Sons of Chaos

Every once in awhile I like to bring to your attention a science-fiction themed short film that I've stumbled upon. Shorts happen to be one of my favorite story telling forms and I enjoy watching them and helping to spread the word.

Today's film comes from Mathieu Turi and is called Sons of Chaos.

I'm not a big fan of introductory copy. And I think this film would play out much better if we didn't get the set-up text at the beginning. The set-up confines our imaginations and also confines the story, already we're asking ourselves questions that we shouldn't be asking. Why are their only "thousands" of survivors? And if that is the case, why is what happens so potentially devastating to the remaining population? Without the opening set-up text we wouldn't know, or be asking ourselves these questions.

If you can remove yourself from the set-up however, the film is expertly filmed, oblique in all the ways that moody science-fiction should be, and strangely, and open-ended ended. For lack of a better way to say that. If you can't however, it may cause you brain pain.

I enjoyed it. My recommendation however, remove the opening text.

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