Cynabal is Caldari for "Can't Fit Guns"

There are few things worse in Eve than the above image.  Oh sure, it looks like a Cynabal in my personal hanger, but it isn't really.  What it is is something much more sinister.  It is, if you can imagine it, a huge tease of a Cynabal in my personal hanger.  It is silently saying, "Neener Neener Neener Rixx is a Weiner!" over and over again.

Oh sure I can fly the damed thing.  I can even totally Tech 2 fit it... except for the all important, can't undock without them, guns.  I just started cross-training Minmatar and have crossed over the Frigate V mountain and worked my way up the Small Projectile V mountain, two days away from that one thank you, and have a few more mountains to climb before I can put medium guns on this lump of gray alien technology.

I kid of course.  I knew this would happen, it almost always does.  The silver lining are my choices in the meantime, Jaguars, Wolfs (or Wolves?), Claws and in two days the ferocious Dramiel.  (Said Dramiel has been teasingly sitting in my hanger for a few weeks now also.  I seriously think the Dramiel and the Cynabal are in cahoots.)

None of this stopped me from undocking the evil Cynabal last evening and taking it for a brief spin.  I am after all a huge show-off, you may remember the way I acted when the new Scorpion model arrived.  I am a big 'ol spaceship geek and it is something I am not ashamed of.  So tease away Cynabal.  Enjoy your time in the comforts of the hanger.  Because it will not last!  You can make fun and tease me all you want, but soon I will undock you and put your alien turd looking self into harms way.  Oh yes, we will engage the enemy and they will shoot at you and try to web you and god knows what else.  So you better start showing some proper respect or I might just blind jump into a 40 man gang... solo.