I had a dream.

A dream of an Eve in which obvious holes in balance were corrected on a regular, on-going basis.

A vision of updated ship graphics, where design sensibilities of a decade ago were not considered sacrosanct. Only a good start.

A dream where evolving play-styles were supported by new fixes aimed directly at supporting evolving play-styles. In which existing content was made better.

A world in which surprises often come out of left field, not hinted, not teased, only revealed.

A dream where progress is measured by a truly expanding universe. A universe that only gets larger, deeper and more complex as time marches on.

I had a dream. A vision of an Eve that becomes more deadly, more challenging for the veteran player - and yet simpler, and more inviting for the rookie player. A world in which Eve unrolls itself before you, not behind you.

An Eve that constantly adds new ships, new content and new tools on a regular basis.

A vision of a company that streams, dialogues and engages its player base consistently and openly.

I awoke with a clear understanding that often the best course of action is to shake up the status quo, that the answer "it has always been that way" is not an answer at all.

I had a dream.

I dreamed that Eve had always been this way. That Eve would always be this way. That Eve would evolve, grow and challenge us the way we want it to. For all time.

I dreamed that Eve was.

And I awoke to the possibility that it might be.

Maybe on this day of numerological oddity, dreams might come true.

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