Blogging: The Warning Signs

Blogging is tough.  It can be a grind, a thankless and lonely plunge into personal expression that often results in premature burnout and exasperation.  Not to mention bleary eyes and a sore butt.

For my fellow bloggers (and the entertainment of my readers), I thought I would post some of the most common warning signs that a blogger may be experiencing burnout, suicidal thoughts, or overly concerning expressions of something called Real Life.  Watch for these.  If you experience or see any of these in a blog you enjoy, please reach out to the Blogger in question.  Most likely it won't help, but you never know.

These are in no particular order or importance, even the smallest thing can kill you.  Mostly they are presented in the order I made 'em up.


This might be the most obvious sign of them all.  If your favorite blogger has been resorting to linking videos in his posts for the last few weeks, I'd suggest he may actually already be beyond help.  You might not be aware that a Blogger can schedule his posts!  That's right.  For example, this post is being written on Monday night and is scheduled for release on Thursday afternoon.  Why?  Because I know I'll be way to busy then to write anything.  This helps me keep the blog fresh, but the same technology can be used to hide problems just as easily.

Videos can be fun, but they can also hide an awful truth.  More than 2 video posts in a row?  Call 911.  Your blogger may be teetering on the edge of an abyss.


We all take breaks, but days quickly turn into weeks and weeks into months.  If your blogger buddy is into the months already, then you never really cared did you?  Don't let this happen!  A few days here and there sure, but when the days start adding up they may need some encouragement.  Send a friendly or angry email (depending on your own unique personal style) and let your blogger know you care.

If you are a blogger and you haven't posted in awhile, have you thought about linking videos?


This one can be subtle, so be warned.  This is the mark of the true procrastinator within all Bloggers, the desire to do something really awesome... soon.  Remember that great new story, or wonderful sounding thing he mentioned a few weeks ago?  Never happened?  Your blogger may be infected.  Soon enough "soon" becomes "forgotten" and cast aside.  And then, well then it'll never happen.

For us bloggers, it is important to hide our promises as deeply as possible.


Oh sure, sex can be fun, but it can also lead to babies.  Which leads to families and then... well, the end of your favorite Blogger.  So watch for the sure signs of an impending romantic relationship in the words your Blogger uses.  In your comments resist the temptation to be supportive and remind him of how fulfilling Eve can be when shared with a world of virtual friends.  Maybe share some personal horror stories about STD's or Ex-Wives to encourage him to maintain focus on what is really important.

And remember Bloggers, no matter how much they say they love you - they'll never understand.  You play Eve AND you blog about it?!  I mean, c'mon, even I have a hard time believing it.


One of the surest signs your favorite Blogger may be drinking the failscade juice is the use of "list posts".  If you are not familiar with these, they are lame attempts to keep content fresh by listing common items and commenting on.... hey!  Wait a second...

Seriously though, support your Eve Blogger.  It is hard work writing all the time, trying to keep it entertaining and pertinent, and focused.  And informative.  Not to mention witty and insightful.  And helpful.  Sheesh.