Free Wallpaper: Game Mechanics

Eve Mechanics Art Wallpaper

The things I do for my readers!  Today you get a handsome new Eve Wallpaper to decorate your desktop!  I'm slowly going through the back-catalog and re-purposing some of my older work, removing the original graphics and putting them back up as art pieces.  You can see the original of the above piece by visiting this link.

I should do a new one of these soon, I'm still intrigued by the idea of Eve Spaceships in realistic environments.  The problem however is one of scale, once you get past the Frigate classes, the sheer scale of Eve ships becomes huge.  Even a Drake is bigger than the Empire State Building!  That makes relating them to human sized objects difficult if not impossible for larger ships.

But I never did like that word "impossible", pfft.  I'll figure something out.  Until then, enjoy your new desktop wallpaper.