It has been about a month since the last Blog Pack Update and that is way longer than it should have been. My apologies.  So today I've cleaned up several inactive blogs, added a few new ones, updated the link for another and also created some spiffy NEW badges that you can use on your BP Blogs!

There were two sites in the Pack that had not updated in over 2 months, without any word on their sites about when they might be back. I'm sorry but that is grounds for removal.  Should the blog authors in question return they can ask to be reinstated to the Pack. But the idea of the Pack is to present active, engaged community Blogs.

Marc Scaurus changed his blog from Wanderlust to Malefactor, so it has been updated on the list and the feed.

Welcome Nashh Kadavr back to the Blog Pack! When I took over the pack from CK Nashh had been inactive for awhile, but he has been back at it full steam for almost two months now and is welcomed back into the Pack.

And we also welcome Helicity Boson back to the land of the living! Helicity is a long time member of the Pack and I'm glad to see her back to blogging again.

That is it for new Blogs for today, there are several other ones that may be included in the next update two weeks from now, so keep your eyes open for those. I decided not to add them today because I am honestly not sure which of them will be added yet, so I'm going to keep an eye on them for the next two weeks to see if a few rise to the top.

As always, clicking on the graphic under the banner will take you to the Blog Pack page with links to all the sites and a link to the Blog Pack Feed.

It is amazing how quickly things change. I went thru so many blogs the past week that are gone, inactive or otherwise dark. But there are also tons of new ones rapidly taking their place. As always, I am only one dood, so if you want your blog to be considered please feel free to send me a link, leave one in the comments, or otherwise make sure I know about you! Enthusiasm counts in the Eve Community.

Keep the courage.

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