Looking Ahead to 2012

In about two weeks I'll be starting my third year of blogging here on Eveoganda. In September I'll be starting my fourth year of playing Eve. So already, looking ahead to 2012 brings with it some long-term benchmarks.

But those are the calendar ones, the easy ones. The more important question for me looking forward into 2012 is what now? Where and what should Rixx be doing in the coming year?

The one thing I know for certain, having played for 3+ years with this character... I have no idea!  Not me that's for sure. This time last year I was a Director in a Null Sec Corporation that had just started a new Alliance and moved to Syndicate. In order to help grow the Alliance I thought it might be a good idea to re-start an old Corporation of mine called Lucifer's Hammer...

I do know that I will be staying in The Tuskers for the foreseeable future. The Tuskers are a great group of guys whose play-style, demands ( or lack thereof ), location, friends and support, are exactly what I need right now. I've toyed with several ideas over the last two months, and while many of those are interesting to me, right now I want to concentrate on some unfinished business.

And what might that be you ask? Only one answer to that my friend - PvP.

I've been in the Hevrice/Lisbo/OMS area now for almost a year ( with some short diversions ), which is probably the longest single stretch of time I've ever been anywhere. Other than Providence, but that wasn't one long stretch. During my time in HevLisbo I was running a Corporation and then an Alliance, then taking both of those apart. ( Still sorry about how that worked out, but ehh. ) This year I don't want to start any new Corporations/Alliances, or support any far-flung wars, or help someone else do it. I just want to focus on being a better pilot and Fleet Commander.

Last night I went out with Itsme and Monty, two former LUCRH pilots, and flew up around Kinakka in our Hyperion, Myrm, Tornado. It was the first time I'd had a chance to fly the Tornado into combat. And while we were only out for a short time, I had a blast. It was a little slice of the old days. And I want those days back again. We also managed a couple of good fights, especially this one.

The reason I play Eve is for the player versus player combat. The rest, while awesome and rewarding, is simply window dressing for that. It is, on a deep fundamental level, all I care about. And this year, for as long as I can manage, I'd like to just focus on that.

Let's see how it goes.

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