Getting Around the Neighborhood: Year Three

Back in March 2010 I wrote a post called "Getting Around the Neighborhood" in which I posted an image of my 'Places Visited' map from Eve.  It is the version of the map that shows where you've been, when the last time you visited was and the number of times you've been there.  The blobs get bigger with more visits, etc., it's a pretty cool feature.

This is what the map looked like last year:

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And this is what the same map looks like as of today:

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Yeah, I sure do get around.  You can clearly see the additional living space I managed to squeeze into a year's time.  Moving down into Insmother, Great Widlands and then back to Providence earlier last year.  Then way up to The Spire for awhile, then back down to New Providence and then into Catch and Impass (not to mention some Feythabolis), then into Syndicate and the far upper left reaches and eventually into Low-Sec.  With a couple of side journeys in there, like an excursion into Curse with RK a few months back.

These days it would be hard to tell what system I've been in the most, more blobs mean it isn't as easy to tell anymore.  But a quick check shows I've been in D-GTMI 725 times and it would be hard to imagine a system I've been in more than that one.  

When I first started playing Eve I thought it would be cool to visit every system in the universe.  Eventually I realized that would be incredibly boring to do on purpose, but at this rate I may actually achieve that goal by accident someday.