War Fatigue

"Long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror."  Such is the long, drawn out process of Zero Space Sov Warfare best described.  For the average Joe, the pilots that form the foundation of any Alliance, sov warfare is mostly boring.  And sometimes, it isn't.

For the last month we've been busy taking over a region of zero space called Impass.  I haven't talked much about it here on the blog because... well because it's a War!  And I don't want to be the one to say something I shouldn't, y'know, "Loose Lips Sink Ships" and all.  I'm sure I'll have plenty to say once it is over.  If any war can really be said to have an end.  Think about it, hasn't the war for zero space been on-going since the beginning?

So what is Sov Warfare like for the average pilot?  Most of the fighting and the movement of troops is done on a level far above the average pilot, so it isn't often apparent what the heck is going on around you.  Depending on the level of communication, the amount of time you might be in-game and who is on when you are on, what TZ most of the fighting happens within, the general activity level of those around you... it can be a confusing mess for the regular pilot.  And this confusion can go on for a long time.  Into that atmosphere, almost on a daily basis, interject the CTA (Call To Action).  CTAs are Alliance wide operations, fleet actions, and are called upon all active players to participate.  If you are in-game you are expected to be in the CTA.  (This sounds harsh, but honestly it is the only way to ensure participation.  Believe me, if it was voluntary we'd be lucky to have any one show up.  So we crank the tax rate up to 100% during CTAs.)  If you can't be on the CTA, which happens of course, it is best to log.  Even I have to do that sometimes.

This post isn't about CTAs, large fleet battles are what they are.  And while I am no fan of them, I still fight in them.  For one thing it is my duty as a member of the Alliance, it is also my duty as a Director in Dissonance, and mostly it is because I live in and enjoy the space won by those large fleet battles.  I am a soldier and fighting is what I do.  I can wish all I want that I didn't have to fly in one ever again, but when one is called I'll be there if I can.

The thing about CTAs however, especially ones that last over a period of time, is what they do to the rest of the game.  I know, for example, that since we had a monster huge freakin' battle yesterday, that today is going to suck.  More then likely everyone will be off ratting, plexing, or otherwise trying to make some isk, and no one will be flying around looking to fight.  There probably won't be any small gangs, or roaming fleets up and the chances of Rixx finding a "good fight" are next to zero.

War Fatigue is a big part of it.  It takes ISK to fund the effort of course and that takes time.  Plus every system we own has that friendly red cyno alt in it right now, just waiting for someone to hot-drop a shit storm on.  Which is also a difficult thing to live under every day.  Which is the point of it of course.

This war looks like it is going to drag on a bit longer than many people originally thought.  Not me.  This is the fourth or fifth large scale war I've been a part of and the pattern is very familiar to me.  This'll go on for awhile.  I have to say this though, I'm very impressed so far with how well it has been handled.  Despite the victories and the defeats, the Alliance is hanging tough.  And of course, Dissonance is leading the way.  Mostly without me at the moment sadly.  My Eve time has been limited lately and it doesn't look to be improving any time soon.

War Fatigue.  You pull your boots up and keep moving forward.  The enemy is that way.