Lucifer's Hammer is the last stop

There seems to be some confusion amongst my readers, or at least those that have commented lately, regarding the changes that have taken place recently.  I'd like to take a moment to address any confusion.

Being CEO of Lucifer's Hammer is not a flight of fancy, or a momentary diversion, it is the last stop for Rixx Javix.  While the situations in which the Corporation may find itself may change, evolve or adapt over time, the fact that I am leading the Corporation will not.  And I say "leading" with the expectation that few of you will understand how things actually work within the Corp itself.  I am the CEO certainly, primarily because someone has to be, but leadership is shared within Lucifer's Hammer.  First with my Deputy CEO Angor Mau and then amongst our newly designated Directors, Lex, Cyber and Ashkrall.  Ash also serves as the new Alliance Executor, he has had experience leading a successful Alliance and was the perfect choice to head our new one.

Those that have called me arrogant must be confused at this point.  Why didn't I name myself head of the Alliance?  Because I didn't want the job, I am perfectly content being the CEO of our Corporation.  Of course I will serve on the Alliance board, all CEOs will.

Of course someone has to make final decisions when it comes to LUCRH, and that someone is indeed me.  But real power is shared amongst ALL full members of the Corporation.  Primarily that power is expressed thru the Directors, but it is also expressed on the forums and in Corp chat.  We try to openly discuss everything.

As far as Rixx goes, I'm done.  I want to focus my energies on improving my own skills, becoming a better fighter, player and member of the coolest bunch of cats to ever grace New Eden. (My personal opinion.)  

I spent the first two years of my Eve career trying to find the perfect place.  A place that fit me, my play style and my attitude about Eve.  Finally I realized that it would be easier just to build the darn thing instead.  I'm tired of moving and wasting my energy on someone else's idea of what I should be doing.

Those that have read the blog will recognize those frustrations.  Those that haven't will just have to take my word for it.  But my history is there for anyone to discover.

Where will Lucifer's Hammer be in one year, two or three?  I don't know, but I do know one thing for certain, Rixx Javix will be the CEO.

You can take that to the bank.

Happy Easter for those of you that believe in such things.