1v1 Eve Comic #38

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People never ask me, "Rixx, Where do you get the ideas for these amazingly complex, deep, and horribly un-funny Eve comics?"  I just get that goofy little smile on my face, you know the one, and sigh ironically. Shrug my shoulders and wisely say, "I dunno."

In fact I know exactly where they come from. Traffic. Stuck once again in the commuter crawl into work each morning my brain leaps thru the rolodex of Eve facts, mods, materials, and assorted whatnots that it seems intent on remembering. For example, this morning. After all the thoughts that came before, my brain excitingly mentioned that it was Friday again, so why shouldn't we work together on another 1v1 comic for the three  six people that care about them. 

The other night a few of us Tuskers had run a "C" gang ( thanks to Grog!! ), a gang in which all the participating ships had to start with the letter C. We had a Crusader, two Comets, and a bunch of Coercers. So my brain says, Hey Rixx, that Coercer is a funny word!! It sounds like someone is trying to talk you into something. My brain isn't always stupid and I agreed, it did sound funny. And poof!  That is the entire sum total of thinking that went into the strip above and that is pretty typical. I hope I haven't shattered your vision of me working tirelessly for hours on end, scouring the potential humor of Eve... then again, I suspect most of you realized long ago the sad truth.

Well "poof" in the sense that I had to draw the Coercer and then write some obscure, snappy dialogue. These two, the Coercer and the Rifter, remind me of those two dogs in the old Warner Brothers cartoons. For those of you cool enough to remember old Warner Brothers cartoons, one was a huge Bulldog and the other one was a tiny little Terrier that would jump up and down and ask, "What ya wanna do?" or something like that, over and over again. Fun stuff. Look it up.

Oh, and for those diehard fans of the 1v1 series, you may recognize the Rifter. I only draw the ships once and then re-use them over and over again. I had never drew a Coercer before, so that one is new. But I suspect it may pop up again down the road.

Secrets. So fun to share.

Click here for an example of the Warner's Brothers cartoon I mentioned.

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