On Pause

Lucifer's Hammer is putting recruitment on hold for the time being.  At 29 members, 16 real pilots, we are already over halfway to our membership goals. The Corporation spent much of last week moving our members across the entire Universe to a new region for a few weeks, we're on an excursion, so we are far from our eventual home.  This combination of events brought me to realize we should chill on adding new members until we get back.

Mostly because it wouldn't be fair to those that join and far too difficult on logistics to move one or two people deep into zero space.  Also this will allow us time to actually get to know each other and fly together for a few weeks, something that is very important for a new corp.  

I have to say this, I am extremely proud of our members and how well they've responded during this time.  It has been extremely stressful to not only form a new Corporation, move into Syndicate and then turn right around, add new members, then move across the entire Universe.  Not only that but we've also managed to work well together and take some gangs out and kill people.  In fact, even though we've been in logistical hell we are still contributing to the Alliance killboard.

This is a very impressive combination of things going on here.  And it speaks very well to the future of Lucifer's Hammer.  Recruiting will be closed for about 3-4 weeks and then will re-open.  Feel free to join LUCRH HAMMER TIME and hang out with us until then.

We have a "gallery" section on our Forum which I've been working on getting some LUCRH materials up on for everyone.  I'll be posting these every so often here on the blog, but here is one I did yesterday just for fun.  I honestly didn't notice how much our Corp ticker looks like Lurch until I actually started writing it a bunch.