Trolls, Haters & Nuts

My longer term readers may have noticed a significant change in the tone of comments on Eveoganda over the last three months.  It would be difficult not to notice.  While I've always had my share of Trolls, Haters and assorted Nuts, the level of them has risen steeply of late. To a significant extent I am even encouraging it.  This might be the part that is the biggest change.

I can assure you that the person writing this blog hasn't changed.  I'm still your friendly neighborhood blogger.  On the other hand, things have indeed changed rather drastically in those last three months.  As always, this blog reflects the on-going changes in Rixx's career path within Eve.

And it always will.  I hope that is one thing that makes the blog an interesting and entertaining read.  I've said from the very first day that Eveoganda is primarily an entertainment - a journal, a portfolio and a place to vent certainly - but mostly I try to be entertaining for anyone that honors me with reading.  Otherwise, why bother?

As I move further along this path, the hate will only continue.  This is because Rixx has made a stand.  He is no longer simply a cog in someone else's machine, he has taken an active and proactive stance within the Eve universe.  As such, he will continue to be the object of divided opinions.  This is after all, what it means to be a Pirate.  Especially in a universe dominated by the carebear mentality, which is the current state of affairs in our universe.

Eveoganda IS propaganda.  It is even in its title.

So I welcome the Trolls, the Haters and the assorted Nuts.  Do your best.  This has been and always will be and open and honest blog written by someone that truly loves Eve.  Right now he just happens to also be a scum-sucking Pirate.