Da Falcon: In hiz own words.

[ Today we have a special treat here on EVEOGANDA.  Our guest in the house is none other than Da Falcon, Caldari ECM Cloaky Jammer supreme and these are hiz own words. ]

What's up?  Yo thanks Rixx for giving me this opportunity to talk about myself here in da pages of dis here blog, it is righteous.  I am eternally grateful but I still jam your sorry ass if I get the chance.  Just so we understand each other.

You all know me.  But you all don't know me neither.  That there is a quandary, like a puzzle.  Most likely wrapped in some kind of riddle or some shit.  You think you know me, and you fear what you think you know.  Which is damn straight, you should fear Da Falcon.  I cannot be seen until I want to be seen.  I control that, nobody else.  You in mah house and you play by my rules.  But I am here today to settle the score to lay out the facts and all that.  So listen up yo.

A'right, I'm gonna start with all ya'll making fun of the way I look, sayin' I'm the ugliest ship in the universe and all that.  Man what are you high?  Have you seen the Gallentee?  Dude my beauty comes from within, the functionality of mah form is streamlined and jammin'!  You ain't even supposed to be looking at me for one thing.  I'm invisible dude, sneaking up on your ass and you don't even know nothin'.  Not till it is too late anyhow.  "Damn!  It's Da Falcon, we is screwed."  That's right.  

I know what you're thinking, Da Falcon don't have much of a tank or nothing.  We get this dude pointed and he is toast.  Man my toast has JAM ALL OVER IT!!  So don't come 'round here with that point, I jam you up tight and take you home to Momma.  Plus, on top of that, Da Falcon don't ever travel alone.  C'mon, my posse is somewhere ready to mess you up rumble your stupid feeble gang and run you outta the neighborhood.  Be real.

You fear Da Falcon and that is the proper respect.  You should fear Da Falcon.  I'm out.

- Da Falcon

[ Ok then, thanks Falcon for stopping by and clearing up some of those... well, those issues.  Stay with us here on EVEOGANDA as we bring you the best entertainment value for your totally free entertainment dollar - what a deal! ]