OUCH Wallpaper

Once CCP popped my portfolio onto their Facebook page a few weeks ago my commission project list started to explode like a T1 Cruiser in Old Man Star!  Everyone on that list has been extremely patient and I'd like to thank each of them personally for that patience.  I do my best on every project, small or large, and that is really all I can assure you of.  I'll work on it until you are happy with the results.  So hang in there I'll be getting around to you as soon as possible.

This wallpaper was recently completed for OUCH: Open University of Celestial Hardship, which you can read more about over on Black Claw's blog.  This was a challenging concept to address and took some time to get just right, but I think the extra effort was worth it.  If you're not familiar with OUCH it is a pilot training Corp that focuses on PvP in Null Space.  So the concept here was transformation, taking raw pilots and turning them into zero space warriors.  Not the easiest thing in the world to portray conceptually.  And in a striking, memorable way.

I have this wallpaper in rotation on my desktop now and it is a powerful image.  Thanks to Alan for the opportunity to work on this (I'll have the remaining details to you shortly) and thanks for working with me as we found our way to this piece together.