Dinner Time at the Javix House

Rixx:  "Ahh, nothing says I love you like True Sansha BBQ Ribs."
Ana: "I'm glad you enjoyed them dear."
Rixx: "Is something bothering you, you haven't seemed yourself tonight?"
Ana: "My apologies.  I have a lot on my mind these days."
Rixx: "Care to share your burdens?"
Ana: "Well... I know it's silly."
Rixx: "If it worries you, then it worries me."
Ana: "I know, but with the Corp and Alliance to run, you certainly have enough on your mind these days."
Rixx: "True, but there will always be room for you my dear."
Ana: "So sweet for a pirate."
Rixx: "According to the Empires perhaps... but we've talked politics enough tonight, what is worrying you?"
Ana: "Not so much 'worried' as confused."
Rixx: "About what pray tell?"
Ana: "It appears that towards the end of this month, at some point - the details are a tad unclear - you and I will have separate rooms."
Rixx: "What!?!  Who says such foolishness!?"
Ana: "From what I can tell the orders are universal... like I said, it is very strange."
Rixx:  "Not to mention illegal and impossible to enforce!"
Ana: "But that's the thing, from what everyone is saying, this will be enforced.  Every station is cooperating and shutting down the access corridors to the interiors of stations."
Rixx: "Ok, let's assume for a moment that that statement isn't ludicrous.  How do they imagine keeping me from my wife?"
Ana: "No one knows for certain, but the general feeling is it has something to do with our ships."
Rixx: "How so?"
Ana: "Well think about it, if you wanted to limit access to one specific area of the station you'd have to limit access to our ships.  Once we drop into our pod we are pretty much at the..."
Rixx: "Bastards!  I knew it, we're as helpless as babies when we're podded up in station!"
Ana: "Until we get hooked up into our ships, they can do with us as they please.  Technically of course."
Rixx: "Yes, but the Empires have never dared interfere with that process."
Ana: "I don't know anything for sure, but that's the general feeling."
Rixx:  "And what exactly are we supposed to do when we're not flying?"
Ana: "We'll be locked into our Captain's quarters while in station."
Rixx: "That sounds horrible.  I bet those damn planetary incursion people started this crap!  The planet-bound have always hated capsuleers and this sounds anti-capsuleer to me."
Ana: "Many people seem to think it is only temporary... maybe only four to six months until they open up the rest of the station again."
Rixx: "Four to six months!!  That's a goddamn eternity!"
Ana: "Pfft, remember when you were in Providence dear?  We went almost nine months without seeing each other."
Rixx: "I remember, it almost killed me."
Ana: "Ha, from what I remember it killed you many, many times."
Rixx: "Very funny."
Ana: "On the bright side the rumor is that these Captain's quarters are going to be amazing, hot baths, plenty of entertainment, huge sprawling palaces really... everything you could want."
Rixx: "Except for you."
Ana: "Well, if I know you, you'll figure out a way to fix that."
Rixx:  "How about we go upstairs and get started now?"
Ana: "Oh my, I like the way that head of yours works Mr. Javix!"