In 11d 14h 46m 30s I'll have reached a crossroads in my on-going skill train - Amarr Cruiser V will be completed.  It represents the almost completion of a goal I set out to complete over a year ago, the cross-training of all four races up to Battleship.  I say "almost" simply because much remains to be done.  Much always remains to be done in this crazy universe.

Just to lay the groundwork, cause there will be a test at the end, Amarr Cruiser V will be the third Cruiser V skill completed - Minmatar and Caldari being the other two.  I see no real reason to ever complete Gallente Cruiser V (I have it at IV).  As far as the Battleship goal stands I'm good with Caldari and Gallente (both BS at IV), the Megathron serving nicely as my Battleship solution for the foreseeable future at least.

Amarr Cruiser V will open the Zealot and Curse for inclusion into my arsenal, both good solid ships that I'm looking forward to flying.  I skipped Amarr Frigate V for the time being because I already have the other three races Frig V and enough small ships to fly at the moment.  I will train it eventually, because I would like to have access to the Crusader, but I don't have a burning itch for it.

My initial plan is to top off a whole slew of "core" skills in the coming months - Long Range Targeting V, Propulsion Jamming V, Tactical Shield Manipulation V, some of those.  Plus it is probably a good idea to also top off a few of the gunnery and support skills, like Trajectory Analysis and the others that remain.  I also noticed a few days ago that I forgot to top off a missile skill that should've been taken care of a long time ago, Warhead Upgrades V.  Not sure how I missed that one, probably when I started down the road towards guns.

The thing is that outline is brief to write about but it probably amounts to four to five months of real time training.  Which is difficult for me to consider since it also means not one new shiny in my hanger, and I am a sucker for new ships to fly.  Balancing that however is my streak of perfectionist rage, so I know I should get on those level fives as soon as possible.

I'm writing this mostly because I'd be interested to hear what you guys think about the overall goal of cross-training up to BS in all four races, but taking a half a year off to top off some level fives?  It wouldn't take much longer than another month to fully T2 train the Amarr BS line and supporting gun skills, should I do that first or wait until the tops are topped?

I've been focused like a laser beam for so long on this train, which effectively ends at Amarr Cruiser V, that I'm second guessing myself on where to go next.

Any thoughts?

Woo only 11d 14h 28m 27s left!