A Few Milestones

They say life is like a river. They also say a lot of other things. Excuse me... that was a poorly written opening line.

Eve is a lot like life.

Screw it. Not in the fancy writing mood this morning. Yesterday I happened to notice a few interesting milestones along the path that I thought were worthy of mentioning.

700* - Yesterday's post was the 700th post in almost two years worth of writing here on Eveoganda. Our second anniversary isn't for a few weeks yet, so that works out to just a hair shy of one post per day over a two year period. When I started blogging I promised to write a post every day that I played Eve... I had no idea then that eventually that would switch around and I'd end up writing more than playing. ( Slight edge, very slight )

1,000 - Yesterday I managed to help kill about 14 BS and BCs ( I hope to write a post about that later ) which pushed my total win/loss record to 1,339 kills to 327 losses. Which means the goal I set myself early last year has finally been reached, 1,000 kills more than losses. It is a small thing to many people, but given my general disdain for the killboard, aggressive play-style and general lack of concern regarding losses... it means a lot to me.

15,000 - Which brings up breaking the 15,000 ceiling I've been hovering around for a year on BattleClinic. Again, I don't care in so many ways it isn't funny. But I also do care in many ways at the same time. I have no desire to be a "top-ranked" anything in Eve, but the personal satisfaction and the indication of professionalism, contribution to Corp and whatnots do mean something. So it is kind of cool. Next, breaking into the 10k club.

2,476 - That is how many spam emails my main account got yesterday. While it has nothing to do with Eve, it is scary. Three weeks ago my email got spam attacked and I ended up losing my entire inBox. I'm generally anti-regulation, but seriously, something needs to be done about this on a higher level than my anti-spam software and server rules. ( In the time it took me to write that my inBox has 9 new spam emails in it )

I hope to be back later on today with another post about something or other. I honestly have about 45 posts in various forms lying around on my desk, just finding the time to finish them...

*I've actually written and posted 719 posts since the blog started. There are 699 currently active posts on the blog, including the one above. The 700 number comes from Blogger and not me, yesterday Blogger informed me that the post was #700. I suppose this is some aggregate number or something? I am going with the 700 number anyway, since I've really written more than that and I had already announced it on Twitter. Consider this full disclosure. Like it matters anyway. But it makes me feel better being honest. Aww.

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