1v1: #19

Another week and time for another 1v1.  This was a good week, busy of course, but I managed to accomplish at least some of the things I had hoped to accomplish.  Death Race 2010 went public and the response has been extremely good so far from a promotional stand-point, we made the front page of BattleClinic and the race post has almost 1,000 views so far.  I've gotten some great interest in sponsorships (If I haven't gotten back to you yet please be patient.) and some initial contact with CCP that is encouraging.

So far the number of entrants isn't as high as I thought it would be, but having never done this before I have no real sense anyway.  (Some would argue that I have no sense at all.)  Plus the event is still a few weeks away and I think things will pick up as it gets closer.

In-game I am finally settled into my new home, got Ana moved in this week and started building our new industrial structure.  That was a huge effort and many, many thanks go out to the Corp for all their help.

So fly safe my friends and enjoy.

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