Falcon Faux Pas

Sometimes I am too subtle for my own good. Sometimes I try too hard not to mention people by name in the blog. Sometimes my sense of humor goes right over my own head.

Last month I posted a "Getting Fit" post about the Falcon.  You can read it here if you missed it.  The point is, that Falcon fit wasn't mine, it is this person's.

Since we moved into Syndicate this pilot has been showing up in local and around the area in this Falcon.  Usually as the advance scout of a group of pilots we've been fighting back and forth.  I was curious about his fit when we put several rounds of lasers into him and he didn't pop.  That's when I discovered the dual tanked Falcon fit he likes to sport.  

So yeah, I got ripped for posting it.  But I wasn't upset because it wasn't me you were ripping.  In hindsight perhaps I shouldn't try so hard not to mention people by name... but I doubt I will change.  If you notice, I still haven't.

I don't post fits on BattleClinic anymore because the Trolls eat you alive.  I'm thinking about adopting that policy here on the blog as well.  Fits are complicated beasts, based on personal preference, availability of resources and isk, location, gang style, fighting style and many other factors.  (Not to even mention implants and skill points.)  Many people don't understand those factors and act like there is only one true way to fit a ship.

I will tell you this.  Despite hitting that Falcon with four volleys of Caldari Navy Heavies (and I am lvl V on all support skills for that), several rounds from a Harbi, Vaga and a few others as well, the Falcon lived and escaped.  Again.  So, say what you want about his fit, but look at his killboard and then tell me.

I respect my enemies.