Sneak Peek At The Next Expansion!!

Eveoganda Spies have returned from their secret trip to Iceland with news of a staggering new Spring 2011 Expansion called "Coffee Break". While several of these spies did not make it back alive, ( my friends told me not to hire spies thru the Bothan Spying Agency, but I didn't listen)- we have learned some startling facts about what CCP has planned for us this coming Spring. Seriously, if you are faint of heart or a wuss, don't read any further. Spoiler Warning in other words.

Here is the official PR release:

CCP Announces Spring 2011 Expansion - EVE Online®: Coffee Break

Reykjavik, Iceland – April 22, 2011 – CCP, one of the world’s leading independent game developers, has announced a new expansion for all subscribers and trial users of EVE Online that will be released in May, 2011. EVE Online®: Coffee Break will feature the nerve-wrecking contract negotiations between all four Empires' and CONCORD. PIlots may often scoff at the importance of NPC elements within the Eve Universe, but they won't when a mere week into negotiations CONCORD walks off the job!  That's right, in what becomes known as COFFEE BREAK the Empires' law enforcement arm is effectively removed for one FULL WEEK of chaos!

Watch as every system becomes Null Space!  Experience the sheer terror of Jita!  Gate guns grow silent, gate patrols disappear, no one is around to issue criminal complaints and every treaty suddenly becomes null and void!  NO MORE SOV!

CONCORD spokesperson Neil Buttplug had this to say, "We at CONCORD are tired of being taken for granted and we think it isn't unreasonable to take a few days off to spend with the kids and family.  We work 24/7 y'know!  If the Empires' won't take us seriously then we'll see what they say after a week without us!"

Also CCP is pleased to announce a new ship will be available in COFFEE BREAK, the BUNKER will be a large asteroid looking ship that players can hide their valuables inside of during the week of chaos, cause who is to say how cargo and hangers will be held secure without CONCORD around?

In the spirit of COFFEE BREAK all CCP offices will be closed that week and no one will be answering the phone, or following up on petitions, or anything else.  Lag might be an issue.  We will have extremly

[ EDITOR: Bill, this is CCP HammerTime, do you really think this expansion release is such a good idea?  We didn't say anything about some of the subtle, minor UI fixes we have planned?!  Wtf? ]

[ EDITOR'S BOSS: HT this is Bill.  You guys kept whining about not getting any vacation time, so this is what happens! Now get back to work! ]