight and fly safe.

Funner and Gooder

No matter what anyone tells you, Eve can often be a Hell of a lot of work.  In fact, sometimes it can seriously be a real drag.  Often competing with your real life job in responsibilities, dedication and time.  Which is funny... until you realize how true it is.  Baring the real world actually being "real" which is of course a much bigger thing than Eve... or should be.  But you get what I'm typing here?

I was lucky this time that my Corporation managed to move the majority of my ships and stuff way the heck down to zero space.  More than lucky, extremely blessed honestly.  Thank God they rock and rock hard.  But the key word there is "majority", which still leaves the minority.  And when that minority is several hundred-million worth of mods and ships scattered all over the known Universe, it would be nice to get them all (or, again, a "majority") all in one place.  That takes time, planning and lots of boring flying around the universe in an Alt driven boring spaceship.

But it needs to be done.  So I'm doing it.  I don't wanna do it.

Which makes me wonder?  Why exactly am I doing it?  I mean seriously, isn't this supposed to be a game?  One console game I've enjoyed playing recently is Red Dead Redemption.  One aspect that I thought was well thought-out was travel, after awhile you realize you can simply take it for granted that you travel.  You set your destination and things get a bit blurry and presto-chango you are there.  Done.  I am in zero danger flying through Empire in my Impel.  Even a smart-bombing jerk in a Tempest doesn't hold a serious threat, even if someone were that stupid.  So... do I really need to actually pilot my ship 47 jumps through hi-sec Empire space?

I'd like Eve to be funner.  Over the next few days and weeks I'm going to be talking a lot about some ideas I have to make Eve funner and gooder.  I'd like to hear your thoughts both in the comments and in your own posts if you are a fellow blogger.

What can be done to make Eve funner and gooder?  As much as I love Eve, as much as we all do, you have to admit that it lacks something in both those departments.  And it really shouldn't.

PS: I often write as I think.  Today is dark and stormy and it has been a long week, and I let my mood dictate my writing.  As Kirith wisely points out, Eve is more a simulation than it is a game.  An immersive experience if you prefer.  As such I respect it, or else I would have quit a long time ago.  But that also doesn't excuse it.  I'd still like to play around with the idea of Eve being a bit more funner.  More thoughts on that later.

Pirates Are People Too

One of the reasons I started this blog was to have the opportunity to interact with my fellow Eve pilots and players in an "out-of-game" manner, mostly based on my love of art and graphic design.  In just a few short months I've managed to accomplish much of what I started out to accomplish.  For that I owe a debt of gratitude for all of you that have stopped by to read, comment and sometimes ask for my help in different ways.  Thank you.

Ouch.  I just realized the above paragraph sounded a lot like one of those "but" posts, you know the ones I mean.  "But, I'm sorry to report that I won't be..." fill in the rest.  I can assure you that the opposite is actually the case.  I ain't stopping, in fact I'm only just getting started.

I am way behind in my art commission work and to all those patiently waiting, please hang in there.  The last few weeks haven't gone exactly as I planned, with the move out of Providence up to Geminate and then back down to Scalding Pass and then out to The Spire... plus a long-delayed personal vacation (my first in five years!) time has been a bit hard to come by.  But I am working through the pile I promise.  The other thing that I promise is this, it'll be worth the wait.  I never hurry anything.  I am a perfectionist and I strive to give each project the attention it deserves, no matter how small.

For the latest example please visit Nassh Kadavr's Eve Blog and check out his new banner and Bastards Poster!  Even though Nashh is a scum sucking Pirate, he is an awesome guy and it was a true pleasure to work with him.  In-game I might shot him on sight, but out of game he is a great dude.  He probably is one in-game also, but he is a Pirate.  In addition to what you see on his post, Nashh and I also worked together on another project, but I'll wait for him to reveal what that was.  Suffice to say the man did me the great honor of asking me for something I have never done before... which is a rare thing believe me.

He also managed to surprise me last night when he asked me to participate in his Celebrity Deathmatch!  Frankly I was shocked.  To quote Zaphod's Doctor, "I'm just this guy, y'know?"

I was honored to accept, despite my adverse reaction to the word "celebrity" in conjunction with me.  (Sounds silly doesn't it?)  However, I take the invitation seriously and will have to give some consideration to the match.  It might take some time to organize, Nashh being a nasty Pirate is a bit limited in his travel options and I am way the heck out in the middle of nowhere null space, but we'll work out the logistics.  More details as the match approaches.

In the meantime, any suggestions on what types of ships we should battle in?  This requires some thought.

Moving On Up

So, let's review shall we?

> Moved to Providence
> Moved from Provi to Caldari Hi-Sec
> Moved back to Providence
> Moved to Black Rise
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Insmother
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Black Rise again
> Moved to Scalding Pass
> Moved back to Provi
> Moved to Geminate
> Moved to Scalding Pass
> Moved to the Spire

That's 13 major moves in 22 months of playing Eve.  Yikes.  One thing is for sure I am getting very, very good at moving around the Eve universe.  Some of those were very hard moves that involved a tremendous amount of effort and some, like the last one, very little effort.  The last one, which happened while I was on vacation, is totally due to the heroic efforts of DION's amazing logistics team.  Kudos to each and every one of them, they are amazing.

Every move has its own story and its own reasons.  But they do share one theme which I thought might be interesting to discuss.  I joke about the fact that many of the Alliances I've been apart of (LFA, Paxton, Dogs of War, Undivided) are no longer around.  Like I had anything to do with that fact.  I didn't.  I just find it funny.  But it does start one down the road to the common theme and the truth of the matter.  Which is simply this, I hate to be bored.

My Eve career is marked by moves, tragedies, and other political turmoils simply because I like to be where the action is.  Those Alliances aren't around anymore because they were right smack dab in the middle of the action at the time.  The most recent example is Primary, which I sadly was only in for a short time, the Goons and PL decided to take space in Scalding Pass.  Paxton and LFA are well documented.  The "stable" Alliances are boring my friends.  This is one major reason why I decided to leave Geminate.  Surrounded by blues, long jumps to anyone red, equals yawn in my book.  No knock on anyone here, we're all looking for different things.  But I hate to be bored.

I also hate moving.  So how does all of this play into the recent move to the Spire?  I dunno.  But I do know this much for sure.  I'm done.  22 months of this chaos is enough for me.  I'm staying in DION for the foreseeable future and riding it out one way or the other.  If the Spire turns out to be boring, then I'll find some way of making something happen.  Believe me, I have discovered many, many ways to keep myself interested.

I spent 6 months of those 22 in DION, and I've been back almost a month already.  I'm looking forward to the next 22 months.  And hopefully a story that doesn't involve moving as its main theme.

11 Days Later...

In almost two years of playing Eve that is the single longest amount of time I have been away from the game.  I just got back from vacation, which I spent in a place without an internet connection (gasp!) or much in the way of a phone connection either.  That last bit was a tad unexpected and caused some problems for me, but my personal Corp had a great time and it's good to be back.

As readers of Eveoganda know already, I just moved in-game from RAGE back down to Scalding Pass right before I went away.  It was a huge effort moving that quickly and making sure everything was in place before I left.  Now here is the funny bit, while I was away and without Internet connection... DION moved again!!  That's right true believers, the entire Corp packed up and moved way up the heck in a completely different direction and place on the map.  Gulp.

I don't have many details to share with you yet, suffice to say my stuffs have been carefully tended to while I was away.  At least that's what I was told.  I haven't logged in yet.  Yes, that's right, I wrote in the blog before logging in to Eve.  See how much I love you?

I have a mountain of things to deal with, emails, commissions, in-game catching up - when I left we were in one Alliance and now we're in something completely different.

11 days.  Doesn't seem like much, but so much can happen.  Nothing left to do but dive right in.

Be back later.

Postcards from Rixx: Day Six (Part 2)

Dear Reader,

We're all dead.  We died in the "thermonuclear" explosion you've heard about in the news.  It turns out my Father is dead after all and the Gallente were using a Sansha doppleganger.  We're still not sure why, or why they were after me and my family.  But the important thing is we're all right.

That makes it all sound nice and tidy, but it isn't.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent Caldari citizens lost their lives in that explosion and those are hard facts.  And it is something that weighs heavily on all our souls, even though we had nothing to do with it.  Honestly I'm as confused as you are at this point.  My "Father" didn't recognize me or anything about our family history, and that was my first clue that something was amiss.  The second was when he started demanding access to my POS password and the Titan.  Crazy old fool?  Or something more?  First of all I don't have a Titan, second of all I don't have a POS.  Not any more... and then it hit me.  It all started to make some sense.  At least a little.

The rest fell into place when the other Sansha came running when he started shooting up the room we were in.  They weren't happy and it was easy to see why.  We were being held in the containment room directly underneath one of Caldari Prime's fusion power stations.  His errant blasts were not working well with the machinery and already several indications were running into the red.  He lost the "Father" face then and that's when he lost his entire face from the Neutron Blaster I had hidden in my boot.

We managed to free ourselves and get out just in time.  The Caldari Militia had arrived and escorted us out of the blast zone just before all Hell broke lose.

The important thing is we're all fine.  But this entire vacation has left me wondering many things about my life among the stars and the implications that life has on so many other lives.  Those Sansha, I remembered them.  Almost a year ago I had failed to kill their Battleship outside a Titan POS in Providence.  I had been ratting all day and had simply run out of ammo after whipping out their entire battle force.  They must have limped home finally and thought the POS and the Titan were mine.

Even the smallest moment can have the biggest impact.  Like kissing your children and feeling their arms around you.
Take care reader and enjoy your weekend.  I know I will.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix