RJ's Diary: May 2009

ENTRY 5.29.09

Interesting morning.  As usual these days I jumped into my Crow and warped to the F9E gate in DG and as usual was the first one there.  A few more blues showed up and I scanned the intel channels.  A red Vaga jumped into sys and I warped to gate, locked him down and started scramming him.  We didn't have enough DPS on gate and he popped my Crow.  I went back to station and bought another Crow down in Meetpoint, the only one around, capsuled down there and re-fitted and returned to DG.  By this time a small gate camp gang was forming and I joined up, we warped to gate and started camping.  A few reds in sys, including Taanu the Vaga that popped me earlier.  I wanted revenge, but woudln't get the chance.  A Dominix approached the gate and once again I locked him down, scrammed and started shooting.  Once again we didn't have the DPS to take him down quickly and once again I was popped.  Luckily we did kill him and I got some satisfaction from being on the km.  But now I am totally out of Crows and the nearest ones are 11 jumps away.

I bought 3 new Crows up in Pig Sty and took the Badger up to pick them up.  Made the run up and back without problems and got one re-fitted quickly. Good thing as the reds were still around. A cloaked Nemesis tried to gank me outside the station but he had no chance with me in my Battle Badger!  I actually hung around outside the station for awhile to let him try, just to see how well the thing was tanked.  Once the shields went down I docked and gave him some lip in local.  I don't normally EVER talk in local, but sometimes - especially after the morning I had - you can't help yourself.  Joined a CVA led gang (about 31 ships) into red space, excellent fleet with a good solid FC.  We chased and we were chased back and forth from HED/SV5/F9E for awhile and I got plenty of chances to get my revenge for this morning.  Got an Onyx, a Broadsword and a Zealot.  I think I was also on 2 other kills, but they haven't been posted yet and probably won't be.  Oh well, up to 61 now on the LFA killboard.

64 I mean.  Went on a quick roam with Angor as FC, we popped a Helios at the gate waiting for the gang to form up and I got a Manticore as well.  The rest of the kills were old ones that finally showed up, not all of them but it helps.  We almost got DD'd by a AAA Titan that cyno'd in on us in SV5, but we were at the gate and jumped just in time.  We lost one ship to bombers and one to friendly fire, which I think might be the first time I've seen that happen.  Noobs.

(Funny how things change.  I don't fly Crows at all anymore, I don't even have one in my hanger. I miss those days frankly, I don't believe I will ever see them return to New Eden. For a short period of time in my Eve career I had the perfect situation for fighting and I was way to young to take advantage of it properly. Which never stopped me from trying as you can see above. Oh well, I'll keep looking. )