Funner and Gooder

No matter what anyone tells you, Eve can often be a Hell of a lot of work.  In fact, sometimes it can seriously be a real drag.  Often competing with your real life job in responsibilities, dedication and time.  Which is funny... until you realize how true it is.  Baring the real world actually being "real" which is of course a much bigger thing than Eve... or should be.  But you get what I'm typing here?

I was lucky this time that my Corporation managed to move the majority of my ships and stuff way the heck down to zero space.  More than lucky, extremely blessed honestly.  Thank God they rock and rock hard.  But the key word there is "majority", which still leaves the minority.  And when that minority is several hundred-million worth of mods and ships scattered all over the known Universe, it would be nice to get them all (or, again, a "majority") all in one place.  That takes time, planning and lots of boring flying around the universe in an Alt driven boring spaceship.

But it needs to be done.  So I'm doing it.  I don't wanna do it.

Which makes me wonder?  Why exactly am I doing it?  I mean seriously, isn't this supposed to be a game?  One console game I've enjoyed playing recently is Red Dead Redemption.  One aspect that I thought was well thought-out was travel, after awhile you realize you can simply take it for granted that you travel.  You set your destination and things get a bit blurry and presto-chango you are there.  Done.  I am in zero danger flying through Empire in my Impel.  Even a smart-bombing jerk in a Tempest doesn't hold a serious threat, even if someone were that stupid.  So... do I really need to actually pilot my ship 47 jumps through hi-sec Empire space?

I'd like Eve to be funner.  Over the next few days and weeks I'm going to be talking a lot about some ideas I have to make Eve funner and gooder.  I'd like to hear your thoughts both in the comments and in your own posts if you are a fellow blogger.

What can be done to make Eve funner and gooder?  As much as I love Eve, as much as we all do, you have to admit that it lacks something in both those departments.  And it really shouldn't.

PS: I often write as I think.  Today is dark and stormy and it has been a long week, and I let my mood dictate my writing.  As Kirith wisely points out, Eve is more a simulation than it is a game.  An immersive experience if you prefer.  As such I respect it, or else I would have quit a long time ago.  But that also doesn't excuse it.  I'd still like to play around with the idea of Eve being a bit more funner.  More thoughts on that later.