New Shirt: Remember The Titans

Announcing another NEW addition to the growing line of Eve themed merchandise available in the EVEOGANDA SHOP! - The exploding Avatar design called "Remember The Titans".

The design is available in a wide range of Men, Women, Child shirts and gear, as well as some odd scattering of other stuff like coffee cups and clocks (?).  Oh well, I may want a coffee cup with this one on it for myself.

Even if you've never lost a Titan personally, this design will capture the spirit of Eve in your daily wear to school, at home or at the office.  Those that see it will be impressed by your sense of style and clever incorporation of the beloved movie reference in a gaming context.  Chicks will dig ya!

More designs coming soon, so keep your eyes open.  And, as always, tell your friends.  Assuming you have any.

[ Shout out to Illustrator Steve Thomas who has some amazing Star Wars Vintage Travel Posters you might be interested in checking out.  They're amazing. Thanks to Felipe for letting me know about them. ]