Postcards from Rixx: Day Six (Part 2)

Dear Reader,

We're all dead.  We died in the "thermonuclear" explosion you've heard about in the news.  It turns out my Father is dead after all and the Gallente were using a Sansha doppleganger.  We're still not sure why, or why they were after me and my family.  But the important thing is we're all right.

That makes it all sound nice and tidy, but it isn't.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent Caldari citizens lost their lives in that explosion and those are hard facts.  And it is something that weighs heavily on all our souls, even though we had nothing to do with it.  Honestly I'm as confused as you are at this point.  My "Father" didn't recognize me or anything about our family history, and that was my first clue that something was amiss.  The second was when he started demanding access to my POS password and the Titan.  Crazy old fool?  Or something more?  First of all I don't have a Titan, second of all I don't have a POS.  Not any more... and then it hit me.  It all started to make some sense.  At least a little.

The rest fell into place when the other Sansha came running when he started shooting up the room we were in.  They weren't happy and it was easy to see why.  We were being held in the containment room directly underneath one of Caldari Prime's fusion power stations.  His errant blasts were not working well with the machinery and already several indications were running into the red.  He lost the "Father" face then and that's when he lost his entire face from the Neutron Blaster I had hidden in my boot.

We managed to free ourselves and get out just in time.  The Caldari Militia had arrived and escorted us out of the blast zone just before all Hell broke lose.

The important thing is we're all fine.  But this entire vacation has left me wondering many things about my life among the stars and the implications that life has on so many other lives.  Those Sansha, I remembered them.  Almost a year ago I had failed to kill their Battleship outside a Titan POS in Providence.  I had been ratting all day and had simply run out of ammo after whipping out their entire battle force.  They must have limped home finally and thought the POS and the Titan were mine.

Even the smallest moment can have the biggest impact.  Like kissing your children and feeling their arms around you.
Take care reader and enjoy your weekend.  I know I will.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix