On Pause

Lucifer's Hammer is putting recruitment on hold for the time being.  At 29 members, 16 real pilots, we are already over halfway to our membership goals. The Corporation spent much of last week moving our members across the entire Universe to a new region for a few weeks, we're on an excursion, so we are far from our eventual home.  This combination of events brought me to realize we should chill on adding new members until we get back.

Mostly because it wouldn't be fair to those that join and far too difficult on logistics to move one or two people deep into zero space.  Also this will allow us time to actually get to know each other and fly together for a few weeks, something that is very important for a new corp.  

I have to say this, I am extremely proud of our members and how well they've responded during this time.  It has been extremely stressful to not only form a new Corporation, move into Syndicate and then turn right around, add new members, then move across the entire Universe.  Not only that but we've also managed to work well together and take some gangs out and kill people.  In fact, even though we've been in logistical hell we are still contributing to the Alliance killboard.

This is a very impressive combination of things going on here.  And it speaks very well to the future of Lucifer's Hammer.  Recruiting will be closed for about 3-4 weeks and then will re-open.  Feel free to join LUCRH HAMMER TIME and hang out with us until then.

We have a "gallery" section on our Forum which I've been working on getting some LUCRH materials up on for everyone.  I'll be posting these every so often here on the blog, but here is one I did yesterday just for fun.  I honestly didn't notice how much our Corp ticker looks like Lurch until I actually started writing it a bunch.


BB25: Sov 'n Go!

Welcome to the twenty-fifth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux@gmail.com. Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month's topic comes to us from @Tetraetc - "Tetra's EVE Blog" - who asks: "Have Alliances and the sovereignty system limited the amount of PVP and RP potential in Null sec? Imagine a Null Sec where anyone could build outposts wherever. Would the reduction of the alliance game mechanic, and the removal of the sovereignty game mechanics (or the modifcation of it from Alliance level to Corp level for that matter) force more PVP into Null sec, or would giant power blocs like the NC still form themselves?"

It is extremely humorous that this Blog Banter topic is THIS Blog Banter topic.  I really enjoy universal irony and the fact that I am little more than the plaything of the Gods.  But I have my sense of humor and it serves me well, without it I fear I may lose my grip on sanity.

Having said that I will, as always, strive to answer the posed question as best I can.  Hmmm, let me think... PFFFFT!!!

All we need is to make taking, holding and running Sov more difficult, confusing and ridiculous.  But let's start with the topic discussion points and address them one by one shall we?  Has the sov system limited the amount of PvP in Null?  I guess it depends on your definition of PvP.  Here is my definition of PvP: "Player versus Player".  When it comes to Sov the fight never comes down to Player versus Player and always comes down to Alliance versus Alliance, so what we are really talking about is AvA combat.  And AvA combat boils down to numbers and foundational manipulation of lag (FMoL), a complex structure of Nathan Forrest's "Git thar firstest with the mostest men" strategy of war.

The Sov mechanic is better now than it used to be.  The Sov mechanic is not responsible for inflicting any harm on PvP one way or the other.  It is often blamed for it, but it isn't the problem.  The problem isn't game mechanics or rules or sov or alliances or corporations at all.  Do you want to know what the real problem really is?  (You say you do, but you really, really don't.)

The real problem is people.  People cluster, build forts, erect walls and hide behind game mechanics because that is what people do.  Since the first monkey jumped down out of a tree and ran behind a big boulder so the lion couldn't see him and figured out if he hid in the hole under that boulder... chicks would hide with him... its been this way.  People horde and hide.  That is their nature.  They spend countless hours building up virtual assets and running bots in deep belts to amass hoardes of virtual blinkies that they don't want to lose.  So they erect walls and build forts to protect themselves and their precious things. PvP is hurt by this mentality.  Not by sov, but by human nature.  The only "PvP" these people will allow themselves is HUGE Napoleonic AvA combat, protected by their Titans and their SuperCarriers and their armadas of hundreds and thousands.

This human nature is anti-game.  And it forms the core conflict of Eve, when you boil the rest away, you are left with two camps: The Hoarders vs. The Players.  Right now the Hoarders have the advantage in numbers, they dominate the Northern Elbow, hiding behind their walls and their forts.  They don't realize the ultimate irony in their stance because they refuse to see it, in the end... there is nothing to protect.

It's a game.  And no matter what is done to the Sov Mechanic (And plenty can be done) it won't change human nature. 

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1v1: #28

This is really #29 but I am going to pretend the horrid attempt at a color version never happened, so this is really really the #28 in the series.  I hope these will return finally to a more regular feature once again, I needed the break for a variety of reasons - mostly having to do with running out of ideas for a moment there.  Fortunately Eve continues on and is a wealth of humor, so that shouldn't be a problem since historically the 1v1's have not had much in the way of actual humor.  In fact, I went back thru them the other day and there are a couple that I don't even get now. :)

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Looking Back

This is the oldest in-game screen shot that I have.  It was taken on October 13th, 2008 - less than a month since I started playing Eve.  That's me in the middle there in my not-so trusty Cormorant.  And yes it does have two mining lasers on it!  This was in Bagodan which is either near Piekura or Choonka I suppose, me being too lazy to look right now.  This was a Corp mining/ratting operation, one of the first times we had gathered in force together.  I can still remember how impressed I was by the sound of an Armegeddon's lazers.  In fact, I must have impressed someone with my impressionable tendencies because I remember one of the BS pilots giving me 150m iskies!

I was doing my best to contribute to the Corporation and not be a Noob, but what can you do at that age?  Everything was new and wonderful and full of potential back then.  Things haven't really changed much since then and yet they've completely changed in so many ways.  But the one thing I get from remembering those early days, remains with me no matter how much things have changed, Eve is an amazing, beautiful, complex and diverse universe in which to play.

And that hasn't changed.

Although I doubt you will ever, ever see me in a Cormorant mining ever again.  I would hate to imagine the circumstances that would have to occur for that to happen. lol.

Gooder Eve: Gate Jammer

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ways in which Eve can be made Gooder.  Some are serious, some are not, but all are intended to create debate, dialogue, and discussion.  So enjoy! ]

You just need a couple of minutes. Your gang is forming up in system, but the enemy fleet is already reported in the next system over. If they arrive too soon you won't be able to mount an attack.  What can you do?  Right now your options are limited, but what about that new ship?  Y'know the one you bought and fitted yesterday?  The Gate Jammer?  It's bigger than a Battleship but smaller than a Carrier and comes with zero cargo space but a large fuel bay... why you ask?  It needs lots of fuel to power the Gate Jammer module it carries in its sole high slot.  And what exactly does a Gate Jammer do?  Why, it jams gates of course.

You warp to the Gate at your optimal, which is about 10k depending on your skills and lock the gate.  Once the gate is locked you activate the Gate Jammer mod, which works a lot like an ECM mod, depending on your skill level you finally get the Gate jammed and the timer starts running.  You only have a couple of minutes and the damn thing is burning thru your fuel, but for now NO ONE CAN USE THE GATE.

Gates are mechanical devices of some sort or other, so why shouldn't we be able to jam them up temporarily?  Right now the only thing that hinders gate fire is lag and server issues, why not allow the activation of a gate to be momentarily hindered by the player?

Moving expensive cargo?  Putting up that new POS tower?  Lock down the system for a moment or two.  Obviously such a ship would need serious drawbacks to balance game mechanics, but that should be easy enough to control.  We could limit the fuel bay to only hold enough for one cycle, we could limit the cycle time (much like a bomb launcher) so it can only be used every so often, we could limit the activation range so enemy forces could have a shot at pointing the ship once they burst through the gate... which means our Gate Jammer is probably heavily tanked but comes without offensive weaponry.  Maybe it has higher than normal ECM strength or something, similar to an Impel level of resistance?

This wouldn't work in hi-sec though, but maybe it would work in Low-Sec?  Maybe the gate guns would still fire, hence the tank on the ship. So the higher the system security the harder it would be to jam a gate?

I mentioned this yesterday over on Mule's blog in the comments and I thought it was worthy of its own post.

What are your thoughts?  Does a Module or a Ship make sense that could lock down a gate for a few minutes?

Dinner Time at the Javix House

Rixx: "That was delicious. I have no idea how you manage out here in Low-Sec."
Anastasia: "Well thank you, it has been difficult with all the moving and politics and everything."
Rixx: "I spent all day with new Alliance details, our new Alliance seems very friendly by the way."
Anastasia: "I'm glad to hear it.  They didn't say anything about us having to be down there... anytime soon did they?"
Rixx: "Well I know they are very anxious, if I have to hear the word integration again... wait a second, why do you ask?"
Anastasia: "No reason..."
Rixx: "Ana!  I know you better than that, c'mon spit it out."
Anastasia: "It's silly really..."
Rixx: "And?"
Anastasia: "Well, you know I've been doing nothing but studying and training for that Archon. It really is a big ship!"
Rixx: "(Laughs) It is indeed, bigger than anything in my hanger.  And you did a masterful job getting the Corp out of A-S by the way."
Anastasia: "Thank you, it really was more Cyber and Jushinn, but I did pull several important jumps.  Well... oh really this is just silly."
Rixx: "You didn't lose my ships did you? You have everything I own."
Anastasia: "No dear, losing ships is your job.  No, well... we were all set to jump the multiple jumps down to the destination system."
Rixx: "Well that's good."
Anastasia: "Yes, Angor was a dear and helped set up the jump map and everything.  Well he finally got into the next system and lit the Cyno.  I undocked the Archon and when I hit the jump button... well, the computer told me it was too far!"
Rixx: "How far was it? Did Angor screw up the jump calibrations?"
Anastasia: "Of course that was my first thought.  But no, they ran thru the computer perfectly.  But apparently my Archon can only jump 6.3 lightyears and not the necessary 12.3 or so."
Rixx: "Odd. Is there something wrong with the ship?"
Anastasia: "Well now, that's the silly part.  Everyone is being very helpful on Comms, 'Are you sure you have Jump Drive at Level V Ana?' Well sure I'm sure, I trained the damn skill."
Rixx: "I remember, no sex for a week!"
Anastasia: "I'm not the one that runs off to far corners of the universe for weeks at a time!"
Rixx: "Fair enough.  So what was the problem then?"
Anastasia: "It seems... well, it turns out that there are several skill certifications involved in jumping a Carrier... um, several of which I may have overlooked slightly..."
Rixx: "Oh god."
Anastasia: "Need I remind you of Mining Foreman IV dear?"
Rixx: "Point taken, do go on."
Anastasia: "While I have Jump Drive Operation trained to level V, there is another pesky little skill called Jump Drive Calibration that extends the reach of the Carrier's jump... oh and another one called Conversation that helps with the fuel thingie."
Rixx: "Um, conservation I think you mean dear."
Anastasia: "Of course.  Well I hadn't trained for those."
Rixx: "..."
Anastasia: "Don't give me that look.  I bought the books and need to study tonight!"
Rixx: "So... no ships of mine got moved today?"
Anastasia: "Uh no."
Rixx: "And sex?"
Anastasia: "Have you seen the size of that manual?"
Rixx: "I see it."
Anastasia: "I told you it was silly."

Leaky Capsule

For those that might be looking for an alternative to iClone or the now defunct(ish) Capsuleer, you might want to try Leaky Capsule.  I just downloaded it myself and haven't gotten myself registered yet, but it does also include a news reader with the Eve Blog Pack included already.

Give it a try.  Anders says he will continue updating it if the response is there.

Last Word

The title being more hope than reality.

I write the truth every day in this blog.  The truth being defined as the truth I see at the moment I write it.  Which is the only truth I know within the game of Eve.

There are two people writing this blog and that cannot be avoided.  The real me typing on my keyboard right now and the virtual "me" named Rixx Javix in-game.  These are often the same person and often they are not.

Every day when I sit down to write I have to ask myself some questions, questions I take very seriously.  What can I say about what is going on in-game and what should I wait to say?  This is often as easy as being careful not to mention operations against enemies, fleet movements and other intelligence - but it can also pertain to internal political discussions and decisions.  This cannot be avoided and I strive to never reveal anything on these pages that would compromise my fellow pilots.

When I am involved with something within and outside the confines of the game I give that something 110% of my effort.  I always have and I always will.  That's just me and the way I am built.

I put a huge amount of effort into seeing Black-Mark succeed, both in and out of game.  I beat the drums on this blog, on the forums and in literally hundreds of emails.  I poured millions of iskies, hundreds of man hours and all my attention to ensuring the success of the Alliance.  No one can argue that point.  (Just flip over the current issue of EON for only one example.)

I started up Lucifer's Hammer again for one purpose, to bring new blood into the Alliance and build a strong PvP focused Corporation.

While the question of ultimate sov holding or not holding has been bantered about, that was always a long-term goal of the Alliance when we came to Syndicate.  A goal which I agreed with at the time.  More importantly however was the growing realization that our alignment and goal came at a price, increasing ties with the Northern Coalition.

I STILL agree that holding sov is the best long term goal of the Black-Mark Alliance.

I do not want to be a part of the Northern Coalition or aligned with them in any way.  To me they are the new CVA, a collection of carebear oriented Alliances that represent the worst of the "business" focused playing style in Eve.  I am not interested in playing a business in Eve, I am only interested in "playing" Eve.

I totally respect anyone else's opinion on that issue.  I have many, many friends in the NC and I appreciate their reasons for being there.  That doesn't change my feelings one way or the other.

Totally unexpected to me, Lucifer's Hammer started to grow and attract pilots.  Good pilots.  We quickly became a force to be reckoned with.  Sadly this effort only helped to further illustrate the differences between the Alliance goals and the Corporation's goals.

It became obvious that those two entities would not be sustainable for the long term.

I had a decision to make and I only had two choices.  Break up Lucifer's Hammer and return to my former role within the Alliance, or keep Lucifer's Hammer and leave the Alliance.  Either way would have worked, but only one way made any sense.

As if to prove my decision, which was made last Friday by the way, an incident happened to further illustrate those differences.  This was not my intention.  My hope was to speak openly and honestly with the Alliance leadership about our decision and move on as amicably as possible.  As if often the case however, outside forces made that extremely difficult.  The week before my pilots asked to participate in a GankNight fleet organized on the forums.  They did and had a great time.  This past Saturday the asked again and once again I thought it was a great idea.  While it was clear to all involved that we do not condone the shooting of "blues" several blue NC pilots managed to get exploded by the 120+ man, mixed neutral fleet of which TWO pilots happened to be LUCRH pilots.

I didn't play Eve on Saturday and when I logged on Sunday morning I was greeted by several emails and angry notices.  One email in particular, that had gone out to the ENTIRE Alliance, called my Corporation and my pilots out by name.  The blue Corporation involved had re-set us and there was fear that more might follow.  I made it clear that we do not condone blue on blue violence but that in the midst of a 120+ man fleet, accidents do happen.  I also made it clear that if the pilots who were exploded wanted compensation for their loss, that LUCRH would pay for restitution.  The blue Corporation re-set us back to blue.

It is different when you are responsible for your own Corporation.

Like a band-aid I made the decision to make it quick and we immediately started pulling our assets out.

Even yesterday when several more of our pilots needed moved out of system, I agreed to a temporary cease-fire so that everyone could get moved safely.

This post went on longer than I intended.  But I thought it important to get the train of thought down.  I will add that despite clear opportunities to do so, I did not use my roles within the Alliance to our advantage at anytime.  I have an alt in the Holding Corporation and full roles within the Alliance, but I did not use them.  Nor would I. 

Sansha Incursion

Check out this article on Eve Tribune featuring artwork by your friendly neighborhood Eve blogger person.  Thanks to Merchantus for asking.  Excellent words too!

The Story So Far... Cliff Notes Version

Once upon a time a pilot entered space in Todaki determined to be a miner of rocks and stay as far away from Corporations and politics as possible.  Till on his very first day in deep space someone blew up his ship. This made him very angry and his buddy Angor told him about Corporations and how they was good.

With only a few days of training he joined his first Corporation and flew his itty bitty ship down into deadly zero space.  He was a scared of course.  Wouldn't you be?  But it wasn't long before he learned stuff and with the help of his mates started to get better and get into bigger ships.  These bigger ships still sucked, cause they was Caldari, but things slowly got better.

HIs CEO at the time was a loudmouth and was always getting into trouble with some guy named Seer.  Our pilot wanted to learn more stuffs about shooting things, so Angor and him joined Dusty Death.  These Dusty people knew how to blow stuff up real good and learned our duo some important lessons.  Our duo still sucked ass though and they died A LOT.  Luckily they was in Providence and could often hide in something they call "blobs".  This didn't sit well with our two idiots.  So they left Dusty and went to Low-Sec to start their own Mercenary Corp.

This was dumb idea number one.

They went back to Dusty just as someone started stealing stuff from the Corp and it started breaking up.  One of the Dusty members told them to start their own Corp and everyone would come over and join it.  They didn't.

This was dumb idea number two.

They'd had enough of Providence and decided to join the bestest PvP Corp they could find.  Based solely on BC standings.  One day in that Corp was enough to tell them they didn't belong, they knew moar than those people.  And anyway, station campin' ain't pvp.

That was dumb idea number three.

Rixx went back to Providence and joined a "nice" corp full of nice people.  They wanted to leave Providence and go somewhere even more quiet.  This confused Rixx so he left and joined DION.  They had a cool pilot that often FC'd fleets and he talked funny, so he must be good.  It wasn't long though and DION decided to also leave Providence.  Sheesh.  This time though Rixx determined to stick it out and off they went to really, really far away land where Alliances suck ass and there is nothing to do.

Meanwhile, Rixx heard that Providence was in trouble.  So he joined SMEGI and went back to help kill reds.  This was good times until the -A- juggernaut came and crushed everyone in D-G.  That was no fun.  Evacuation is no fun neither and people went all wonky for a time.  A few pilots decided to run off to low sec and try to have some fun.  So Rixx went along.  They did have fun but no one had any idea what they was doin'.  

So Rixx and Angor joined up with some Cowbell people.  They had some good times but no one was on when they was on and bad guys were really far away.  And they was tired.  So they left for low sec and made some iskies for a few months.  Then the radio reported that Providence was in trouble again!!  So they decided to return and help Paxton kill reds.  This was ok for about two weeks and then some idiot blew up some stuff in AY and the reds decided to turn Paxton off.  Those crazy CVA guys again.

Their Corp was awesome, but they moved to a weird place deep in blue territory.  Which was no fun.  Then their old friends in DION told 'em about a kewl Alliance called Primary.  So they went there.  Primary exploded right after they got there.  Not again!

So they flew off to The Spire?!?  Yep and that was really lame-o.  Then (ready?) someone told 'em that Providence...  yeah I know, they never learn do they?

That was fun for about two weeks and then wars started and blammo they had kilt off another Alliance.

So, what to do now?  I know we can start our own Alliance... 


Over the last two months I've grown to really enjoy Syndicate.  It isn't the region as much as it is the lack of politics and sov warfare lagfests, the Wild Wild West nature of it all.  I didn't think it would impact me as much as it has.  But it did.  After fighting so many useless wars over territory that you can't hold onto and being a part of so many failed Alliances, the freedom of Syndicate appealed to me.

This was a big change from just two months ago.  Two months ago when we first moved to Syndicate and started the new Alliance hopes ran extremely high.  It was understood from the beginning that we would eventually grow to the point where we would take Sov again, as usual.  I agreed to that direction, it made sense.  I had some reservations about certain things, starting an Alliance with effectively one Corporation seemed difficult at the very least.  But I was willing to try.  Since then no one has been plugging the effort and beating the drum as much as I have.  

In that two months I talked to several dozen potential Corporations, some with personal connections, some known thru fellow bloggers, etc.  Each one said the same thing, no.  Not while you guys are blue to the Northern Coalition.  Either that or they decided to actually join the NC.  This was true of individuals as well.  Having lived in the South most of my Eve life, especially lately, I didn't really understand the level of hatred and/or admiration for the North.  Or the "elbow" as I've started calling it.

All of these factors led me to start Lucifer's Hammer and collect some great new talent for the Alliance.  A PvP focused Corporation that was new, that only had limited membership, that only took experienced pilots, seemed like the right thing to build.  If you are a regular reader you already know all of this anyway, but I thought I'd recap.

Fast forward a month.  Things are working out the way I expected and things have changed in ways I did not expect.  Lucifer's Hammer is leading the Alliance on the killboard, shooting up the BC rankings and growing stronger every day.  That was expected.  The people I am hiring however, strong willed, experienced killers, with no pre-established loyalties one way or the other, are revealing unexpected things.  At the same time the lack of new Corps and new players starts to slow the momentum...  a recipe for change if I ever saw one.

Despite little things here and there it all came down to fundamentals.  BLM wants to grow into a Sov holding Alliance under the umbrella of at least part of the NC Elbow.  Lucifer's Hammer does not.  In fact, I would prefer to shoot the NC Elbow.

Today Lucifer's Hammer left the Black-Mark Alliance.  We've been invited and accepted into Rote Kapelle.

We spent the weekend moving our assets from our previous home in Syndicate to a staging system in low-sec.  Good timing on that Carrier huh?  One of the side benefits of hiring experienced players is that most of our Corp has their own Carriers and Jump Freighters, so this time moving took only a day instead of the week it used to take me.

Why Rote Kapelle?  I think the answer is obvious.  Great PvP Alliance and no desire to ever hold Sov.  Never has, never will.  My desire for Lucifer's Hammer hasn't changed.  I want to build a great group of fighters and become one of the elite PvP Corporations in the game.  Pure and simple.

Joining RK will help us do that.  And we can help them at the same time.

Oh Look, A Shiny!

Take a moment today and check out OH LOOK, A SHINY! the combined blog of Placid09 and Dohickey, a couple of NInja type people doing interesting Ninja type stuff.

Not all blog banners and whatnots have to be complicated, in fact some of the best designs are simple and elegant.  Typically I let the content and message speak to me and try to find the best possible way to deliver, accent and enhance that message. This one may look simple, but it took a heck of a lot of layouts and discarded ideas before I landed on this one.  Sometimes your mind gets in the way of your heart and you think bigger than you need to think.  It's hard to describe to anyone, but in the end it comes down to a process.

For those of you still waiting on your shiny, thank you for your patience. This past weekend kicked my ass in ways that will become apparent in the blog over the next few days I'm sure.  But your friendly neighborhood blogger is trudging right along.

Keep the courage.








Shooting Womp Rats

Captain's Quarters are coming soon, if you haven't read about it yet please take a moment to LEARN MORE.

When I was reading this an image came to mind that I'd like to share with you momentarily.  But first let us back-track a bit to remind ourselves that the biggest question regarding Incarna, at least to my mind, has always been the... well, the wtf?  Why?  What is the point, the purpose, the goal, the reason to walk around in the first place within a internet spaceship game?

So back to my mind and its insane conjures.

Suddenly it came to me.  I understand the point of these Captain's Quarter things.  I imagine Rixx lounging on his couch, fondly remembering when these moments were spent idly spinning his ship around and around, when suddenly and without warning a HUGE ASS RAT runs across the room!!  Does Rixx panic?  Of course not, because he has the new Sansha Blaster Rifle on the table next to the couch.  He grabs his gun, takes careful aim and BLAMMO!!  One dead rat.  And 500isk in his wallet.

Now we can rat in station AND outside the station!

I'm being silly on purpose to make a freakin' point.  Because here we are, years and years later, and we are starting to see real concrete details about walking around in stations and we still don't have a clue as to why.

It looks awesome.  I'm guessing that each race has it's own themed rooms?  Funny, as horribly rich as Rixx is that he couldn't afford a much, much nicer place... but still, looks nice and purty and all.  But if it really is optional, then why do it?  Oh I'm sure someone has a gosh darn good reason for all of this, I just wish they'd give us a slight hint.

As always I'm willing to give CCP the benefit of the doubt and go along for the ride they are building in front of us.  And if all it is is a cool spot to hang out in AFKLand, then that's fine with me.  But if that is all it is, then I can't help but be bummed.

What are your thoughts?  Looking forward to blasting Womp-Rats in station?

Looks like I'm not the only one asking these questions.

Soldier. Or Warrior?

There are as many ways to play Eve as there are... well, anything that has a lot of stuff.  It isn't infinite, so you can't use "Stars in the sky" or "Grains of sand on the beach", suffice it to say there are a lot of ways to play this crazy ass game.  With me so far?

For the vast majority of Rixx's career in New Eden he has served as a soldier.  A weapon that others have used to further their own goals.  This role suited him just fine, he was after all a young capsuleer learning his way around the universe.  From a player perspective, I simply found myself in certain situations and made the most of them.  My early career path wasn't as much choice as it was blind luck and simply following a path.

It worked.  Both Rixx and I learned an incredible amount about this game, from the mechanics to the politics and much, much more.  From being involved in Providence and the rise and fall of Corporations, Alliances and entire regions, we both found ourselves more often than not right smack dab in the middle of huge conflicts.  It was in so many ways, a trial by fire.  Even our side trips and deviations, our early failed attempts at starting a Merc Corporation, or joining Corporations that we shouldn't have in hindsight, showed us different flavors and taught us valuable lessons we carry with us even today.

Our history is well documented here on this blog and I won't bore you with more of the same.  We learned a lot Rixx and I about this game by constantly being in the middle of the action.  But that action was always someone else's action.  And that is, after all, the role of the soldier.

But something has changed.  I suspect it is the conflux of many things that happen to coincide at the same moment.  For one thing, being the CEO of a new Corporation tends to change your outlook rather quickly.  Even being a Director in a Corporation and leadership in a fledgling Alliance doesn't prepare you for that change.  Add to that the environmental changes that have been taking place, removing yourself from the constant struggles of Sov Holding also changes your mental outlook.  Being in Syndicate for the past two months has also contributed to this change, as has the approaching 40m skill point barrier.  Not to mention the usual mix of real life and whatnots.

The simple fact is that Rixx isn't a soldier anymore.  In fact he hasn't been one for awhile now.  He is more the warrior now, fighting for his own Corporation and his own Corp m8s.  For his own ideals, and not necessarily those of anyone else.  It isn't as much a dedication to what is being handed down from above as to what is coming from within.

Rixx and I share much in common.  And yet his experience is obviously quite removed from my own.  As much as I would like to, it is impossible for me to jump into a spacecraft and fly thru space.  Sad, I know.  The point is that the evolution of character continues, life is about growth, change and expanding horizons.  As a pilot Rixx is experiencing that growth just as much as a "real" person does.  It has been a very interesting journey and one that I am looking forward to continuing as the days, months and years in Eve continue.

Where this all takes me and my avatar pilot remains to be seen.  But it is a journey that I continue to be excited about every day.

Hammer Time

He drummed his fingers on the desk.  The clock on the wall slowly marked ever increasingly the slow march of time.  He drummed his fingers some more.  Rixx sighed, paperwork was never his strong suit.  Better to be in an actual ship flying out amongst the actual stars.  He was a soldier not an Admin paper-shuffler words and figures guy.  And while this crap needed done... his CommLink burped.

He laughed to himself.  Lex and Cyber had managed to bring a whole cargohold full of Federation Navy Comets down to system this morning and they were itching to try them out.  They wanted to know if he'd like to come along.  Next to, "Would you like a Beer" that had to be the most obvious question in the universe.  He had never flown a Comet before into combat, years ago he had bought a couple, moved them a few dozen jumps and sold them for profit, but that was the extent of his experience with the ship.  Lex contracted one over, really little more than a Taranis on steroids, and they undocked for a quick roam.

Two Comets and a Taranis (Along with cloaky Loki support) headed out into the heart of Syndicate.  At this time of day most of the surrounding systems were empty or blue, but you never knew when you'd stumble onto something.  Or something would stumble onto you.  They chased a few things around and just missed out on a few kills, before the Loki pilot reported a small red gang in the next system.  Before they could get there they ran off, they outnumbered us by 3 to 1 and still they ran away.  Rixx shook his head, some things never change.

That's when the Flycatcher jumped into them.  No one flies a Flycatcher solo thru zero space, but no other ships appeared in support, apparently they had managed to find the one guy who did.  They had all burned off the Gate in anticipation of the coming support which didn't appear.  Rixx decided to go ahead and make a safe spot above the Gate, while Lex and Cyber went back to it at zero.  That's when the Arazu jumped thru.  They engaged and Rixx warped back in support.  As the other ships started to get into trouble, Rixx overheated and caught the Arazu in his web.  This time however, the pilot did have support.  A Stabber, Cane, Drake and Rapier jumped into them and started ripping them to shreds.  First Lex then Cyber and then Rixx felt the wrath of their guns and webs.  It isn't reported on any killmail, but the Arazu refused to die easily and Rixx stayed on it, despite being killed himself, until the damn ship exploded.  By then it was too late to burn away, so he aligned and got his pod out safely.  They all did.

They all laughed on Comms, they'd had a blast and managed to get a few kills for it.  The way back was clear and Rixx knew that the paperwork waiting back in the Station wouldn't seem as dull as before.  A little spilled blood clears the day.


He'd been listening to his Corp m8s shredding the enemy gang and anticipated what was coming next.  Listening to battles on Comms is no fun, especially when you can't do anything more than listen.  Sure enough the blob came and his m8s scrambled for their getaways.  He knew once they returned to the Station they'd be done for the night and off to one of the bars to get wasted and chase some much needed tail.

But he wanted more action.  He talked Angor into undocking with him and hunting down some passing neuts.  They chased some crap around, but no one wanted a proper fight tonight.  Angor did manage to catch a Noob ship, for what that was worth.  Still, a kill is a kill.

They decided to head up to some known ratting systems and see what they might be able to catch.  Sure enough they found a Rupture in local headed to a Gate.  After a few moments of warping to opposite Gates, the Rupture landed on the Gate next to Rixx.  Angor landed and jumped thru after him, Rixx stayed put in case the pilot decided to burn and double back.  Angor called point and Rixx jumped after him in his Dramiel.  The Rupture, somehow, had already chewed Angor's Ares to pieces and warped away.  Warp Cores?!  Maybe.  Angor warped after him and the chase was on.  Again they were surprised that the Rupture made it to the Gate ahead of them.  Something odd was going on.

They gave chase and after a few jumps managed to once again catch the Rupture off the Gate.  Angor's job was to simply hold the ship long enough for Rixx to get his scram on him.  Rixx had to watch his Microwarp usage, as a blooming sig radius could be deadly against the obviously mid-range enemy ship.  Sadly, the little Ares couldn't hold out long enough and it exploded.  This time however, Rixx had scram on the Rupture and he wasn't going to get away this time.

Rixx's fingers drummed over the controls of the Dramiel in practiced grace as he managed the modules, the Rupture was trying, using its Neut to suck the Dramiel's cap dry.  But by relying on the Afterburner and pulsing the Scram, he managed to keep the much bigger ship in range of his Autocannons.  They had already killed most of the Rupture's drones in a previous engagement, so the bigger ship only had one left.  Rixx's Warriors made quick work of it and then added their damage to the fight.  Despite a pretty resilient shield tank, once it was destroyed the rest went pretty fast.  The Rupture never even managed to touch the Dramiel.

Good fight on the local open channel and off they went back to station.  Angor had shared a new Ferox fit Rixx was anxious to try.  All in all an excellent day of good fights and good times.

[ Lucifer's Hammer is currently recruiting pilots that want to fly like this every day.  If that sounds like something you'd be interested in and you have at least 20m skillpoints, talk to us on LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel and we'll see if you have what it takes to fly with us. ]

Art Wallpaper: Eve Blasphemy

Art Wallpaper: Eve Blasphemy

My fellow blogger and Alliance m8 MissX emailed me awhile back and asked me to create something new that had to do with new beginnings.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to explore some seriously intense concepts and once again dive headlong into conceptual Eve universe magical realism.  

I really enjoy pieces where I get to mix the world of Eve into the "real" world and create something new.  Like the previous Art Wallpapers I've done, or the recent Eve University ad.  This one wasn't intended as a Wallpaper, but it turned out so good I decided to make it one and let you guys enjoy it.  If you click on the picture above you can download different sizes, or you can CLICK HERE.

My next challenge, at some point when the work load lets up a bit, is to expand this approach with larger ships.  The hard part there is finding some way of keeping the perspective based on "known" objects, this is challenging as most things in Eve are incredibly huge.  Which, to answer the expected volley of comments, no the Crusader here is not shown to scale - I know that.  I took Creative License with it. (I actually have a creative license and I am not afraid to use it.)

Anyway, I have it on my desktop right now and it is beautiful. Thought you would enjoy.

Roc the Vote!

Roc The Vote: Roc Wieler CSM6 Wallpaper

Roc Wieler is running for CSM6 and he wrote me and asked if I could put together a graphic poster for the campaign.  Oh sure I said, why not?  I'm not "officially" endorsing any candidate here but certainly Roc will get my vote.  Unless he comes out in support of something really retarded and stupid or something.  More bloggers in the CSM = Good thing in my book.

He might be a shameless self-promoter, he does already have a Campaign Facebook page up and running, but who among us isn't?  I tease.  But seriously Roc is one of my daily stops on the blog reading rounds and has been since I started having blog reading rounds, so get out the vote.  And for goodness sake, lighten up.  All of you.


Pardon me for a moment folks while I beam proudly about my Corporation.  

In just a tad over 20 days Lucifer's Hammer is 102 - 29 (a 5-1 average) in kills on BattleClinic.  All while continuing to add members, recruit, move assets and all the other whatnots it takes to get a Null Space Corporation up and running.

Oh sure I realize a certain number of people reading that are like, so what?  And to you I say pfft.  20 days ago we started with two pilots and we've been adding pilots along the way, so we're not even up to full strength yet.  We are currently a 1/3 of the way to the goal, so these numbers have been generated under those conditions.

Whatever you think I am personally excited by the results and the possibilities that are opening for us as we continue to grow.  We continue to look for good pilots so if you are one or know one join LUCRH HAMMER TIME or send me an evemail or something.


Meanwhile, this is a super busy week for me this week.  I have a lot of really awesome projects to finish up for people, including ads or EON, banners, and assorted other whatnots.  Some really nice stuff.  Maybe even a custom laptop job here in the next few days.


Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions on fitting the Archon.  I have decided on a certain fit for now and went around Empire yesterday buying all the mods for it.  Ana has a few more skills to top off before she will be able to fully fit all the mods, but only a couple, I was honestly surprised at how prepared she was already.  Guess she's been training the right skills all along.


CCP tells me that not being able to activate your mods when engaged in PvP combat isn't unusual, doesn't appear on the server and certainly, couldn't, wouldn't, never, ever, no way, have anything to do with anyone running any scripts.  Cause that is, in their words, "impossible".  Cool, glad we got that straightened out.


I just realized I could go all day writing a post like this and not stop.  Tidbits just keep popping into my head.




Oh good grief.

New Archon!

I have a ship so big it barely fits on my huge ass Apple CinemaHD screen!!!  woOt!

I travelled through six regions this morning looking for the best deal on the Archon and eventually, thru a contact and friend and lucky circumstance, I found this sweetheart.  Ain't she purty?  I decided to christen her "Brutal Company" in memory of my former Corporation and because I just like the sound of the name in association with a Carrier.

So now what?  I have no clue.

Seriously, I don't know the first thing about Capital Ships and how to fit them.  This is all new territory for me.  And while Ana is certainly capable of flying this thing, she still has a way to go before it is combat or triage ready.  Right now it is going to be used mostly as a cargo ship moving supplies back and forth between Low-Sec and Syndicate.

So any suggestions on fitting this beast would be greatly appreciated.  I need to learn some things about jumping and fuel and other crap that doesn't involve shooting people.  Sigh.  I suspect I am becoming somewhat respectable and I'm not sure I like it.

Ana's Corner: The Archon

I know this blog is all about Rixx and his tireless ranting about exploding ships and all, but I finally convinced him that some people might like to hear about other things.  The universe isn't all about killing and destruction.

Oh hell, maybe it is all about destruction.  Either way, as Rixx's wife and Director of Lucifer's Hammer it is my job to keep the damn thing running smoothly while he is out playing with his shiny toys.

I didn't become a Capsuleer until after Rixx and I met, so I've been playing catch up for the last year or so.  Mostly my aim at first was to provide the monetary foundation for the war effort, building things, moving assets, trading and the like.  Since the move into Syndicate and the re-birth of the Corporation, my focus has changed somewhat.  Since then I've been studying to fly a Carrier.  Specifically the Amarrian Archon Carrier.

Well tomorrow I'll be able to fly it for the first time.  

I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by the idea of piloting a Capital Class Carrier.  The darn skill book is so thick and heavy! My eyes are strained to read all that little text and remember all those calculations, but I think I am getting the basic idea down.  Heck, once you've mastered Cynosural Field Theory the rest is just angles and numbers.

I've been selling off some assets in Jita to pay for the purchase.  I hate that place and try to stay away, but it really is the best place to deal and get deals.  Someone actually tried to scam me yesterday!  Like I'm a noob or something.  He put up a convo and offered a good price on a contract, which I accepted.  He cancelled the first trade and asked some questions, then opened it up again.  The whole time my finger is on the Cancel button.  Sure enough, this time the offer window was a little light in the zeroes department.  Cancelled and he dropped convo.  Pfft.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm buying an Archon.  Still skills left to train, so mostly I'll be using it to shuttle supplies back and forth for now.  This should prove to be a big help to the Corp and to the Alliance.  We already have many Carriers of course, but only one will be mine.  This is a big deal for me as I finally feel like I will be contributing more than just iskies.

Cheers.  And please, if you happen to be in a fight with Rixx just go ahead and die.  k?