The Death Race

Why do the Death Race?

It is a good question.  There were times since last August when I seriously thought there wouldn't be another one.  It is a pain-in-the-buttocks sometimes and it takes a lot of coordination, effort and dedication to make it happen.  All without seeing a single iskie for myself.  But, in the final analysis, it also happens to be a lot of fun.

About that "single iskie" comment above.  In case you didn't know, no one associated with the Death Race sees a dime.  Not Rixx, nor Lucifer's Hammer, nor anyone else.  ALL donations, entry fees and prizes are distributed to the winners.  Believe me, it was slightly tempting last time, but this event is strictly for the Eve Community and all 4 BILLION in prizes and iskie was distributed to the winners.  And so it will be again.

Entering is easy, simply send 5m iskie to DeathRace2011.  That is the alt created specifically for collecting entry fees and iskie donations.  All entry fees go into the general prize fund.

Some donated prizes also go into the general fund and some are tagged by the sponsors for individual awards.  Like this one announced yesterday by Mike Azariah, 3 Federation Navy Comets to the first Gallente Ship or pilot across the finish line.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or donating, information is available over on the Death Race Blog, the link is at the top under the banner.

Also, in a few days, I will be making banners and bugs available that anyone with their own site can use to help promote the event.  Last year we had 60+ racers, this year I'd like to see us pass the 100+ mark!

Go Racers!  Get those entries in!