Today I have received three emails from CCP, except they aren't really from CCP.  The casual email user might not know this however, since they "seem" to be official.  Each email was different and I'm sorry I deleted the first two.  But when I got the third I figured I better let you know about this.

This is the third email I got today...

"We are currently experiencing issues with our accounts database. While players are adversely affected by this, features such as the EVE Online Web site, forums, the API, and our billing services are currently unavailable to many users.Please use the following link to check if you are affected by losing your account:
We are in the process of switching to our backup database.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Best regards
The Eve-Online Customer Support Team"

This email came from so it looks legit.  It isn't.

For one thing, and I learned this long ago, any email from a bank, or a provider that knows you, that DOESN'T address you by name is bogus.  For another, most service providers usually have an on-line site based method of managing your account.  In the case of an email like the above, it is simple to log into your account via a secure site and check on your account.  NEVER EVER click on a link in an email like the above.

Heck, unless it is a friend sending me something, I hardly ever click direct links in emails.

Just a friendly warning.  Be careful.