Blog Pack Update

Please update your feed links on your blogs.

A couple of additional changes to the Blog Pack today, which will complete the current slate of changes. Hopefully these latest changes will be the last for awhile and the Blog Pack members you see today will constitute the roll for a long time to come.

First of all we welcome The Beginnings of Piracy back to the pack!  Mail Lite's excellent blog was removed simply because he was having Malware issues and those have been resolved now. So it is good to have his blog back in the Pack.

And we also welcome our newest member to the pack, The Altruist  is an excellent blog that gives extremely solid advice on playing Eve for both the new and older members of the community.  Check out his latest post on the upcoming Winter Expansion changes for a great example of this.  He doesn't post all that often, but when he does it is valuable. So it will be a great addition to the Pack.

For those of you wishing to have your own blog become a member the process is simple. Make me aware of your blog! I will add a link to your blog to the Eve Sites list in the right hand sidebar, this means you've been added to my own personal reading list. When a slot becomes available I use that list to decide who to add next.

Remember that ALL BP members should have a link on their blog to ALL other BP members! I've been extremely lax in enforcing that rule, but that will start to change. We're all adults here, so hopefully by the time I get around to you, the list is already up and running on your blog.

Thanks and enjoy the Eve Blog Pack.

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