Head on over to Roc Wieler's and see what he done did in response to the purty pink knitted bonnet he was sporting the other day. Be sure to catch all the headlines on the cover of this "magazine", which is notoriously inaccurate and full of yellow journalism.

In case you are wondering, this is all good-natured ribbing and I am enjoying it. I know that Roc is as well, even though he might not admit it publicly. 

This on the day I got my 1,000th kill.   I went out yesterday to get it and managed to get three, but had to log off two short. So today, being a mostly non-Eve monday sadly, I totally whored the station in my Broadsword to get this one and his pod. I might mention that I let several smaller ships pass unmolested before killing the Maller. I'd mention it, but no one would probably believe me.

The pilot, who is most likely an Alt, gave me some juicy tears in local, "People like you suck!"  Yeppers, Eve is a tough bitch, so best get used to it now.

So I am 1,000 and 300. Not the world's best record, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of either. I won't relate the history, or the reasons for it here, my record is plainly documented here in these pages. I can confidently say that I continue to get better at Eve every day and I don't think a year from now when I get my 2,000 kill that I'll also have 600 losses.

What did I say above? Eve is a bitch, best get used to it.