Excellence in Blogging

TL;DR: The Blog Pack is up and running! New blogs have been and will be added and new rules will be enforced.

Phase One of the Blog Pack is up and running now.  So feel free to visit the page and subscribe to the reader link.

All of the legacy blogs that are no longer active have been removed. There are a few still on the list that I suspect are on break, but those will be watched carefully over the coming weeks. If activity doesn't pick up they will also be removed.

Several new blogs have been added.  Other blogs are under review and will be added in the coming days.

I continue to need your help however. While I am familiar with many, many blogs I feel like I am missing out on some of the more "carebear" types, Industry, Wormholes, Mining, things like that.  So if you know of any exceptional blogs that cover those categories, please let me know about them.

ALL Blogs in the Blog Pack are asked to agree to a few specific conditions:

• You must include a Blog Pack feed on your blog. Keep it up to date and titled "Eve Blog Pack" with a link back to the Blog Pack page on Eveoganda.

(Shortly I will also have graphics available that you can use if you want!)

• You need to post regularly. While everyone's idea of what regular is and isn't might be different, I think we can all agree that while we may not all agree on what it is - we all know what it isn't.  Or, as my Grandfather used to say, "If it quacks like a Duck and it walks like a Duck, it's a Duck."

• In my humble opinion you need to be excellent.  This is the hardest one to explain, but posting video clips ain't it. Bring something to the table, be interesting, be angry, be fierce, be crazy, be funny, just be yourself. Whatever you are, be good. And have fun. You do that and I'll find you. 

In a week or so I will also be introducing a Pod Pack, so get your Eve Podcast links to me for consideration. 

Today is my RL birthday and Aiden Mourn was kind enough to kill this in my honor. lolz.  Eve never stops.