Juicy Tears

Getting back into the swing of things has been fun and yesterday was the best day I've had in Eve in a long time. Nothing super-great-awesome happened, but that isn't always the point. At least for me, the point is to have fun. And yesterday was fun.

I did manage to kill three ships and two pods, but it was what I didn't kill that caused the most fun.

A couple of us decided to head out in Vagas and see if we could get into some trouble.  Just three of us.  Immediately on undocking, when there were only two of us around, a Thorax on the station comes right up and tries to bump me. Now I happen to be a juicy target on station, being all -10 and whatnot, so this is always fun.  Before you know it his buddy in a Rupture also lands.  Pew ensues and before you know it the Thorax and the Rupture are both exploded.  I even managed to pod one of them even though I didn't realize I'd done it.

By the way, I couldn't stop my ships yesterday. Anyone else having this issue?

So we went a roamin'.  Nothing, nothing and more nothing.  But, as any hunter knows, it is patience that wins the day. And so, eventually, we stumbled on something really juicy. A Thanatos ratting in a belt!  I kid you not. No, you read that right, a belt!!  And us in three Vagas!?  What to do?  Well we pointed and held him down, that's what.  His buddy in the Stabber kept coming around and the carrier would sometimes unleash a few drones, but we'd just pop a few and then he'd take 'em back.

Important things to remember. He had heavy Neuts, so we couldn't get closer than 30k or he'd drain our caps and we'd lose point. So the dance began.  And we danced and we danced.  All the time asking for help and calling our friends.  This went on for about 10 minutes and while we were organizing fleets and preparing the cyno.... well, we lost our bonuses during a fleet transfer and the Thanny warped off.


So back home with our Vaga tails between our legs.  Not really, we managed to tackle a Thanny in three Vagas for more than ten minutes.  It was a bummer we didn't kill it, but these things happen. Getting several groups together and coordinated is complicated business and during one of those we lost the bonuses that allowed us to keep point from 30k. It happens.

So I went back and chased people around.  I decided to try some ships out that I haven't flown in awhile, so I undocked in my new Devoter, my Cynabal, my Typhoon, a couple rounds in a Rifter, the Vaga again, and eventually my Pest.  At one point I landed on the Sun right on top of 2x Vagas, a Taranis and a Catalyst in my Vaga and they all RAN AWAY! lol

For awhile we just played around with the people in local. Mostly just me but then Ash came along and he brought his Loki out to play.  It was during one of these moments, I think I was switching ships at the time, when he popped a pod on the gate.  This was the convo that resulted.  I took out some of the russian gibberish at the beginning.

[ 2011.07.06 01:53:10 ] Ash > no hablo jibberish
[ 2011.07.06 01:53:48 ] Ash > umad bro?
[ 2011.07.06 01:54:11 ] Roman El-Diablo > for what you killing 3-days capsuler man ? its so funny ?
[ 2011.07.06 01:54:52 ] Ash > i'm a glorious champion of the spacelanes.
[ 2011.07.06 01:55:04 ] Roman El-Diablo > what the interest ? no money , no honor or whatever
[ 2011.07.06 01:55:10 ] Ash > i protect the oppressed stargate workers from overwork
[ 2011.07.06 01:55:28 ] Ash > these stargates are closed to you. Stargate Worker Union 556 is ON STRIKE
[ 2011.07.06 01:55:35 ] Asho > you understand strike, don't you comrade?
[ 2011.07.06 01:56:09 ] Roman El-Diablo > protect from pod , for me its unfair. its like kill little child
[ 2011.07.06 01:56:30 ] Ash > in america, we call it an extra late-term abortion.
[ 2011.07.06 01:56:58 ] Ash > BETTER WAGES! BETTER CONDITIONS!
[ 2011.07.06 01:57:03 ] Ash > EVOGANDA FOR LIFE!

Lolz. We have so much fun.  And I appreciated the plug at the end, you never know, he could be a reader.