Blog Banter 26: The Ballet of Battle

Welcome to the twenty-sixth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month's topic was proposed by @KatiaSae of the much praised "To Boldly Go" blog. Katia asks: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As an astrophotographer, I've found it in the stars and planets of New Eden. Where have you found it? Perhaps you've found beauty in the ships we fly? Maybe it's the sight of profits being added to your bottom line? Or maybe it's the pilot portraits you see in the comm channels? Where ever you've found it, write about it and post an image." Don't be afraid go beyond the simple visual aspects of EVE as well. Is the EVE Community in itself a thing of beauty? What makes EVE the game, the world, the Community, so appealing to you?


I enjoy all aspects of Eve, the community, my fellow bloggers, the people I help out with artwork and design, the people I've met and talked to at CCP, the universe, the stars, the planets, yadda yadda.  I respect and appreciate that everyone that participates in Eve has their own opinion and personal preference in how they decide to approach that participation.  God bless them all from CareBear to NC slave to Goon to Pirate to Ninja to Spy to Builder and beyond.  We need you all.  The universe needs you and I need you.

Eve is beautiful.  It is that visual beauty that first attracted me to the universe.  And it has only gotten better with age, the stars, the planets, some of the ships (like the Scorpion!) and soon even more, have only added to that beauty.  For me however, all of that above stuff is only the tapestry.  The pieces of a quilt that adds up to one simple yet incredibly beautiful moment... the split second when it all explodes.

It is a Ballet of Battle, a Symphony of Death and Destruction, a bombastic display of orchestral maneuvers that, when it rarely all comes together perfectly, is beautiful beyond description.  From 400 versus 400 fleet battles (when the server doesn't choke on it) to small gang dancing, the battles of Eve are the true expression of the primal, tribal, primate within us all.  In its purest form it is expressed in one man versus one man, one machine against another machine.  But in all its forms, it is incredibly beautiful.

And not just the act itself, but the ceremonial acts that proceed it, the dance around systems, the warping to and fro, the ejecting of probes, the penetration of gates, the almost sexual exuberance that pointing, scramming, webbing, orbiting, drones, missiles, bullets, lazors, tanking, propulsion, trajectories, active, passive, range, death, explosion and podding... whew.  I need a cigarette.

I love it.  These are the instruments of death, our ships, our skills, our training and trial, these are the instruments of incredible beauty and they are my hands, my mind and my heart.  The tapestry is abundance, wealth, diversity and style - but in Eve, true beauty lies in destruction.

Sometimes the sum of the parts...
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Blogging: The Warning Signs

Blogging is tough.  It can be a grind, a thankless and lonely plunge into personal expression that often results in premature burnout and exasperation.  Not to mention bleary eyes and a sore butt.

For my fellow bloggers (and the entertainment of my readers), I thought I would post some of the most common warning signs that a blogger may be experiencing burnout, suicidal thoughts, or overly concerning expressions of something called Real Life.  Watch for these.  If you experience or see any of these in a blog you enjoy, please reach out to the Blogger in question.  Most likely it won't help, but you never know.

These are in no particular order or importance, even the smallest thing can kill you.  Mostly they are presented in the order I made 'em up.


This might be the most obvious sign of them all.  If your favorite blogger has been resorting to linking videos in his posts for the last few weeks, I'd suggest he may actually already be beyond help.  You might not be aware that a Blogger can schedule his posts!  That's right.  For example, this post is being written on Monday night and is scheduled for release on Thursday afternoon.  Why?  Because I know I'll be way to busy then to write anything.  This helps me keep the blog fresh, but the same technology can be used to hide problems just as easily.

Videos can be fun, but they can also hide an awful truth.  More than 2 video posts in a row?  Call 911.  Your blogger may be teetering on the edge of an abyss.


We all take breaks, but days quickly turn into weeks and weeks into months.  If your blogger buddy is into the months already, then you never really cared did you?  Don't let this happen!  A few days here and there sure, but when the days start adding up they may need some encouragement.  Send a friendly or angry email (depending on your own unique personal style) and let your blogger know you care.

If you are a blogger and you haven't posted in awhile, have you thought about linking videos?


This one can be subtle, so be warned.  This is the mark of the true procrastinator within all Bloggers, the desire to do something really awesome... soon.  Remember that great new story, or wonderful sounding thing he mentioned a few weeks ago?  Never happened?  Your blogger may be infected.  Soon enough "soon" becomes "forgotten" and cast aside.  And then, well then it'll never happen.

For us bloggers, it is important to hide our promises as deeply as possible.


Oh sure, sex can be fun, but it can also lead to babies.  Which leads to families and then... well, the end of your favorite Blogger.  So watch for the sure signs of an impending romantic relationship in the words your Blogger uses.  In your comments resist the temptation to be supportive and remind him of how fulfilling Eve can be when shared with a world of virtual friends.  Maybe share some personal horror stories about STD's or Ex-Wives to encourage him to maintain focus on what is really important.

And remember Bloggers, no matter how much they say they love you - they'll never understand.  You play Eve AND you blog about it?!  I mean, c'mon, even I have a hard time believing it.


One of the surest signs your favorite Blogger may be drinking the failscade juice is the use of "list posts".  If you are not familiar with these, they are lame attempts to keep content fresh by listing common items and commenting on.... hey!  Wait a second...

Seriously though, support your Eve Blogger.  It is hard work writing all the time, trying to keep it entertaining and pertinent, and focused.  And informative.  Not to mention witty and insightful.  And helpful.  Sheesh.  

Heavy Drones V

Being born Caldari means less and less as the days continue to pass and the skills continue to add up.  I just finished the last of the remaining basic racial ship skills to V the other day, so now I can fly all the basic T2 racial ships up to Battleship.  The last remaining remnant of my Caldari birth is Heavy Drones V.

My drone skills haven't been neglected, but they are certainly lagging behind others.  It is time to finally get over this significant hump and finally be able to unleash some Ogre II's instead of hiding behind large ECM drones when I fly a BS.

It isn't right that my alt Anastasia has better drone skills than Rixx, heck she can use Fighters!  Of course she was trained directly to fly a Carrier and Rixx is more of a generalist.  But still.

Drones weren't that important to young Rixx, most Caldari ships are pathetic when it comes to using drones.  And I took care of Warrior II's a long time ago, as well as the other small and medium T2 drones - including ECM versions.  The support skills are all at IV or V, so this remains the last piece of the basic drone puzzle.  As we all know, there is no actual last piece, something always remains to be done.  But the 21d train has always served as a barrier, with something always seeming more important at the time.

The time has come to change that.

Burn Away Vision

So why burn a billion isk and start an Alliance now?  This has to be the question I've been asked the most during the last week, so I thought I'd take a moment to answer it, as well as tell you more about the vision behind the Alliance itself.

First of all, we are a low-sec based Alliance.  This is miles and miles different from being a Sov Holder, Pet, BFF or whatever else you want to call a Null Sec based Alliance.  If we had been interested in that play style, we would be doing things a lot different, believe me.  But we aren't.  So we don't have rent, or infra-structure costs, or any of the other burdens that a zero space Alliance has to deal with.  Except for the initial cost, opening a low-sec Alliance costs us nothing to maintain.  So cost is not an issue.

Secondly, while Lucifer's Hammer is growing all the time, we aren't planning on becoming a huge 100 man Corporation.  In fact, just the opposite.  So we take the basic premise behind Lucifer's Hammer, small, dedicated, professional killers, and expand that out to the Alliance.  Just as LUCRH doesn't accept every applicant that comes along, neither will Burn Away.  We aren't looking to be the biggest, only one of the best.

But why?  Right now we have many great contacts amongst like-minded corporations and alliances.  In fact, we often fly together for fun, for taking down bigger targets and for other reasons.  So we have those established contacts.  This is one major benefit we can also offer other Corporations that may be interested in joining.  We have a whole room full of batphones in other words.  However, we'd also like to accomplish more than what we currently can within that environment and the only real way to do that is by having more people within the Alliance on-line.  

It's about having back-up, numbers when needed, and more importantly than anything else - options.  The more people of like-minded relation you have around, the more options you have.  And by more, again, we are not talking big numbers here.  We're looking for 3-4 more similar sized Corporations to join us in our shenanigans.  From there?  Who knows?  Such things are organically driven once organized and imparted with a life of their own.  The road ahead is full of options and possible paths.  The point is that being a part of such an organized mayhem, ensures that you have a say in which paths those might be.

Something that being a lone wolf Corporation may not give you.

And that is not a slam against lone wolf Corps, but only a statement of fact.  I can certainly understand why some would choose to go it alone and I totally respect that decision.  But I'm not talking to those Corps, I'm talking to the ones out there that might want more options.

Out in the real world I worked for other people for almost twenty years and one day I realized that if I wanted the perfect job, I was going to have to create it.  And I did.  I went out and built the kind of place that I would like to work for, the kind of place where I'd actually look forward to coming into work every day.  In many ways, this is what Lucifer's Hammer is all about within the confines of the Eve universe.  And hopefully, the same will be true of our new Alliance as well.

But, just as with our Corporation, much will depend on the people that help us build it.  I'm only one person and it takes many people to build a successful corporation and alliance.  And those people are and will be, much more important than I ever will be.

Anyway.  Let's see where this street goes shall we?

Lucifer's Hammer is the last stop

There seems to be some confusion amongst my readers, or at least those that have commented lately, regarding the changes that have taken place recently.  I'd like to take a moment to address any confusion.

Being CEO of Lucifer's Hammer is not a flight of fancy, or a momentary diversion, it is the last stop for Rixx Javix.  While the situations in which the Corporation may find itself may change, evolve or adapt over time, the fact that I am leading the Corporation will not.  And I say "leading" with the expectation that few of you will understand how things actually work within the Corp itself.  I am the CEO certainly, primarily because someone has to be, but leadership is shared within Lucifer's Hammer.  First with my Deputy CEO Angor Mau and then amongst our newly designated Directors, Lex, Cyber and Ashkrall.  Ash also serves as the new Alliance Executor, he has had experience leading a successful Alliance and was the perfect choice to head our new one.

Those that have called me arrogant must be confused at this point.  Why didn't I name myself head of the Alliance?  Because I didn't want the job, I am perfectly content being the CEO of our Corporation.  Of course I will serve on the Alliance board, all CEOs will.

Of course someone has to make final decisions when it comes to LUCRH, and that someone is indeed me.  But real power is shared amongst ALL full members of the Corporation.  Primarily that power is expressed thru the Directors, but it is also expressed on the forums and in Corp chat.  We try to openly discuss everything.

As far as Rixx goes, I'm done.  I want to focus my energies on improving my own skills, becoming a better fighter, player and member of the coolest bunch of cats to ever grace New Eden. (My personal opinion.)  

I spent the first two years of my Eve career trying to find the perfect place.  A place that fit me, my play style and my attitude about Eve.  Finally I realized that it would be easier just to build the darn thing instead.  I'm tired of moving and wasting my energy on someone else's idea of what I should be doing.

Those that have read the blog will recognize those frustrations.  Those that haven't will just have to take my word for it.  But my history is there for anyone to discover.

Where will Lucifer's Hammer be in one year, two or three?  I don't know, but I do know one thing for certain, Rixx Javix will be the CEO.

You can take that to the bank.

Happy Easter for those of you that believe in such things.

Art Wallpaper: Brutix Born

Art Wallpaper: Brutix Born

I suspect many of you, like me, will be on break for a few days.  I couldn't leave the blog on a negative note, so I decided to give you another free Art Wallpaper to download!

This one came about as a result of the recently posted Wallpaper I did for OUCH.  This isn't the exact version, I changed it somewhat for the Art Wallpaper Series, but it is similar to one of the incarnations that led to the final design.  As I said when I posted the original, this was a challenging assignment and certainly worthy of special treatment.

It is a tad creepy.  But the image of a Brutix slipping from a cocoon is both compelling and visually engaging, especially when there are so many.  The Brutix doesn't get a lot of respect, but it is a solid enough battlecruiser and, in my opinion, one of the best designed ships in Eve.

So download and enjoy on your computer monitor.  

And whatever your plans this weekend, I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family.  And that goes for everyone.

See you next week.

Jeff is a Hater


"This is because Rixx has made a stand." 

I love the self-righteous rationalizations guys like you always trot out. You're fighting the good fight! People hate that you're marching to the beat of your own drum, playing by your own rules, and being your own man! 

You're getting trolled and hated on now because that's what your current writing deserves, dipshit. Whining about 0.0 gameplay or blobs or the lack of honor among thieves, and acting as though this same thought process hasn't been rehashed thousands of times before (on other blogs no less) is what gets you trolled. Doing so as an arrogant prick just makes trolling you that much more satisfying. 

Keep up the absolutely unique story of a fresh EVE pirate discovering that lowsec breathes new life into the game! I give it a 3 in 4 chance that you'll be writing a farewell/extended break post before summer's out. And you'll do so while blaming EVE or some RL shit that's suddenly of the utmost importance.

This comment comes to us from "Jeff", who was kind enough to post it to yesterday's post about Trolls, Haters and Nuts.  Thanks Jeff.  It has been awhile since someone was dumb enough to really piss me off in the comments, but eventually dumb comes once more to the surface.  It is, after all, lighter than air.  So let's take an honest look at Jeff's critical evaluation and see if it has any merit shall we?  I mean, even a blind squirrel stumbles on a nut from time to time.

"Self-righteous"?  This seems to be the theme of Jeff's opening paragraph.  And here he manages to hit the nail on the head, but probably not for the reason he thinks.  Which becomes apparent later on.  For Jeff's information everything I say on this blog is self-righteous, it is after all my blog.  It is also self-serving.  I don't write this blog for anyone other than me.  It is pretty awesome that ten thousand people or so like to read it and seem to enjoy it, that is very cool.  I notice that Jeff's comment doesn't have a link, so I can only assume he doesn't have his own blog.

"Dipshit", or questioning quality.  Quickly Jeff moves on to tearing down the quality of my writing, equating it to something dipped in excrement.  I wonder how long Jeff has been reading this tripe?  I can only assume a significant amount of time.  It would take a while to develop such an opinion, so one is left to ponder since Jeff wasn't nice enough to tell us.  Again, this is kind of a good point and totally up to Jeff.  If he doesn't enjoy the quality of writing on Eveoganda, he could go back to reading cereal boxes or game manuals.

"Rehashed" content.  Others have apparently told my story before.  This is news to me and I would appreciate some links please.  If anyone is aware of such stories please let me know.  I promise, if this is the case then I am done.  I read a lot of Eve blogs and enjoy a wide variety of them, including many pirate themed ones.  But I'm not aware of this 'other' Rixx out there.

"Arrogant Prick".  I have to admit, Jeff's arguments are well considered and thoughtful.  It was this clarity of vision and passion that I was initially drawn to.  I suppose this is personal perspective and Jeff is certainly entitled to his own opinion.  Far be it for me to tell anyone what to think.  If you believe I am an arrogant prick then I guess there isn't much I can do about it.  I don't happen to agree by the way, but that's me.  What else am I going to say?

"Fresh Story".  Here Jeff throws some encouragement at me, like he suddenly realized just how harsh he'd been and was beginning to second guess himself.  It's tough taking a stand Jeff, that guilt syndrome thing is a cross to bear.  Thanks for the encouragement, even though I don't believe you really meant it, I'll take it as written.

"Bad Odds".  This part is kind of scary and creepy.  Apparently Jeff knows something about my future that I don't.  He is predicting catastrophic portents of some horrible thing in my future, something so horrible that it will cause me to stop blogging!?!  Yikes.  I don't place a lot of weight (bad pun) on this prediction given Jeff's obvious failures in the rest of his comment, but again... remember the blind squirrel.

Thanks for commenting Jeff.  I've got some bad news though dood, I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.  Although, if I die in a car accident or something terrible happens, I think even you would understand I might have to take a short break.  Gosh, let's hope that doesn't happen though.  This IS only a game after all.  Isn't it?

Trolls, Haters & Nuts

My longer term readers may have noticed a significant change in the tone of comments on Eveoganda over the last three months.  It would be difficult not to notice.  While I've always had my share of Trolls, Haters and assorted Nuts, the level of them has risen steeply of late. To a significant extent I am even encouraging it.  This might be the part that is the biggest change.

I can assure you that the person writing this blog hasn't changed.  I'm still your friendly neighborhood blogger.  On the other hand, things have indeed changed rather drastically in those last three months.  As always, this blog reflects the on-going changes in Rixx's career path within Eve.

And it always will.  I hope that is one thing that makes the blog an interesting and entertaining read.  I've said from the very first day that Eveoganda is primarily an entertainment - a journal, a portfolio and a place to vent certainly - but mostly I try to be entertaining for anyone that honors me with reading.  Otherwise, why bother?

As I move further along this path, the hate will only continue.  This is because Rixx has made a stand.  He is no longer simply a cog in someone else's machine, he has taken an active and proactive stance within the Eve universe.  As such, he will continue to be the object of divided opinions.  This is after all, what it means to be a Pirate.  Especially in a universe dominated by the carebear mentality, which is the current state of affairs in our universe.

Eveoganda IS propaganda.  It is even in its title.

So I welcome the Trolls, the Haters and the assorted Nuts.  Do your best.  This has been and always will be and open and honest blog written by someone that truly loves Eve.  Right now he just happens to also be a scum-sucking Pirate.


Burn Away [Y-T8]

The name of our new Alliance is Burn Away [Y-T8].

This after a week of open voting, suggestions, debate and back and forth within the Corporation.  All good natured of course.  We came close to agreeing on a few other names along the way.  I'm not going to reveal the other options, since we may end up using them for something else.  But there were many, many excellent suggestions and many more lame, silly, or downright questionable ones.  In the end, a decision needed to be made.

In the final analysis a new Alliance means nothing.  It is the Corporations and pilots that give it meaning.  People that expect a name to give them meaning are working ass backwards.  As a Brand Builder in RL I deal with this all the time, clients that somehow expect their company name or logo to encapsulate everything about their company.  It works the other way around, your company (your people, your service, your products, everything about you) gives meaning to the words and symbols.

And so it will be with us.  Right now it means very little, we shall see what it shall become.


We're looking for like-minded Pirate/Zero Space Raider/Fighter Corporations that would fit in with our devil may care, wanton, serious business be damned, excellence in combat mentality.  We won't have a lot of rules and regs and bullshit politics, and we won't stand for it either.  We will continue to have neutral friends, fly with whoever we want whenever we want, the rest of Eve is set red for all I care.  We will fly anywhere we please and shoot anyone we want.  Whenever or wherever we feel like it.  If our friends need help, we will help them.  And we hope, they will do the same.  Otherwise we fight.

That sound like your cup of tea?  

Then contact us and let's talk about it.  I'll be writing more details later, for now it felt good spending a billion isk on something meaningful for once.

Hammer Time! Pirate Convention

Rixx rubbed his temple and put down the pen.  It'd been a long day already and it was still morning.  If such a term had any direct meaning in the depths of space.  He sighed and leaned back in his chair.  Planning to take over the universe requires a lot of paperwork.

He pulls on his flight jacket and sprints for the hanger.  The only remedy for paperwork is getting into a spacecraft and winging it.  Along the way he ponders his options, screw it he thinks, he'll just take the Rifter.  Always a fun time.

Along the way his CommLink buzzes.  It's Itsme with another hair-brained scheme.  But, as always, this one could be fun.  He drops the idea of taking the Rifter and decides to undock his HAM Ferox instead.  The Ferox is a strange ship, not really suited to anything specifically.  He's flown blaster Ferox, Laser Ferox, HML Ferox, Sniper Ferox and each one shared one common outcome... sooner or later the ship let's you down.  Because of its versatility, the Ferox suffers from not being great at any one thing.  But, he thinks, it does look sexy.

Itsme jumps in his Tempest (and Cyclone) and they head up the pipe, looking for trouble.  After a few close calls it doesn't take long for trouble to find them.  Rixx jumps into Jovainnon and finds a flashy Tusker's Cane sitting on the gate.  He engages and Itsme, who is a couple jumps away, turns to assist.  The one Cane might have been a challenging fight, but shortly another one joins his brother on the gate.  This is not going to end well.  Rixx wants to test the mettle of the Ferox though, so instead of dropping the locks and heading for safety, he plunges ahead.  And anyway, he has a Tempest coming.  The Ferox takes a severe beating and hangs in there, but as usual, the ship starts to betray its pilot in subtle, it sucks ass kinda ways.  Even cycling and babying the ship doesn't help much, and although it is pumping out some shredding damage, two Canes prove to be a bit much.  The Ferox explodes just as the Tempest jumps into the fight.  Sadly, the Tempest faces not only the two Canes, but also a Tengu that arrives.  Despite a valiant fight, it too losses the battle of structural integrity.

Not a great start to the day, but Rixx learned a valuable lesson that he won't soon forget.  The Ferox is simply not very good.  He slams his pod into the hanger and jumps into his trusty Rifter.  Time for some fun.

Nothing.  System after system of either barren wastelands or huge gangs.  An Ishkur tries to scout him down, but they end up guessing wrong about each other and head in opposite directions.  His frustration long since forgotten, Rixx turns back towards home.  He lands on the gate into Loes and notices a Fed Navy Comet sitting off the gate around 160k.  He holds on the gate so the pilot can get a good look at him.  Rixx doesn't believe for a second the pilot would be dumb enough to fall for this, but he casually jumps into Loes and quickly burns back towards the gate.  Sure enough, the gate-fire signals the Comet has taken the bait.  Rixx punches the AF and primes his mods, waiting for the ship to de-cloak.  Sure enough, there he is.  The Rifter jumps like a tiger and the Comet locks it up nicely.  Rixx braces himself for the impacts to come, but all he hears is the deflected dings of smaller impacts.  The Comet isn't hitting him.  The same can't be said for his bullets, they are so close together in space that he can see the bits and pieces ripped from the Comet's hull.  In no time at all he has shredded it down to the pod.

Angor comes around and they spend some time hunting together, managing to find a Catalyst.  But they both need a break and return to the station for some lunch.

Rixx is just finishing up his Ham and Sansha Cheese sandwich when he hears the call over the Pirate frequency channel.  It seems the self-same Tuskers have managed to pull down a Thanny and some other big ships in a nearby system.  The call goes out on secure Lucifer's Hammer channels and Rixx races to the hanger.  Already he can hear Cyber warming up his Archon and Itsme prepping his ships.  Other pilots in other systems are alerted and they all undock in a hurry.  Rixx decides on the Fleet Stabber, another ship he rarely gets to fly, but it should work extremely well in tackling bigger ships.

It is 10 jumps to the conflict and already he is being joined by a litany of other Pirates along the way.  This is the kind of thing he is really starting to enjoy about being a scum-sucking Pirate.  Despite fighting against each other earlier, when the call goes out they respond together.  It is something that not long ago he wouldn't have understood, but that now is starting to feel like second nature.  Why wouldn't they?

He jumps into system, right into a mess.  Ships are everywhere, neuts, reds and everything in between.  The Fleet Commander is screaming into Comms, making sure everyone knows which is which, friend or foe.  It is orchestrated chaos and Rixx is smiling ear to ear.  (Which is a scary sight.)  His SFI webs the Thanny, while his guns start ripping thru the enemy ships.  Itsme is already on the field in his Rapier and shortly DeepBlueMax joins them.  Suddenly the fabric of space rips open and Cyber's Archon lands amid several other Carriers.  Hot damn!  Now this is a fight.  The Thanny quickly pays for being caught out in the open.  As do other Battleships, Cruisers and Frigates, including a Dominix that wandered too close.

It takes awhile for things to settle down, some action on the station needs clearing up.  But soon the dust settles, only long enough for a new call to heard over the Pirate channels.  This time it is their friends in Shadow Cartel.  15 jumps away and Rixx starts burning in that direction.  

Much more remains to be told.  There are so many stories to relate, great kills, amazing challenges, and more.  I can only cram so much into one of these posts.  But a special thanks and notice go out to Cyber for undocking the Archon and bringing it into battle, well done mate.  Special notice also to our newer members for stepping it up, iLoveFallout and DeepBlue especially yesterday.  It is tough right now with Spring Breaks on and everyone jumping around on vacations and spring activities, but for everyone that continues to undock and fight good fights, thanks.


Many more kills awaited that night.  All in all LUCRH ended the day 29-8, including the Thanny and 6 Battleships destroyed.  With no significant losses other than the Rapier and a few BCs.

Lucifer's Hammer is now ranked #2,715 on BC, up 10,000 in just three short months since we started.  If you or your corporation would like to talk to us about joining LUCRH or our new Alliance, please contact me in-game, by email, or join LUCRH HAMMER TIME public channel.

It's more fun with more people.

1v1: #33

Click to Embiggen!
A nice break from the yarr
Remember no matter where you are
In low sec or high
Say a little howdy
If you see me fly by

On second thought now
In high I'm not sure how
My sec status is so low
I'd be exploded, dont'cha know

So I'll stick to low and null
Those places are rarely dull
And hopefully before tonight
Manage to find a good fight

Oh btw, if you haven't seen Stan's post yet about ship crews you really should.  Turns out my Pod Captain posts are essentially true after all and Eve ships, even with Capsuleers in them, still have crews.

A Slice of Freedom

I am really starting to get into the swing of this.  Despite the overwhelming amount of CEO time I've had to put in during the last three weeks, I'm really starting to like this new play style.

Perhaps nothing better defines what I mean than what happened yesterday.  We were out roaming in something or other, looking for fights and whatnots.  On Comms we started talking about ships we'd never flown before and eventually the conversation got around to the Slicer.  Specifically the Imperial Navy Slicer.  For a null space veteran the Slicer isn't really a consideration.  Not a serious one anyway.

EDIT: Apologies for the quick writing.  Sometimes writing fast gets me into trouble.  What I meant to say was, until recently, the Slicer wasn't a serious consideration for me. I've been able to fly the ship for awhile, but didn't have the proper skills to fit it effectively until recently.  As such, it was one of those that I'd forgotten about.  Nothing against the ship itself.  It is pretty awesome.

So what did we do?  We went and bought some, fitted them up and went out to see what they could do.  We got into a few scraps, and a few times we tried to get into fights, in the end we only managed to take care of this Rifter.  It was that kind of day yesterday.

The point isn't the ship, which is a lot of fun to fly.  The point is not having anyone else to answer to.  Being able to base your decisions on what sounds like fun, instead of what someone else determines as "right".  Granted, all this talk about having fun might seem like we approach Eve unprofessionally - but that isn't it at all.  We still fight smart.  We still maintain the proper tactical advantages, when possible.  And we all take our performance extremely seriously... to a point.  And that point is... well, the point.

I expect excellence in our pilots.  That was and will remain the basic tenant of our Corporation.  It is spelled out in the Corp Manifesto.  Being excellent IS fun.  Being a loser, not so much.  Fight to fight, battle to battle, we all find ourselves jumping into 40 man gangs from time to time.  Or landing on top of a cloaked Pilgrim.  Or whatever unfortunate, unplanned thing might happen to you.  It happens.  But truth outs eventually.  And the successful pilot will be successful.  The point of Lucifer's Hammer is simple, you can be successful and have fun at the same time.

You might have noticed a significant shift in the tone of the comments lately.  I have.  This trend will continue I'm sure.  I hope it doesn't turn off my more loyal readers, but it is part of the price of turning pirate I guess.  Just know that the guy behind the character is the same guy he has always been.  As I've said before, always assume my tongue is firmly in my cheek.

More later.  Plans are underway.  Recruitment is hot.  And we're looking for like-minded corps.  Keep the courage.

Lucifer's Hammer: Phase Two

Three months ago Angor and I sat down, in a virtual sense, and decided to re-start Lucifer's Hammer.  From day one we understood that doing so would entail two completely different scenarios.  One, it would simply fall flat on its face and fail.  Or two, it might just work.  We were prepared for either.  We figured, if it didn't work we'd just fly around solo and kill things when we felt like it.  I find it is always a good idea to be comfortable with the worst case scenario.

It sounds Machiavellian to admit that this took some planning, but it did.  I'm not sure why anyone would go into something without thinking ahead, perhaps it is the entrepreneur within me, but it made sense to try and plan out a way to make this work.  (Not only am I an entrepreneur in real life, but I work with them all the time.)  Everyone I talked to back in those early planning days said the same thing, "Make sure you have a plan!"  Ok, makes sense, so we had a plan.

Again, not in a grand-master controlling every detail way, it would be contingent on many factors we couldn't directly control - but it was still a plan.  And now it is time for Phase Two of that plan.

Lucifer's Hammer will remain independent.

With well over 40 offers on the table our options were, for all intents and purposes, unlimited.  As I promised earlier I won't reveal those options, suffice to say they ranged from fellow Pirates to Null Sov Holders and beyond.  I would like to express my personal thanks to everyone that contacted us over the past week to talk about your Alliance, Corporation and or plans for the future.  It once again illustrates to me the vitality of this community and the wide-range of activities people are engaged in.  Sometimes you forget that and need to be reminded.  We tend to get a little "tunnel-visioned" working on our little corners of the universe, don't we?

That is the thing about having a vision.  While it may change daily in minor detail, the ultimate goal never wavers.  Each opportunity we received was a possibility.  And each one was dealt with and considered as such.  In the end we decided that it was time to take the game to its ultimate conclusion.  To keep trudging along on this path and see where it leads.  We started out on this path with a goal in mind and we need to continue on that road.

Much remains to be done.  We are still building that group of 40 great pilots upon which we can build a great Corp.  Recruitment is going very well and we are over half-way to that original goal.  We are an odd bunch and we don't really fit well into established groups.  Which makes me wonder if there isn't room in Eve for yet another large group of like-minded pilots that don't buy into the "serious business" aspect of this universe?  

My good friend and fellow Director (although I prefer the title Minister) Ashkrall, who is responsible for our amazing website (portal, forum and killboard), wrote something about us on the forum yesterday that I'd like to share with you.  I've edited parts of it for public consumption, but this was written without my input and I thought it captured the spirit of our Corp extremely well.

"LUCRH has a rather unique corporate culture. We all get along extremely well, and we all know and are friends. We enjoy flying non-conventional fits and fleets, and we all very much enjoy flying with neutral friends. This is, in a large part, what makes us successful. This is also a large part of what has caused friction between us and our past alliances. 

In BLACK-MARK, we were pvpers in a den of carebears, and the corporate culture of awesomeness and winning clashed with ally leadership. In RK, our neut friends and our silly fits essentially got us kicked. Our culture again also clashed with leadership. In Unicorns, yet again our Corp culture got us kicked in record time. 

LUCRH is the problem. We don't fit into most cookie cutter alliances, because we simply are too batshit crazy. We want to do our thing whenever we want, f**k the consequences. 

That is why we should form our own alliance. 

Flying with friends is a huge priority for us. Our own alliance let's us set our own blue list, and dictate what we want to do. 
Flying with neuts is an integral part of our way of life, and our own alliance makes us accountable only to ourselves. 
Our own alliance gives us the freedom to redeploy clear across the galaxy whenever we want, make new friends whenever we want, declare wars on noobs whenever we want, and do anything else we want. 

There are undoubtedly likeminded corporations out there that may want to join. These people aren't potential alliancemates, they are brothers-in-arms. We don't, however, pin our egos to some trivial number such as alliance member count. If we never find another Corp to join us, so be it. We still have our blues and our neut friends to fly with us."

Lucifer's Hammer will be forming our own Alliance.  Welcome to Phase Two.

More details to come.

Rixx Javix: Pirate

The scar is back!  The Gallente scum that killed my parents and gave me that scar are once again restored to Rixx's backstory.  Yeah.

Speaking of my backstory, lots of people have asked me lately how this whole turning Pirate fits in with the Soldiery ways that RJ has always adhered to.  And to be honest that is a very good question that I have given a lot of thought to over the last couple of months.

The answer is in two parts.  The first is the in-game character answer and the second is the out-of-game player answer.  Let's start with that one and thru it we will come closer to answering the first one.

For much of my playing career in Eve my character has been drifting along on the Providence stream.  One small decision to almost randomly choose a Corporation way back at the very beginning, set Rixx on a course that would dominate his first two years.  Which has been well documented in previous posts.

The thing about those two years was that his destiny was mainly in the hands of others.  And frankly, more often than not, those others sucked.  Their decisions about where we would go, who we'd align ourselves with, and what we'd do once we got there, didn't exactly work out very well.  Now granted, the first two years are difficult times, taking a character from Noob to semi-veteran is tough.  And I don't regret most of what happened in that time, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

The point is, I've tried the Soldier's way.  And it was fine for awhile, but in the final analysis it wasn't much fun.  As a player my play style has changed as Rixx has gotten older.  If I was in a typical Sov holding corporation as a player right now, I wouldn't be able to participate like I used to.  Things have changed.  As a player they started changing about a year ago honestly, and it has taken me a long time to figure that out.  But it can't be ignored.

So either my play style needed to change, or I needed to stop playing Eve.

As for RJ, heck that's easy.  There are more than enough bitter pills swallowed over the years to base his turn-around on, the fall of Providence, the betrayal of CVA, the wars in Paxton, the list is long and storied.  Directing Rixx towards the life of a Pirate has been easy.  He is pissed.  He is bitter.  But more than anything he is determined.

Put the player and the character together and you have a combination that cannot be defeated.  Because we simply won't stop.  And in the end, in Eve, that's the one thing that really matters.

So, new portrait.

Open for Consideration

Lucifer's Hammer is currently considering all options.  And we will be for at least the next week.  This time we will be taking the process... well, thru the process.  Considering the results of our last selection, I believe this is the wisest course.

What we are looking for:

• PvP Focused
• An Alliance active in the EU early US Time Zones
• Non-Sov Holding
• No rules against Piracy and other unnatural acts
• Active in Low and Null Space
• No active hatred for anyone currently in LUCRH

What we bring to the table:

• Active pilots
• Most over 20m sp, extremely experienced
• Most are insane, highly ranked PvPers
• We like to "play", we're not so much about serious business
• Self-sufficient and with more Caps than you can shake a stick at
(Details are secret until we know you better.)

Just like the guys in the Toyota, we like to have fun.  We don't always follow the rules, we prefer to break them on the way to victory.  Not everyone appreciates that particular style of play, but we do not apologize for it.  It works.  Others may choose to play the game in their own style, that's fine for them.  This is ours.

We are however, internally consistent.  In other words, we do have rules that we follow.  This isn't chaos.  We don't shoot blues for example.  I bring this one up because not everyone follows that one.  We are loyal and dedicated to those that are loyal and dedicated to us.  We have a lot of friends around the universe and we often enjoy flying with them, so any Alliance consideration would have to know that about us upfront.

If you'd like to talk to me about joining your Alliance, feel free to convo me in-game.  You can also join our public channel LUCRH HAMMER TIME and talk to all of us.  Or you can eve mail me, or real mail me at

All Alliance considerations will be private and will not be discussed on the blog.

To all those that have already reached out to us in one form or another, thank you.  All serious offers are on the table for further consideration.

Wallpaper: Ladies Night In Ostingele

Lucifer's Hammer: Lady's Night in Ostingele

What do a sorry ass group of killer Pirates do after a hard day of yarring and being kicked from their Alliance?  Why they drop planet-side and head to the nearest cat house of course!

Enjoy.  And more importantly, if you'd like to be the subject of much scorn, anger, trolling and generally feel like you are alone in the universe... why not join our merry band?  Believe it or not, there is still room in the Toyota.  Join LUCRH HAMMER TIME in-game channel and talk to us.  We talk back.

BOOTED: Muppet Ninjas Endorse Blue vs. Blue

Unlike some people that decided to make this issue public, I was willing to hold off on talking about it in a public forum.  But my original decision no longer holds any relevance, since they went ahead and did it for me.

Yesterday morning I had several ships to move from the Hi-Sec system next door to our Low-Sec headquarters.  I had to use Ana for that, but unfortunately her Impel can't transport BS hulls.  As I was wondering how best to proceed, one of my Corp m8s offered to move them for me.  Seeing as how his transport alt was already in system, I agreed.

The long story short, so we can get to the meat here.  I was on Comms.  I had Rixx stationed off the gate in his cloaky Manticore to make sure the way was clear for Ana and then for the other transport.  Ana arrived fine and so I waited for the other transport to arrive.  My Corp m8's main was also off gate cloaked in his Rapier, to web the transport and get it safely to station.

This was explained on Comms, amid much derisive joking around and kidding, but it was made clear that this was a Corp Alt being supported by us.  In fact the alt shares the same name as my Corp m8, only with a different number at the end.  Kind of like Rixx and Anastasia Javix.  Pretty obvious.  I didn't expect any trouble.  Despite this exchange in channel:

ItsmeHcK1 > Just making sure you know we're blue.

ItsmeHcK1 > So, if I were to jump in my freighter now...
ItsmeHcK1 > You're gonna kill it, aren't ya?
Kasper Skov > yea :)

However, the blues warped off the gate.  The Rapier de-cloaked and immediately the "blues" arrived and began pointing the Rapier.  Shortly after that the transport de-cloaked and immediately they began shooting at it as well.

Rixx Javix > that thing has mah stuff in it
Thoraxxis > pls dont kill his fucking freighter
ItsmeHcK1 > for god's sake
Thoraxxis > hes an idiot
Thoraxxis > but seriously
Rixx Javix > thanks guys, 300m blown to hell

Rixx Javix > so who's paying me for the lost tempests and canes?
ItsmeHcK1 > And freighter + stuff.
Rixx Javix > I need a Director to talk to and I need him now

Yes the Alt freighter was red.  But clearly the attack came first against our Corp who was clearly blue.  Not to mention the fact that on Comms it was made extremely clear what our intention was going to be and that this was considered a Corp asset.  There is no question in my mind that this was a pre-meditated action on the part, mostly, of our light blue 'friends' KWL.

It turns out I'm backed up by their own people in local chat:

Kasper Skov > just killed a blue freighter

A HOBO > na thier director told us to do it cos he thaught it would be funny

I won't bore you with the endless back and forth conversations and the hopeless nature of talking to anyone from KWL.  I will share with you a few choice tidbits that illustrate my position and theirs.  I'm fair after all.

Rixx Javix > the rapier was blue
Rixx Javix > the friegher was flown by itsme3, not hard to tell
Rixx Javix > especially when announced in channel ahead of time
Rixx Javix > we've got a lot of assets to move, this doesn't bode well
Thingymawotzit > cool man
Thingymawotzit > i ujnderstand your angry but if we see a red freighter we dont think twice about it
Rixx Javix > yeah normally i'd agree with that
Rixx Javix > but this isn't one of those and you know it
Rixx Javix > so let's stop playing pirate hard ass and make something happen
Thingymawotzit > well it looks like itsme doesnt wana let this go
Rixx Javix > can you blame him
Thingymawotzit > fuck off
Rixx Javix > i dont fuck off m8

TinkerHell > i can get the loot back, but we leave it at that
TinkerHell > itsme has rubbed them up the wrong way
Rixx Javix > whatever, itsme is in my corp and blue
Rixx Javix > end of story
Rixx Javix > some of them are rubbing me the wrong way

Rixx Javix > well i can say this, if they don't give the loot back we will set them red right now
Rixx Javix > end of story
Rixx Javix > and i will exhaust our assets to make them suffer believe me
Rixx Javix > i've done it before
TinkerHell > with an attitude like that you will have no solution sorry

Anyway, long story short I got my 2x Tempests and Cane back, plus whatever loot was dropped from the freighter.  This issue wasn't concluded in my opinion, nor in the opinion of my Corporation.  We continued to take it thru the proper channels, whatever ones happen to exist in such an Alliance.  But it quickly became clear that we were not going to be satisfied.

I want to say this clearly, at any point along the way a simple apology or gesture towards this obvious case of Blue on Blue violence would have cleared the air.  We took it to the top and we were told, in essence, that the Alliance was siding with the light blues.  Not us.  Even though we were the ones actually IN the Alliance.

This wasn't enough for some people in my Corp.  And many angry and creative eve mails were sent.  These were done without my knowledge but I have to say if I had known, I wouldn't have stopped them.  Honestly, they weren't as bad as some of the other things I had in mind.

So once again Lucifer's Hammer is on its own.  As you can see from the above, I'm the kind of CEO that goes all the way for his m8s when I know they are in the right.  I wasn't joking about my threats and was ready to take this incident as far as it needed to go.  Even amongst Pirates, there has to be some honor.  If we are free to shoot anyone, then we are crippled.  That means no Alt Scouts, no Alt Cyno drops, no Neuts in fleets, etc.  We'd all be done and chaos would reign.  This is the line of bull we were being feed.

Blues were attacked.  Corp assets destroyed.  Simple as that.

So once again Lucifer's Hammer is on our own.  I'm kind of liking the sound of that.