Heavy Drones V

Being born Caldari means less and less as the days continue to pass and the skills continue to add up.  I just finished the last of the remaining basic racial ship skills to V the other day, so now I can fly all the basic T2 racial ships up to Battleship.  The last remaining remnant of my Caldari birth is Heavy Drones V.

My drone skills haven't been neglected, but they are certainly lagging behind others.  It is time to finally get over this significant hump and finally be able to unleash some Ogre II's instead of hiding behind large ECM drones when I fly a BS.

It isn't right that my alt Anastasia has better drone skills than Rixx, heck she can use Fighters!  Of course she was trained directly to fly a Carrier and Rixx is more of a generalist.  But still.

Drones weren't that important to young Rixx, most Caldari ships are pathetic when it comes to using drones.  And I took care of Warrior II's a long time ago, as well as the other small and medium T2 drones - including ECM versions.  The support skills are all at IV or V, so this remains the last piece of the basic drone puzzle.  As we all know, there is no actual last piece, something always remains to be done.  But the 21d train has always served as a barrier, with something always seeming more important at the time.

The time has come to change that.