Burn Away [Y-T8]

The name of our new Alliance is Burn Away [Y-T8].

This after a week of open voting, suggestions, debate and back and forth within the Corporation.  All good natured of course.  We came close to agreeing on a few other names along the way.  I'm not going to reveal the other options, since we may end up using them for something else.  But there were many, many excellent suggestions and many more lame, silly, or downright questionable ones.  In the end, a decision needed to be made.

In the final analysis a new Alliance means nothing.  It is the Corporations and pilots that give it meaning.  People that expect a name to give them meaning are working ass backwards.  As a Brand Builder in RL I deal with this all the time, clients that somehow expect their company name or logo to encapsulate everything about their company.  It works the other way around, your company (your people, your service, your products, everything about you) gives meaning to the words and symbols.

And so it will be with us.  Right now it means very little, we shall see what it shall become.


We're looking for like-minded Pirate/Zero Space Raider/Fighter Corporations that would fit in with our devil may care, wanton, serious business be damned, excellence in combat mentality.  We won't have a lot of rules and regs and bullshit politics, and we won't stand for it either.  We will continue to have neutral friends, fly with whoever we want whenever we want, the rest of Eve is set red for all I care.  We will fly anywhere we please and shoot anyone we want.  Whenever or wherever we feel like it.  If our friends need help, we will help them.  And we hope, they will do the same.  Otherwise we fight.

That sound like your cup of tea?  

Then contact us and let's talk about it.  I'll be writing more details later, for now it felt good spending a billion isk on something meaningful for once.