Blog Pack: Actions Taken

First of all I can assure my readers that it would be highly unlikely that Eveoganda is spreading Malware or is otherwise corrupted. Since we accept zero outside advertisements, sponsorships or third-party applications (other than a few Google-approved mods like the Twitter feed in the left sidebar) it would be difficult to imagine this happening.

However, since several browsers seemed to think this was the case this morning I have taken some action. It appears that Chrome/Google believes one of the blogs on the Blog Pack was harboring such Malware.  Since I am unable to confirm the validity of that belief on my own, I have taken the liberty of removing the offending blog from the Blog Pack (and all links to it as well) until such a time as it no longer is being reported as corrupted.

It is my hope that this will be corrected shortly and the blog in question will be returned to the Blog Pack quickly.

I apologize for any inconvenience but as always my goal is a problem free existence.

Also, look for a new Blog Pack update in a few days!