Swallowed Tears

The Guilty Rifter!
Saftsuze over at The Criminal Countdown Lounge has offered your friendly neighborhood blogger some tears regarding his recent Rifter death, which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

Read his account of the fight and then come back.

This is the first time in my career that I've actually had the chance to read about a "fight" from another pilots perspective, so thanks for that m8.  

I'm not going to defend what happened, I've already admitted in the comments of the previous post that I totally whored your death.  As with most things however, it isn't always as simple as that.  We were three Rifters out that night for a quick tour up the pipe and back.  When we arrived at Old Man Star the system was packed as usual and traffic continued to come and go.  Angor was our scout and did his usual perfect job of scanning down something for us to engage.

I don't remember the details now, but we tried several times to engage multiple ships.  And then along came another Rifter on scan.  Angor tried, apparently as you did, to land near enough to engage.  Eventually he decided to simply announce his location.  While this wasn't an official 1v1, which I have always honored, it was always intended to be Angor's fight.  Two things happened then, local spiked and Angor asked us to jump in and warp to him.  From the way the fight sounded it looked as if it would be over by the time we got there and we would simply be arriving to ensure that others didn't get a chance to take advantage of our Corp m8.  I arrived first and lo and behold you were still barely alive.  So I finished you off.  

After several hours of playtime that was the only kill to show for it.  No apologies, if it happened that way again I'd do the same thing.  I've certainly been on the other end of that equation enough times myself.

But you can save your tears, that's not why I fight.  Angor is the one who would probably enjoy them.